Saturday, December 10, 2005

King Cyrus then, President Ahmadinejad now

Predictably the Western world has shown its outrage that President Ahmadinejad of Iran had the nerve to say the Holocaust might not have been what it was declared to be, and that Israel should have been created in Europe rather than Palestine at the expanse of the Palestinians. He termed Israel as a cancerous tumour in the Middle-East.

Let us dissect his comments into separate components and analysed each for relevance to what Ahmadinejad said, because when it comes to Israel or Jews and the Holocaust, Europeans become defensive for fear of being seen to be anti-Semitic, though they seldom are aware that the Palestinians are Semitic too. We can leave Israel, the USA and the Arabs out because they are interested parties.

Ahmadinejab is an Iranian (not an Arab), and hails from a nation, Persia, that had a biblical record of benignly freeing the Jews from the bondage of the Babylonians. Of course the Jews claimed that their God made King Cyrus do that:

In the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, in order to fulfill the word of The Lord spoken by Jeremiah, The Lord moved the heart of Cyrus king of Persia to make a proclamation throughout his realm and to put it in writing: This is what Cyrus king of Persia says: "The Lord, The God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and He has appointed me to build a Temple for Him at Jerusalem in Judah. Anyone of his people among you - may his God be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem in Judah and build The Temple of The Lord, The God of Israel, The God who is in Jerusalem." – [Ezra 1:1-3]

There are roughly four components in Ahmadinejad’s statement, namely:

(1) The Holocaust is bullshit.
(2) The Jews should have been given their own homeland in Europe.
(3) The State of Israel is a cancerous tumour in the Middle East region.
(4) Move Israel to Europe

I think we can safely dismiss the first allegation. It’s unbefitting for anyone to deny the Holocaust. 6 million Jews were systematically eliminated by Hitler and his henchmen.

Why did the Europeans (not just the Germans or Austrians) hate the Jews so much, one may ask? I did see on TV one possible reason, though not from a documentary about Jews, but from an Aussie Jew talking the way he did about Jews and 'others' in a talk-show. But this issue will not be discussed in this posting.

Re the second statement that the Jews should be given their own homeland in Europe, let’s examine a couple of factors:

(1) Since the 2nd Diaspora 2,000 years ago, there was no Jewish political entity in Palestine.
(2) The greatest congregation of Jews in the World before WWII was in Poland, Russia, Romania and the 3 Baltic states. There were also Jewish population in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Britain, France, France, etc. But the greatest congregation of the 9.5 million Jews in Europe were in Eastern Europe. Their cultural centre was in Warsaw and they even had their own language, Yiddish.

I’ll leave these factors for you to consider and look at the 3rd and 4th part of Ahmadinejab’s statement in another posting.


  1. Well I understand that Jews were given a pretty clear signal by varius pogroms, massacres by passing Crusaders, not to mention the Spanish Inquisition that the prospects of a homeland (or even land ownership) in Europe, were always bleak.

    Zionists before WWI had considered homeland sites other than Israel (central or northern Australia was one but was considered a long way away and lacked spiritual connections). So a deal was made with the Brits who had just booted out the Turks from Palestine (1917) that Palestine (Israel) would be it.

    The WWII Holocaust understandibly didn't improve Jewish view's about European hospitality.

    So the rest is Hollywood with shiploads of support from the US, UK and (not to mention) France (for Israel's nuclear bomb program).

    So when one throws in a righteous Iran, with nuclear designs, we bloggers will have plenty to write on this - long time.

  2. Actually Britain has been the culprit who allowed Israel to obtained the uranium for its bomb development. That article came up a couple of months back. I'll try to look for it.