Friday, August 14, 2015

Muhyiddin's M-O2

TMI - Disbanding 1MDB task force suggests interference, say Muhyiddin

TMI - Where is the balance of RM2.6 billion donation, Muhyiddin asks Najib

MM Online - Muhyiddin claims Najib said would tell Gani Patail to

After initially feeling really downcast following his dismissal from the cabinet, Moody seems to have been given oxygen (O2), wakakaka, and I wonder by whom, wakakaka again.

Moody would be comforted by the simultaneous attacks on Najib launched by Mukhriz's Kedah UMNO, some Johor UMNO branches and the former MB of Terengganu, who as we know ... we know lah, wakakaka.

And let's not forget it's Moody's last chance to become PM.

Oh, BTW, just 2 weeks ago Moody said he'd continue to assist Najib as Umno deputy president, wakakaka.


  1. Najib should just sack the trouble maker Mr Moo from Umno.He said that he did not conspired to topple Najib.But he forgot to say that Shapie Apdal was his go between and representing his faction.

  2. muhyiddin statement n question is all valid, only orang najib think otherwise. najib oso claim no bad blood btw him n his deputy, orang najib only select what he wan to hear.

    rpk wan the malay to fear dap, orang najib no ball to retort, can only inflame by slander pkr, so cheap la ni orang najib, selangor mana ada so many chinese majority constituency, rpk bodoh punya comment tu orang najib pun tak erti.

  3. 1. Disbanding 1MDB task force suggests interference
    2. Where is the balance of RM2.6 billion "donation" ?
    3. Najib said would tell Gani Patail to explain RM2.6b WSJ report.

    Nothing wrong with these remarks, if you are willing to stay away from being personal.
    I've had the same thoughts, so have tens of thousands of other Malaysians.
    Except my location is more of warungs, kopitiams and food courts.

    The last one is Iffy, because there doesn't seem to be any other witness, but it is perhaps the most damning of all.
    Najib asked the Then AG to investigate the Wall Street Journal accusations.
    Najib then had the AG fired......was it because the AG did exactly that, and Najib did not like what the AG reported back ?
    Was the AG asked to "sanitise" his report , and he refused ?

    Is the Prime Minister engaged in Obstruction of Justice ?

  4. If Najib have the guts to sack Muhyiddin,Sharpie Apdal and Khairy Jamaluddin,the main players within Umno,to oust him of power will be gone.Then the small fishes will make a U-Turn and rally behind Najib.Will Najib have the balls to make a play with double edge sword?Going for broke,once and for all?I think that he should.

    1. KJ is still with Najib (does he want to face Mahathir and Mukhriz?) but he's playing smart, tap dancing around the potholes.

      It's difficult for Najib to sack Muhyiddin because he might lose the support of UMNO Johor. The Malays have a traditional greater loyalty towards their state kinfolk. If he can secure their full support, Moody will then be toast. Likewise for Shapir Apdal with regards to Sabah UMNO.