Monday, December 05, 2005

Sheer Hypocrisy

Myanmar is one of the most draconian regimes in the world, where it has once again demonstrated its contempt for democracy by continuing to keep popularly elected Aung San Suu Kyi’s under detention, refusing to release her as had been earlier promised.

Myanmar is also notorious for its heroin production where many have accused the Myanmar authorities of being directly involved in the trade. The notorious drug production centre, the Golden Triangle lies at and forms part of its northern border.

And among the countries that continue to do business with this evil regime is Singapore.

Many Singaporeans don’t even know that their government has been and still is dealing with the draconian regime. Singapore has extensive business ties with Myanmar, reputed to be the world's second biggest heroin producer. Singapore companies, including some state ones, have invested at least US$1 billion there.

And this is the same Singapore government who preaches to us it has to maintain its death penalty for drug-related crimes because it wants to maintain its reputation as a clean regional transport hub, particularly as it is near south-east Asia's Golden Triangle.

The sheer hypocrisy is breath taking.

Hypocrisy of Singapore in Nguyen's Execution


  1. For all your talk, life is sure cheap in Australia and Australian hypocrisy is surely as breath-taking as the Sydney Harbor! -


  2. Two points:

    (1) it's quite laughable you quoted an article written by Paul Sheehan, a conservative journalist who would undoubtedly like to impress upon us his right wing views. I am afraid mainstream Aussies don't share those views. Sheehan mocked court decisions as too soft, but those court decisions have been actually supported by most Aussies (except of course by Sheehan and the conservative elements like Pauline Hanson).

    Everyone (including you) is of course entitled to his or her views, and unlike the Singapore regime I welcome any challenging ones, but Sheehan is hardly authoritative.

    (2) Australia doesn't have the draconian capital punishment where a State descends down to barbarism to murder a convict in a cold blooded pre-meditative manner. Australia punishes its criminals but in a civilised humane manner befitting the values of its people.

  3. It is , indeed, laughable the way Australia punishes its criminals in the so-called civilised, humane way as you have so proudly preached.

    It seems the Loony Left actually punishes the victims of crimes in Australia by giving these criminals, sentences not befitting of the crimes committed.

    The Australian criminals are laughing their way through the park thru the manner with which they (the criminals) are being treated in your so-called "merciful" and "humane" way!

    Alas, when they step out of the shores of Australia and commit crimes elsewhere, the full brunt of the more just laws fall smack on the faces of these scums!

    Oh, I suppose only opinions from the Loony Left would be "authorative" enough for you?! How sad!