Monday, December 12, 2005

Squatgate - Who cares about her nationality!

I am very disappointed that the independent inquiry into alleged police abuse is wasting time looking into the nationality of the naked woman in the Squatgate scandal. I am also disappointed that the Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang has fallen into the trap of posing the same question of the victim’s national origin.

Why would it matter whether she is a Chinese national or Malaysian or Martian? The issue should be why she was made to perform ear squats in the nude, what was her crime in being detained in a police lockup at Petaling Jaya Police Station, and what the police were trying to achieve by that squating exercise plus ears holding, if not abusing her?

It makes me sick to think that if she has been a Malaysian, there wouldn’t have been any independent inquiry, but in reality, despite my nausea, I have to concede that would be the probable likelihood.

We should keep our focus on police abuse, regardless of the gender, ethnicity or religion of police victims.

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  1. aiya, malay expendable (look who kena balun cukup2 sampai bengkak mata), chinese tourist - source of income, and they have bigger army too....