Sunday, December 11, 2005

London Explosions Update

Police say there are 36 casualties, with four people seriously hurt. Cause is unknown but police has ruled out an aircraft crash on the depot or terrorist attacks.


  1. Even if the explosions were just an accident the poor Londoners are having a rough time - would find sleep difficult - and its bloody cold in Britain this time o year!

  2. The explosion did not happen in London, not even near the M25. Also the explosion won't affect our winter. Most of the fuel caught up are for vehicles and aviation.

  3. Sorry Jon and by extension apologies to KTomec.

    I stand corrected Jon on Pommy geography, highway maps and fuel distribution.

    My point was...when Londoners heard ABOUT the explosions many may have jumped to the conclusion "Oh shit! Not more bombings!" This may put them in fear.

    But please Jon correct me on the special nature of the British psyche.