Thursday, August 06, 2015

Forgetting Teoh Beng Hock

O so soon you've forgotten me
Hey, my late name was Teoh Beng Hock
Is that even in your memory
Or just a wee footnote in history
My story soon to become mere talk-cock

Those who sinned against me
Cursing my family with veritable untold woes
Making Er Jia a fatherless baby
And those men with no pity
Have become icons by you, your new heroes

Thou faithless headless chooks
Have further insulted my already grieving family
Giving the enemy support but not rebukes
Ever greater pain my family now brooks
All because of your sad self-interest treachery

Bhai once said don't be immoral
In desperately seeking victory without morality
Nor should one be ever unethical
But safeguard and value our principle
To never sacrifice and replace with hypocrisy


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  1. Are you blaming Lim Kit Siang for this?

    What about your treachery by voting LKS out in 1995 GE? Don't bluff, pukimak kaytee

    And your najib......hahahaha

    1. no balls nor backbone to deal with the issue of my post, but attempting childishly to distract. podah

  2. most people support the cause, n applaud macc when they do what is right. cant say the same abt blogger like rpk, rb n kt, the either black or white type, who r full of hatred, n of course another reason could be they r well fed by the power that be, n no shame to tell they r independent thinker, or hadi followers n all kind of idiotic excuse, manyak hypo la.

    1. Cause?

      So bringing justice to Teoh Beng Hock's unjust death is now not a cause to you but I shouldn't be surprised as you're PKR afterall, where his death, a DAP man, was not and never an issue to you. Your PKR's causes would I suppose be 916, 505 and the rancid satay bullshit.

      Lim KS' causes were supposedly exposures of 929 and 617 and the brining of justice to TBH, etc but obviously no more?

    2. Come on, on one hand you are preaching principle, don't shoot the messenger. KS (your hero bhai) used to condemn AI when AI was still with the government, but after he was sacked, KS defended AI and you don't see anything wrong with that!

      That rotten batu still owes Bernard an apology on national tv. He has no moral right to preach. The worst is he is twisting the story, a hypocrite accusing a good man, didn't RPK wrote about him being a BN paid mercenery!

      Someone in the MACC abused TBH but didn't someone else of less authority leaked all the info to RPK such that he could narrate so many episodes of insider stories of suspense? That means there must be a few good men in there who were leaking out and wanting the truth story to be known. So what is your problem with DAP showing support for that?

      All in all your article seems to be insinuating 'Bushism' (to borrow your word), if MACC is not with us, they are against us!

    3. your first para - KS defended AI as a professional lawyer. A lawyer defends even a murderer, let alone a sodomist

      2nd paragraph - you're too cryptic. I don't know who is the "rotten batu"?

      3rd paragraph - DAP should not support MACC until the issue of TBH is closed satisfactory and with fulfilled justice. A few good men inside MACC doesn't mean anything until TBH's family can say with closure that the case of his death has been finally met with justice

      4th paragraph - MACC has never been with us, and neither are we automatically against them as seems to be the case with most (not all) Pakatan followers vis-a-vis all government agencies, UNLESS of course the Pakatan followers believe those agencies (like MACC now) or solitary.figures like one ex air force officer or the ONCE most hated Mahathir has spoken out against the government. What saddens me is that Lim KS has supported MACC not because the organization has changed for the better but has seemed to eb acting AGAINST Najib (who knows, perhaps on instructions from you-know-who), in the same way as he has urged Mahathir to take over ruling as per a new troika-government consisting of mahathir, musa hitam and ku li. Ridiculous pact with, you would say, the Devil

  3. No, I have not forgotten Teoh Beng Hock, and DAP never will.

    The circumstances of Teoh Beng Hock's death is one of the important reasons for my unrelenting distrust of Mohammed Najib and my implacable opposition to his Prime Ministership. Add to that the current situation.

    Both are inextricably bound with Najib's continuing misuse of Malaysian Government law enforcement resources to further his fetid , rancid personal and political objectives.

    Teoh died in the midst of attempts to incriminate him and DAP people associated with him on RM 3,000 of purported questionable transactions. It was part of a Najib instructed conspiracy to destabilise the Selangor state government.

    Today, law enforcement , namely Polis Diraja Malaysia is being used to disrupt , interdict and stop investigations into possibly wrong doing surrounding Mohammed Najib's RM 2,600,000,000 "donations" into his personal bank account - now acknowledged and confirmed by the Malaysian Government.
    The Wall Street Journal did not lie, did not get it wrong.

    My fingers get sore typing the number of zeroes required to show the correct magnitude of the donation or bribe or lubricating oil (take your pick) paid into Mohammed Najib's pocket.

    DAP has not, and will not rest in bringing to justice those responsible for Teoh Beng Hock's death, including all up the chain of command.

    1. who has been worse, najib who, let's argue for a moment that all accusations are true) absconded with billions like a thief (as if others had not) or a man who destroyed the judiciary, humiliated the former Lord President, smashed the impartiality of the MCS including the police where crime in Malaysia today has reached epidemic proportions, fostered the BTN to further racist divisions in our society, accused the non-Malays especially the Chinese of being greedy, power crazy and wanting to control Malaysia, and squandered hundreds and hundreds of untold billions dabbling in forex gambling, tin markets and syiok-sendiri useless projects to salve his several chips on his shoulder and deposed of former PMs elected through democratic means? You tell me. It seems you guys including Lim KS have lost total perspective

    2. Kit Siang has not taken back any of his long litany of criticisms against Mahathir's Prime Ministership.

      The big difference is that Mahathir is retired. He cannot orchestrate any more Mamincos, any more Perwajas, any more Bank Negara Forex misadventures. He can still stir shit, but no more executive power.

      Mohammed Najib is still PM and can and will orchestrate many more 1MDBs.

      Judging from the avowed MMC law amendments to be introduced in October's Parliamentary session, he intends to facilitate and safeguard such nefarious activities by muzzling and shutting down the likes of Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider.

      Najib's Prime Ministership needs to be neutralised - via democratic means and via open discussion in a free press.

    3. mahathir retired? officially not in reality - have you forgotten how he brought AAB down? and for what?

  4. I really bea’ tahan despite my vow of not taking part in choirboy blog like yrs again.


    Good one & see that reflection in yr cracked mirror?

    Guess not – after all u, like yr sifu, is just (paid???)wordsmith with BIG ego (easily bruised too).

    Remember – it’s politic, just like yr sifu’s takes in:

    Read it again & again (better still consult yr sifu, wakakakaka).

    Or else just simply reflect upon SunTzi’s art of war or even that over-used the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend tag!

    Just before u mentioned about honour – do remember that honour resides on priority of the actions & their subsequent end results.

    Understand 大我?

    Yr sifu’s half anmoh gaosai couldn’t fathom this 5000yr of cultural incubation, is understandable. Thus his continuous showing of transient inferiority complex in his rants about Chinese culture. Not that this:

    help to soften his wounded pride!

    Meanwhile yr persistent blackspotted perception in upstaking ahjibgor shows yr underlying tone of true hypocracy.

    What happen to the take of even a criminal could have a spark of conscience when a right moment hits? Do u write off this honorable action as self-serving?

    In an organization, people change, so do actions as dictated by circumstances. R u going to judge these changes by the past dues?

    If cooperation with MACC now helps to remove a bigger threat to the survival of M’sia Maru, what’s wrong with that?

    TBH’s case wasn’t instigated by MACC, but by a group of Myrmidon under instructions, within that organisation. Their dues would come when the country is under proper management. & that’s where the大我 must be initiated.

    Perhaps, u r like what yr sifu described as a bloat-headed one-track mind simpleton(???....more like evil-minded trickster), who can(want) just see right(opportunity) on the superficial(underneath) due & play to that advantages to suit the master.


    U deserve every name tags that Loose bestowed upon u!

    Is that the TRUE reason WHY u r an atheist – not bcoz there is NO god, but the consequences of a judging higher being frighten the shit out of a snakehead like u. Yes???

    BTW...keep wakakakaking, u need it to be living as u r!

    1. I've always suspected people like you who hate RPK but dare not confront him at uhis place would scurry over here, a sanctuary for liberal dialogues, to vent their pent-up frustrations. But venting your frustrations against someone is not the purpose of this blog, nor is it for you to uncivilly abuse the blog owner, namely moi. You have been badly brought up, wakakaka

      but don't be discourage - go to malaysia-today and tell rpk off, if you dare. stop contaminating my blog with your uncivil comments or rather, abuses.

  5. RPK have also made similar "zero to hero" comments on the once-
    condemned AG who is now being feted.

    And Rocky Bru made a call to "scums" to first "apologise to SPRM chief
    Abu Kassim for the injustices ... committed against him..." before showing
    support for MACC.

    Doesn't all this reeks of "either you are for us or against us" kind of

    We now have one of the 4 pillars of the task force chewing up two others
    and looks set to target the last remaining one. This is unprecedented
    in Malaysia's institutions, that even the most non-partisan observer cannot
    help associating such blatant action to a cover-up for one man. What is
    police action on AG and MACC officers supposed to achieve?

    Granted, the Teoh controversy is a taint on the MACC's reputation, but
    this does not mean we do not support MACC in the fight against corruption.
    (Or should MACC first apologise to Teoh family for all the injustice before proceeding?)
    After all it is one of the institutions of government in Malaysia. Are we to
    just step back and let the two hated devils fight to the finish, cheering them on?
    Or two wrongs finally make it right?

  6. 1. opposition don't support macc, cuma tambah fuel, i think la.
    2. macc - bila sendiri sudah kena baru ingat tuhan & told the whole world.
    3. the agency doesn't report to the pm, then who gave the order for the chief commissioner to go on leave?
    4. as a said before, the legacy (heritage) which was created by the bapak penswastaan is being continued by the present emperor. separation of power konon!

  7. Character assasination- if MACC can link TBH's untimely death to Najib because of an overzealous attempt by officers to get evidence to discredit PK,and acting on direct instructions from the PM's effect means Najib -,It may not have anything to do with 1mdb but the damage wrought and the distaste on the public,if it be discovered that indeed the innocent death of TBH had something to do with the PM.-its irreparable.