Saturday, December 24, 2005

Crazy or Wahhabi?

Bloke went to a Muslim cemetery in Telok Mas, Malacca, and dug out more than 100 gravestones.

He’s held in police custody for the desecration. Police said he’s 34 years old, jobless, has no ID but claimed to be from Segamat, Johore, and has refused to provide the reason for his act of desecration.

Is he mad or a staunch Wahhabi?

Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, the founder of the Wahhabi sect of Islam (named after him), which is the official religious denomination of the Saudi Kingdom, condemned any acts that lead to shirk, which is votive offerings, praying at saints' tombs and at graves, anything (including atheism) that denies the one-ness or unity of Allah or Tawhīd.

Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab was against religious festivals, including even celebrations of the Prophet's birthday. Thus Wahhabis forbid grave markers or tombs in burial sites and the building of any shrines that could become a centre of shirk.

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