Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wait a ding-dong minute, General Blimp

Star Online - Bersih 4: Armed Forces to intervene if govt declares state of emergency

KUALA LUMPUR: The Armed Forces (ATM) will intervene in the planned Bersih 4.0 rally only if the government declares a state of emergency, said its chief Jen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin (pic).

Speaking to reporters at the Defence Ministry on Thursday, Zulkifeli said the ATM has thus far not been involved in preventing the rally from continuing because the situation has not called for it yet.

"ATM will only intervene in the rally if the government declares a state of emergency.

"If the situation is categorised as a threat to public order, we will take over the role of the police in containing the situation," he explained on Thursday.

Just wait a ding-dong minute General. How dare you say the "ATM will take over the role of the police in containing the situation."

Balderdash, General Blimp!

The role of the Malaysian Army is laid out in the Army's Doctrine Handbook. It says the Malaysian Army is part of the Malaysian Armed Forces instituted by the Federal Constitution which primary roles are to safeguard all national frontiers and land boundaries from encroachment at all time.

OK, we have no problem with that.

Let's now shift our look from the Army's PRIMARY to its SECONDARY purpose.

The Army's secondary roles are to ASSIST the Royal Malaysian Police and other civil authorities in the maintenance of public order and providing assistance in time of national disaster.

So, your Army ASSISTS the Police, not TAKEOVER from them.

You're very very very much remiss in NOT knowing your Army's supporting role and its limitations.

Let me advise you once again - the Army ASSISTS the police, not TAKEOVER from them in the event of civil disorder so to provide public order.

We're Malaysians, not Thais!

Nonetheless, the Defence Minister and AG must take a closer look at this General's pomposity which fails to recognize the constitutional roles and limitations of an army in a democracy of civilian rule.

His apparent lack of understanding of the constitutional limits for our Malaysian Army (not just his, a mere caretaker) is verging on being f* dangerous.

Just remember, in a civil commotion, you the Police are in charge of restoring and maintaining public order. ONLY if and when you require manpower beyond the capacity of the police force, do you need to call upon the army for ASSISTANCE, and you remain in charge  


  1. Many 'Ampu Bodek'-type officials coming out of the woodwork to rub Najib's apples.
    This General Blimp is hardly the only one.

    Not surprising as Najib has made it clear sycophantic loyalty is more desirable in his administration to capability and integrity.

  2. This is also another bullshit as this is what Jibby is planning. Seriously, I know the fuck you will write next about accusing bersih, rul, dap and yes anwar not playing by the rules. Anyway, where the fuck you are when najin unceremoniously change AGC in the middle of 1MDB investigation......

    Fuck you when you are silent about this......

    Hence I would have invoked the fucking crime that cibais such as kaytee had done to karpal singh and lks during dap's tanjung 3 campaign. I hold that cibai kaytee responsible.......

    By the way, love this ending for najib as all problems we are having now is because of najib

    1. don't be a lamprey or leech - start your own f* blog lah, wakakaka

  3. 1. korek, korek, korek, in case of civil unrest, it's the responsibility of pdrm's KDNKA. askar tak boleh tangkap civilians, kecuali masa zarurat.
    2. according to wiki, the jeneral is already 61 years of age last june, mungkin kontrek akan disambung. bukan pertama kali dia buat kenyataan yg tak cerdik.
    3. your photo, from left, number 2 vertically, leng loy wor!

  4. In the 1969 riots the armed forces played a major role in controlling the situation.

    Who knows, in view of the recent developments that reek of desperation and bordering on the farcical, an emergency declaration cannot be ruled out.

    So now the public is being psychologically prepped for it. Sort of like a subtle message to the protesters linking the current event to that of four and half decades ago.