Wednesday, December 21, 2005

US backyard is Sea of Pink

The USA must be getting worried that in its own backyard the dreaded socialists are on the ascendancy.

There was the evil Castro for years thumbing his nose at various US presidents (except at former President Jimmy Carter). Then Hugo Chavez took over control of his country’s oil assets to neutralise US arrogant presumptions. Brazil has a leftwing President, and a recent Chilean polls suggested the possibility of a leftwing President.

Now the ultimate nightmare for the USA has happened. If they think Hugo Chavez is bad, Evo Morales will make Chavez looks like a neo-con.

Morales is hated by the USA and the feeling is returned. A South American native, and an illustratious descendant of the Incas, Morales is an active environmentalist and the scourge of US mining companies in Bolivia. A former US Ambassador to Bolivia had warned Bolivians against voting for him, but the popular Morales has been elected President of his country.

Evo Morales has vowed to re-examine the contracts for its gas assets with American companies, just as Hugo Chavez has done.

Chavez has just threatened Exxon, the US giant oil company to re-negotiate its contract with Venezuela, or be kicked out. Chavez has had enough of those American oil companies ripping the Latin Americans off with their arrogant and disinterested attitude towards local interest. For years they have enjoyed disproportionate advantage and profits. The locals have wised up.

Let's see how many more Latino nations become socialist, the natural political ideology for the down-trodden people on that continent.

Bolivian Human Rights 0 : US Mining Rights 1

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