Friday, August 07, 2015

ABU abandoned?

Much as I did not wish to disagree with Brother Haris, I still refused to support the ABU campaign in the last election for the reason there have been UMNO pollies I like and even respect, people like Saifuddin Abdullah and (much as he sometimes had been a brutal head kicker) Nazri Abdul Aziz, while the converse has been true too, that there have been Pakatan pollies I detest (wakakaka).

Take the case of Saifuddin Abdullah, former MP for Temerloh, who was deposed in 2013 by PAS' Nasrudin Hassan. The PAS MP is a man who has made sheer stupendously stupid statements that abandoned babies (through illicit births) were the result of non-Muslim events like Valentine's Day and New Year's Day celebrations.

Malaysiakini reported in 2010 in its Valentine's Day blamed for baby dumping that Nasrudin Hassan had blamed the festivity celebrations on those two days as encouraging free sex that led to ... yadda yadda yadda ... culminating in baby dumping.

Nasrudin claimed: "It's an indication that the 'mating season' occurred during the New Year's Day celebrations."

But of course, what he meant was that happened ONLY in Malaysia but nowhere else in the world, those parts which celebrate Valentine's Day and New Year's Day celebrations every year. Why? Well, I'm sure he has an answer as he a cleric must have consulted god.

That's why I couldn't and didn't support ABU because it would bring about, and it did, the accidental importation of blokes like Nasrudin Hassan into parliament.

But to my surprise, it would seem DAP or at least its leader YB Lim Kit Siang has now discarded ABU, though I can't say I'm delighted by its late awakening.

The reason for my hesitation in finding delight in DAP's awareness of the politically blind peril or, if you want to be kind, silly-ness of the indiscriminate ABU campaign is that it has come about because Lim KS has recently sought to ally himself and presumably his party with Mahathir and Muhyiddin against Najib.

He has even forgotten basic concepts in 'conflict of interests' in asking Mahathir to head a Royal Commission of Inquiry to probe 1MDB. Ah! Must be due to the excitement of his new found alliance though sadly, Mahathir has spurned, snubbed and sneered at his effusive too-chummy overtures.

Then - we'll get those MACC bastards

Now - we support our MACC

And not only that, in his support for 1MDB, Lim Kit Siang has found himself in very "good" company - Perkasa which has "very" strong links with Mahathir also supports MACC in its investigations of Najib.

Nice mates you have, Uncle Lim.


  1. u oso not bad, u got rb n ha.

    1. the more you comment here, the more childish and pathetic you've become

    2. there is no need to call anyone personal names. u can make your point without the ad hominem attack. i do not see how my comment is diif with yr last paragraph on lks n perkasa. however i know debate is not yr strong point, i suggest u imitate that mf to divert my comment by criticizing my 5000 yrs civilization?

      btw, by playing up tbh, u r no diff with the one u accuse all this while on altantuya, it seem u r a forked tongue sneaky bastard (ha word) that spin with 2 standard depend on who u r talking abt.

      nowadays blogger so cheap one meh?

    3. let's deal with your 2nd paragraph first - I have ALWAYS been against MACC for the murder of TBH, as my posts here and over at KT Komposes would demonstrate, unlike "others" who would resurrect Altantuyaa when its suits their political agenda (eg. PKR, PAS and even worse Mahathir).

      Secondly, re your 1st paragraph, I reiterate that you've been not only childish but recklessly libellous - pity I don't have the money to sue or harass you - in associating me with people I don't associate with, wakakaka. You not only have a Bush-ite mentality that people who don't agree with you are various forms of asslickers, paid cybertrooper (do you PKR people only have an opinion based on monetary rewords?), half breed, and such likes, but would recklessly flail out when you run out of intelligent words. Memang low class.

      I criticize Lim KS because he HAS done a 180 degrees turnabout on his principles, eg. from detesting and criticizing mahathir for the latter's 22-years of draconian rule and mismanagement to wanting to ally himself with that man, and, from deploring and condemning MACC for the TBH unsolved murder to now supporting them, and pray tell me, for what purpose? Has it been because mahathir and MACC have been shown to have changed? That's the sad part about Lim KS that in his late stage of politics and without the moderating hands of his late partner Karpal Singh, he has become, sad for me a DAP supporter to say, nothing more than a rebel rousing trouble maker who would have a pact with even the devil.

      Don't ever attempt to place yourself on par with my stand, morality and principles - Now, that's the DIFFERENCE between you and moi. Of course you do have an excuse - you are after all PKR,wakakaka

    4. "unlike "others" who would resurrect Altantuyaa when its suits their political agenda." – except of course mahathir, rpk n hadi, pray tell how our stand had changed pertaining to altantuya?

      "Secondly, re your 1st paragraph, I reiterate that you've been not only childish but recklessly libellous - pity I don't have the money to sue or harass you - in associating me with people I don't associate with" – halo, how lks associate to perkasa? lks would not even think of suing u, he rather donate his money to tbh family than waste it on a confused slanderer like u.

      "Memang low class." – Hehe.. it certainly takes one to know one, u even call jj a anwarista.

      "I criticize Lim KS because he HAS done a 180 degrees turnabout on his principles" - perhaps lks is not as black or white as u? he support the cause unlike u n rpk.

      "Don't ever attempt to place yourself on par with my stand, morality and principles - Now, that's the DIFFERENCE between you and moi." – i (n many here) wan to see a fair deal on a corrupted regime, u, otoh, beside claiming we allege this n that, what is yr proposal to proceed to do this? show us yr stand, morality and principles then only we talk abt our diff. btw, u really need to pay more attention to avoid misrepresenting my (our) position with straw men. many of yr reply merely reinforces my impression that u r an intellectually dishonest person. yes, u sound more n more like raja petra n rocky bru.

    5. PKR's pretend/hypocritical concerns for Altantuyaa has always been for the benefit fo Anwar Ibrahim, with the campaign directed at Najib.

      But was Najib responsible for her mruder? Did Altantuyaa go to teh gate pf Najib's house to harass him? Did Altantuyaa chase Najib allover KL? Where ws the evidence that Altantuyaa was in contact with Najib? Where was teh evidence that Najib ordered the police to kill her?

      Was the case unsolved? Were the murderer or murderers still unknown? Are they still uncaught and not found guilty and sentenced?

      Najib Najib Najib! That your PKR target, regardless of evidence or lack of.

      Contrast the above with the unsolved murder of Teoh Beng Hock. Ask teh same questions.

      Where are the similarities between your/PKR opportunistic raising of the Altantuyaa murder (just to harass/accuse Najib and which had nothing to do with justice for her) with what we have been reminding people of TBH's murder?

      That's the difference between you PKR people and us.

      How has PERKASA been associated with LKS? By their common support for MACC. I can understand why Perkasa supports MACC. Perkasa is Mahathir's proxy, and their aim is to get Najib. LKS has lately supported not only MACC but Mahathir as well. That makes him aligned and associated with Perkasa's political objectives.

      You're really low class. There's no longer value in your comments. You used to condemn LKS, now you support him because he's serving your PKR political objectives. Hope no more bullshit from you PKR people with useless 916, KajangGate (those bullshit satay which was supposed to be a springboard to Putrajaya, wakakaka), 505 and chasing after frogs all the way to Taiwan and a condemned murderer all the way to Oz, and blackouts and mysterious extra votes at your party polls (twice, not once).

    6. oh, not to forget your party president wants to be friends with all including and especially umno and pas, wakakaka - typical of a taxi sapu party wakakaka

  2. The MACC fella shaking hands with Kit Siang in the photo above have been
    transferred to PM's department.

    First 4 PAC members, now 2 MACC officers. More on the way?

    "I am Locutus of Borg.
    Resistance is futile.
    Your life, as it has been, is over.
    From this time forward, you will service us."

    – Locutus of Borg/Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard

    1. I prefer the aliens in the lockers

      All Hail Jib! All Hail Jib!

  3. First of all,my two cents worth of our brainless stupid politicians.They have been beating around the bushes,chasing and fucking the air out of the invisible ghosts,called 1MDB.

    While they been screwing the plastic dolls,shaped and crafted like real beautiful,real life ladies much more beautiful than their spouses,the ringgit have taken a nasty fall to the sewers.The real people these fools have been hurting are the people called the "rakyat",the people that they were suppose to represent and protect.And all this while they have been playing politics,been involved in conspiracies and paying mercs to badmouthed the useless Umno gomen.Who doesn't know that the Umno/BN gomen is fucking corrupt.Need we need these fuckups to tell us that?

    So we all know that the RM 2.6 billion landed into Najib's personal account.Are these all the screaming and wailing these hyenas can do?Umno had said it loud and clear.The money did came into Najib's account,and the money is for donations?Donations for the elections or for buying the real life lady dolls for donation to the opposition to shiok sendiri?

    Najib is going nowhere.If he is going somewhere,he would have already gone.So get it into your fucking heads that the ringgit tanking is going to hurt the ordinary folks,not the politicians on both sides of the divide or the fucking gomen.And "fat mama" will still be doing her regular shopping overseas.Got it?

    1. dear einstein, so what, exactly, is your point? we all sit here n wait for another 2.6b x 10 in the coming ge14?

    2. Hahahahaha......okay, all americans are extremely stupid including those 2 journalists who insist in investigating 3rd rate burglary at Watergate

      Bugging only maaa.......Why impeachment? Without public pressure, you think Nixon would release the tapes.

      Without Fraser blocking the budget, you think Whitlam kenna sacked by Kerr.

      Ask that Pukimak chao cibai kaytee la

  4. Kuala Lumpur has added Clare Rewcastle's name to the Interpol's wanted list.She is placed under person of interest(POI).If she is extradited to Malaysia,she will do some time enjoying Malaysian hospitality,and of course will be with familiar faces.It is going to be a long wait,though.

    1. The question would be if Interpol would just stamp NFAon Clare's file. Remember Salman Rushdie. This is lagi worst.......Perhaps, Clare may have a dossier of who ktemoc actually is and his relationship with Najib

    2. OK I confess. Najib caught me shagging you (or more truthfully, if kids are not around, with my dick in your big mouth), wakakaka

    3. I perused Interpol's red notice for persons wanted by Malaysia,
      she is not in the list. Maybe not yet?

      If she is to be sought for politically motivated crimes, interestingly,
      there is also Article 3 and Resolution AG-2006-RES-04 and
      Resolution AGN/20/RES/11 where "it is strictly forbidden for the
      Organization to undertake any intervention or activities of a political,
      military, religious or racial character.”

      And that :
      " request for information, notice of persons wanted and, above all, no
      request for provisional arrest for offences of a predominantly political, racial or
      religious character, is ever sent to the International Bureau or to the National
      Central Bureaus, even if - in the requesting country - the facts amount to an
      offence against the ordinary law"

    4. Kaytee may not be able to set food at Heathrow airport......I bet one cock hair especially knowing who Clare is........hahahaha

  5. Ridiculous are the antics of YB Lim KS who is in passionate support and compassion for Dr M’s actions to crush PM Najib.

    My observation is, YB Lim KS unpretentious goal is nothing but to put the opposition’s revolution to overthrow the government in its tracks no matter what it takes.

    Tsk…tsk…tsk… YB Lim KS... Bagaikan pintu tak berpasak, bagaikan perahu tak berkemudi!! Perhaps, you are dangerous indeed.

    1. tu hadi lagi teruk, asyik mimpi mahu jadi dpm wakaka

    2. Get real lah HY! Hadi's goal is how can he best fulfill the divine purpose and seek God's pleasure in their (Muslim) daily lives.