Sunday, December 11, 2005

Schapelle Corby - from Frying Pan into the Fire

The woman whose arrest in Bali for drug possession had raised such a storm in Australia is now in deep shiiiiiiiit.

When Schapelle Corby was apprehended by the Indon police for having 4.2 kg of marijuana, the Aussie media shit-stirring gave rise to a hysteria in Australia that saw redneck behaviour towards Indon diplomatic staff in Canberra and Perth. One TV channel even had a trial by media when Corby was absolved of everything including exhaling CO2.

Support for her from most Australians was easily forthcoming because, in the immortal words of Derryn Hinch, one of Australia’s most outspoken TV personality and radio jock, Corby is young, white, pretty and has big boobs.

The public storm stirred by the media handling, principally for their own ratings, put the Australian government on the back foot, forcing it to lend extraordinary support to Corby which other drug offenders didn’t and won’t enjoy.

It even engaged 2 QCs and virtually gave a blank cheque for her defence. But I believe it was the strong diplomatic relationship between Australia and Indonesia, particularly post-tsunami, that saw Corby given a 20 years sentence rather than the capital punishment she would have received for such a large quantity of drugs. That 20 years had since been reduced by another 5 years in conjunction with an Indonesian national auspicious day, where sentences are automatically reduced.

Corby had protested that she didn’t know anything about the drugs in her luggage, and that someone had planted them there without her knowledge. Her story was well received by Aussie public. Naturally the media took that cue to castigate airport authorities for their lack of security.

However, Aussie federal police has now seized photos in an unrelated raid, that unfortunately showed Corby posing with a man who was recently arrested and charged with marijuana smuggling.

The photos are disastrous for Corby’s coming appeal where it may be possible for the Bali court to increase the sentence in favour of the prosecution counter appeal, even to capital punishment

Corby is appealing on grounds that Bali’s lower court judges failed to consider evidence which would have set her free. As expected, in such cases the Bali prosecution has also lodged a counter appeal, that her sentence was too light.

Undoubtedly the Indon police will be making an application for the photos. What is likely to happen for a start is that the Aussie federal police will be severely criticised by the usual mob for revealing the existence of those photos that severely incriminate Schapelle Corby.


  1. This report about the photos could be just hearsay. It is a story that shows Australian media at its worst. A story with no substance and no proof. the reporter doesn't say where he's sorse of information is from and doesn't even name the arrested man. Police have since said that they can not confirm if any photo's exist and the federal government said that they have not told any media that photo's exist. There is all this talk and reports about photos that no one has seen!!!! How can corby defend herself with this one as there is no proof and no information??????

  2. The Australian federal government has confrimed that federal police has recovered photos showing Schapelle Corby posing with the bloke.