Thursday, August 20, 2015

DNA of a Dwarf

Meanwhile, amidst the dusts of 1MDB, Bersih 4, an "old man from UMNO" and forsaking Teoh Beng Hock, over at RPK's Malaysia-Today we have:

(1) Selangor assets now held by a RM2 company

(2) DAP questions Azmin investment company given absolute powers to manage state’s RM6.3 billion assets without accountability

(3) Selangor rep tables bid to delay Azmin’s new investment arm

I wonder whether we ought to thank the too-clever-by-half Chicken Little's "The sky is falling down, falling down ..." support for PKR's rancid satay bull?


  1. Rather rich, coming from someone who has not only been utterly silent about the misdeeds surrounding 1MDB, nay, acting as apologist for Ah Jib Gor.

    " who has been worse, ....let's argue for a moment that all accusations (against Najib) are true) absconded with billions like a thief (as if others had not)".... - Ktemoc.

    1. logic tells us we should question the acts of a so-called reformasi party. Why bother with someone we have already considered a crook?

      your belief or illogic seems to be the other way, to close one eye on a so-called reformasi party (perhaps out of embarrassment or refusing to see the truth) but keep condemning someone we consider a crook, all redundant actions

    2. Logic tells us that we should go after the biggest crook in the country. This happens to be Najib Razak. Scandal after scandal. Obstruction of justice by literally disbanding 1MDB task force and PAC investigating 1MDB

      Even Swiss also take notice

      if Nixon can't get away with 3rd rate burglary, Najib shall die cock stand and we must ensure Najib die cock stand

      Brazillian ain't that kind towards Rossef

    3. "go after" differs vastly from "criticize", so you can "go after" if you have the balls wakakaka. As a blogger I'll criticize especially the deformasi HYPOCRITES purporting/pretending to be reformasi heroes

  2. Umno or Pakatan gomen? Either ways Malaysians are fucked.Crooks everywhere.Azmin has Anwar's and Umno's DNA.

  3. " we have already considered a crook?"....Ktemoc

    Forget about the "we" - it does not include Ktemoc, who has spent the last 30 posts energetically acting as a Najib apologist.

    1. No wonder Susan loone have disowned this cibai kaytee. perhaps, her cat may trained the machine gun on kaytee.

      Considered a crook means kaytee must defend najib. What a fucking twisted logic? Anyway, nothing wrong in going after or toppling top leaders especially when it comes to the most powerful man/woman in the land

      Thatcher was toppled. Majior was toppled. Callaghan was toppled. Even Brown also was toppled. Hahahaha, not to mention De Gaulle and Richard Nixon. Who the fuck cares about najib? I don't give 2 hoot to najib if he kenna gunned in the street......part and parcel of a politician......