Friday, December 16, 2005

63 Days in Hell and Back!

This must be the most amazing demonstration of the will to live. A Pakistani woman has survived after being trapped beneath the rubble of the earthquake TWO MONTHS AGO in freezing conditions.

Villages digging in the rubble to salvage items chanced upon Naqsha Bibi after she had been immobilised among the debris for a frightening 63 days, and in the worst environmental conditions.

She is a bad state but doctors reckon she may survive. What an amazing woman! Her Will to Survive must be studied and recorded for posterity!

It seems that our amazing woman who went to hell and back, was only in Hades for only 2 days instead of the 63 that was attributed in an earlier report. She has wasted her physiological self because she ate too little. But let me say that 2 days in Hell is still terrible, let alone the 63 claimed by some newspapers. And I am truly glad she was pulled out to safety, regardless of whether her foray into Hades was brief or long.

Thanks to Anonymous who pointed out the new report on the Daily Times of Pakistan.


  1. Latest development in this story ... the Daily Times of Pakistan ( 16-12-2005 reports that the woman's relatives and neighbours had debunked the story of her being trapped in the rubble for 60 over days. To wit, she had been pulled out from the debris 2 days after the quake but had stayed on in the shattered house by choice, and that her wasted condition was due to her refusal to eat.