Monday, August 17, 2015

The man who must have forgotten he was an elected politician

FMT's Kajang move shamed Pakatan, says ex-MB Khalid reported (relevant extracts):

Former Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim, deposed after Pakatan Rakyat’s “Kajang move” strategy, says the move caused cracks in the opposition alliance and led to PAS being ripped apart.

In an online posting today, Khalid described the strategy as a “devastating political game” which affected the people in Selangor.

“Important issues like the water restructuring exercise, which has yet to be implemented smoothly, garbage problems and the direction of the administration were ignored,” he said. [...]

It collapsed when Anwar was disqualified as an election candidate on being convicted of sodomy in February and sentenced to five years’ jail.

Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, stood in his place and was nominated to replace Khalid, who refused to budge and was sacked from the party causing a months-long constitutional crisis that was eventually resolved when the Sultan of Selangor appointed PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, assemblyman for Gombak, to take over.

Khalid received the support of PAS assembly members during the crisis. He said today the Kajang Move had shamed him personally because of various allegations circulated about him.

“But what is more shameful is that the immoral political strategy caused cracks in the cooperation between parties in Pakatan Rakyat due to the political rhetoric and hypocrite attitudes,” wrote Khalid.

He said PAS, a party with “strong grassroots and always in full force during elections,” was cast aside and ripped apart and its leaders shamed. During the crisis, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, gave Khalid his backing against the allegations of corruption and mismanagement.

Now, most of what Khalid said has been true. I too feel ashamed of the Kajang bull, especially when it was supported by a "lesser DAP leader", a description of one particular DAP person by Dr Kua in his article Opposition's 30-year engagement with PAS undone.

The part I feel Khalid had not provided info in complete context has been the part about Pak Haji Hadi Awang being a jolly good bloke who was "cast aside and his party ripped apart". Khalid omitted mentioning why or what were the root and contributing causes of that sad outcome for the Pak Haji.

The truth has been the PAS party president and his ulama coterie have their own agenda, to wit, implementation of hudud, a religious program which doesn't suit or has been accepted by most of us. In fact I dare say implementation of hudud has been precisely what frightened (still does) the non-Muslim Pakatan supporters and turned them against PAS. I suggest even some Malays feel the same as well.

Khalid's statements would have been more complete if he had at least mentioned this to give the issue of the Pakatan split some balanced context, to wit, on why DAP decided to shun PAS as a viable political partner.

As for Khalid himself, while he might have been a victim of PKR intraparty Machiavellianism (and that's certainly true, wakakaka), he should have admitted he too was equally wrong in refusing to vacate his position as MB on instruction from PKR.

That's because in a democracy, he had only obtained that position because his party and Pakatan allies nominated him. Thus, when they withdrew that nomination, he was under honorable obligation, as a party member in a democracy, to vacate that post on instructions from his party.

To obdurately hang on was unheard of in a democratic process.

In refusing to obey his party & coalition instructions and thus ignoring the majority wishes of PKR and DAP ADUN including 2 from PAS, namely, Hasnul Baharuddin of Morib and Hulu Klang assemblyman Saari Sungib, a total of 30 ADUN in a state assembly of 56, and by drawing instead on PAS support (13 ADUN plus himself = 14, leaving UMNO out of equation, or if you wish, including 12 UMNO ADUN = total of 26), Khalid had (though not officially but) effectively changed party allegiance, and to one which was a minority.

Thus he should reflect on his own error.

And he shouldn't also forget his extremely arrogant and imperious dare to the exco to f.o as reported in Malaysiakini's Resign if you are not happy working with me, Khalid tells exco. Shouldn't he have applied the same principle to himself to resign as he was only a MB nominated and subsequently unwanted by his own party?

The trouble with Khalid was he didn't quite understand the democratic process and had in fact been sternly told off on this by DAP's Gobind Deo Singh a couple of times.

Khalid had behaved as if he was employed (rather than elected) as the CEO of Selangor Inc, answerable only to HRH, and not to the political structure such as those of his own party and that of Pakatan. He must have forgotten he was a politician. And when an elected politician forgot that and behaved as if he was a CEO contracted by the State, then our democracy would be in trouble.

Look, Khalid makes a good CEO of a corporation but it seems he has never quite understood the political process and its traditions and obligations. He should stick to the private sector and leave politics. I wish him well.


  1. so sad your party affilliations clouded your thinking. the party does NOT decide who becomes MB or NOT. its decided by HRH Sultan after determining the MB's ability to command support by ADUNs. come on-lah dont be stupid. this would not have happened if you PR fellows were not so enamoured and enraptured by your sodomite. you dont tell the bugger to piss off as mb just because you dont like his face! you PR buggers need to learn basic parliamentary procedure and you want to take putrajaya??? fuck off!

    1. I think kt article never talked abt who (or the party) decided one to become a mb. either u read too much into it, or u cannot read. dun argue against something the article never said la, it might be fun for u, but is a waste of time for readers like us. the reason we cant take over putrajaya is not bec we dun understand parliamentary procedure, it is solely due to we lack donation wakaka.

    2. HY.... PAS got a lot of "wakaf(s)". It is a pity though tat u dun understand PAS..

    3. unknown kiddo, i think the nature or meaning of najin "donation" n pas wakaf is totally diff right? either u r equally shallow on understanding of pas, or u r trying to slander pas wakaka.

  2. Let the opposition fight all they want.No wonder they are getting nowhere,chasing the 1MDB ghosts.Leaving Najib unscathed and laughing all the way to the bank.While the opposition is bidding time,praying and wetting their pants,hopping that the gorillas would not come and drag them away and throw them into Hilton Sungei Buloh to be housemates with Anwar.

  3. Right now , I'm not sure which is worse

    a) Rancid Kajang Satay Move.
    b) A Criminal Prime Minister who has clung on to power by "Taking Out" (in the words of his Strategic Communications Director) Law Enforcement officers who were in process of investigating possible charges against him.

    One is ethically wrong , but still allowed within the Constitution.
    The other is both ethically wrong and likely a criminal offense in itself , separate from whether the Crime Minister broke any laws over 1MDB or the RM 2.6 Billion personal bank account "Donation".

    Even if the Crime Minister is Lily White clean over 1MDB or the RM 2.6 Billion personal bank account "Donation", obstructing an investigation into himself is a criminal offence.

    Da Same one which forced Richard Nixon's resignation.
    But This is Bolehland, not USA......