Friday, December 30, 2005

Sexy Summit!

Here is the ultimate Anglo-Franco-American union. Visualise a ménage à trois involving Queen Elizabeth II, President Chirac and President Bush in Austria – note, not Australia. This puts a whole new meaning to Summit Meeting.

The furor it has created in diplomatic circles and all over Europe has now resulted in the billboard posters, supposedly part of a series called euroPART and created by artists from all 25 member countries of the EU, being removed from all over Austria. The posters were meant to, get this, "reflect on the different social, historical and political developments in Europe". The Austrian Chancellor has expressed his outrage and the artists have agreed to remove them.

I heard them sniggling ;-)

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  1. Thanks, KTemoc and you deserve a glass of champagne. The picture certainly refreshes the tired eyes of those of us who have been working on the PC for too long.