Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Plot (among other plots)

Recall my mentioning that Mahathir had in no uncertain terms spurned Lim KS politically amorous wooing of him to get rid of the current PM?

Then I had said that Mahathir (or any UMNO member) wouldn't want to be seen in collaboration with an Opposition MP to attack an UMNO PM as that derhaka-ish act (to UMNO rather than Najib) would have spelt the end of his iconic status in the Grand Old Party.

Well, Ahmad Zahidi used that UMNO taboo in a preemptive strike to neutralize an alleged pending coup d'etat against Najib. Yesterday a Bernama report stated:

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Saturday exposed a plot by the opposition to topple the Malaysian government, with an Umno-cum-Barisan Nasional (BN) leader allegedly behind it.

He said the plan was to obtain statutory declarations from the opposition members of Parliament (MPs) and to pull in the support of BN lawmakers in toppling the government through the "back door".

Ahmad Zahid, who is also Home Minister, said the matter was serious and he had received information on it from reliable sources.

"The plot to topple the government through the back door is going on, with efforts to obtain statutory declarations from all opposition MPs, besides pulling in BN MPs to topple the ruling government through the back door," he said when opening the Umno Ampang division delegates' meeting, here.

"Purportedly, all the 87 opposition MPs and an independent MP, making up 88, are trying to get BN MPs to support their move," he said.

112 is a majority in the federal parliament but 113 makes it sweeter, with a Yang Dipertua from that bloc without interfering with the simple 112 majority. Thus the alleged plotter(s) needed only 113 - 88 (assuming PAS is also with the plotters) = 25 BN MPs.

But Zahid's preemptive attack has been surprisingly quite effective against that supposed "916 Mark II", with two prominent figures emerging swiftly to deny they were the mastermind and thus were NOT derhaka-ish to UMNO, wakakaka.

Ku Li said he was still behind Najib notwithstanding his admisison he did have a chit-chat with Mahathir.

Muhyiddin was more circumspect. The way I read it (from the news) he said he would be “stupid” to wreck the government he helped build", but which allows him, unlike Ku Li, to remain discretely ambiguous vis-a-vis Najib, wakakaka.

As a matter of fact, Moody is still questioning Najib openly on 1MDB despite his avowed loyalty to Najib more than a week ago and his current denial of being the mastermind behind the plot to topple Najib as alleged by Zahid, but as we know, UMNO members' loyalty to their respective leaders ain't worth a sh*t.

who's the odd bloke out? wakakaka

Today TMI reported (yes, today even after he has denied being involved in a plot to topple Najib UMNO, wakakaka) Moody saying, the public were losing their patience over the matter and urged that the investigations into the troubled state-owned firm be completed as soon as possible. "The prime minister said wait, wait, wait. How long more to wait? Until the moon falls into our lap?" he asked when opening the Pontian Umno division meeting in Pontian Kechil today.

I bet Johor UMNO is the only obstacle between Moody and Najib's wrath. He'll be toast once Najib can secure Johor UMNO's complete backing. I've also read from RPK's post that:

A certain Regent of one of the royal households from one of the southern states of West Malaysia then had an audience with His Majesty the Agong to inform His Majesty that these 120 SDs are in the process of being finalised and that a vote of no confidence would be tabled in Parliament to force Najib to resign as Prime Minister.

The Regent from this southern state asked His Majesty the Agong to support the move to oust Najib, which would be done via a vote of no confidence, while the SDs would ensure that the 120 Members of Parliament do not get cold feet when the time comes like what happened during Anwar Ibrahim’s ’16 September’ fiasco in 2008 that crashed and burned in a most dramatic manner.

His Majesty the Agong gave this Regent a dressing down and said that he would not support a move to oust the Prime Minister on the basis of lies, innuendoes, insinuations and fabricated allegations supported by doctored evidence.

The Regent felt like a schoolboy who had been caught stealing muffins from the pantry and wished that the ground would open up so that he can disappear and be put out of his misery. His Majesty the Agong then sent the Regent packing with his tail between his legs and with a strong and categorical ‘no way, Jose’.

Nonetheless, it seems Zahid has become quite an effective bulldozer for Najib. I suppose his preemptive strike against would-be plotters has thrown them off stride, at least for a while and has bought some time and temporary relief for Najib.

worst comes to the worst, I'll still have the good old PPP behind me



  1. It looks to me Najib's remaining lifespan as PM is now limited.
    He is hanging on by wielding sheer brute power and coercion. His legitimacy is gone. Finished. Even among ordinary Malays.

    "Donation" or "Derma" has become a source of guffaw among ordinary Malaysians when they meet and chat socially.

    Mind you, many ordinary Malaysians have at some point in time been either offerors or recipients of petty bribes...

    They well understand the 2.6 Billion Ringgit "Donation" thingy in reality means Najib has engaged in corruption on a massive scale.

    Najib will not survive as PM, not for long.

    Zaid is essentially positioning himself as Najib's natural successor.

    RAHMAN Z.....

  2. The Umno insider that Zahid is talking about is Sharpie Apdal.Everybody suspects Muhyiddin,but Shapie is the messenger boy of Muhyiddin.Shapie will most probably be sack from Umno,and also may be arrested,unless he come's and kowtow to Najib and Zahid.

    Shapie Apdal is not as strong in Sabah,only in certain areas he is strong.He was appointed a minister because he was a Najib loyalist,before he jumped to Muhyiddin's side.So sacking or even arresting Shapie will not be a real problem to Umno,maybe only on a short term basis.

    Sacking Muhyiddin might be a bigger problem,as he is really strong in Johor.But if Umno can prove that he is the ringleader,then it wouldn't be much of a problem.We just have to wait for the arrests to come to know how many Umno leaders are involved.But the bulk will be coming from the opposition.Tony Pua and Rafizi are at the top lists.

    1. It could be Zahid himself. Never estimate the man from ponorogo. Of course, he was once Najib's political secretary. One of many facts that chao cibai pukimak kaytee has conveniently left out

      Yeah, Shafie is not that strong.......yeah

      To which Khiary's reply.....

      This is interesting......

    2. so what's the BIG deal about Zahid being once Najib's pol sec? you CCB

    3. very big deal........Just use your krytonic eye to look at it........Come on, be a man.

    4. I see only a CCB looes behaving in a demented way, wakakaka

  3. So far this alleged coup is only from the words of Zahid, and it sort of resembles plan A of RPK's tale of Plans A-B-C-X.

    And Zahid's announcement that the ringleader has repented and was scheduled to meet Najib to redeem himself last night, has not materialised.

    Maybe we should wait for more evidence to emerge to corroborate this story, in the meantime just not take it at face value.

    1. yeah.......just as kaytee says the big fuss about zahid being najib's pol sec. Then.........what the fuck transpired between regent and agung

      Very easy to corroborate......Just ask Clare or Din Merican

  4. It is interesting to read the Star's interview "Swimming against the tide to get to the truth" with Abdul Rahman Dahlan theorising about Najib's recent actions. Some of his remarks:

    1) "In the first place the task force was illegally constituted." (funny, Najib did not mention it is illegal, he talked about the task force as if it is normal e.g. Malaysiakini Jul 8, 2015 :Najib: Task force probing 'if I used funds' , TMI 9 July 2015 :Misstep for Najib in explaining task force’s scope, says PAS)

    2) Alternate explanation for the removal of AG & PAC members: PM took pre-emptive action against a "deliberate attempt to criminalise the PM and force him out of the office" in connection to the (purported) draft charge sheet. (Does that mean the charge sheet was created by rogue members of task force to topple Najib?)

    He also said : "... these are very dynamic situations so God forbid if that draft charge sheet was actually served – can you imagine what would happen?". But when pressed on whether the charge sheet was real, he refered to the new AG's statement suggesting that it was done outside the system and outside the normal process.

    This revelation seems to corroborate RPK's tale of Plan A, B, C, X ....

    3) Just keep in mind the mantra that there could be a plot to topple the Prime Minister by way of criminalising him, and all the pieces will fall in place, your doubts will be answered, you will see the light ...

    4) "Topple the Prime Minister = Topple the government" actually means "Topple the Cabinet"

    5) PAC based their investigation on potentially tampered information.

    1. Abdul Rahman Dahlan - Kota Belud - appropriatrely slippery eel - gave one of the most idiotic interviews ever given by a Malaysian Minister to the press.
      If Ah Jib Gor has friends or supporters like this, he doesn't need enemies.

      A task force is by definition an ad-hoc creation, usually in order to bring to bear multi-sided skills to solve a complex problem.There is no such thing as an illegally constituted task force, if each of them are carrying out their investigations per their respective legal framework.

      Whether Sarawak Report's information it tampered has no bearing on PAC Investigations. PACs, as they always to, work on Primary Evidence. Auditor General's investigations, direct interviews with those official involved.
      Forcing PAC investigations to a halt is just an excuse to put obstacles to prevent the truth from being unearthed.

      The PM said his actions during the Perak Coup were legal. The Federal Court has ruled so as well. Now he says actions by others to expose him of having lost a Dewan Rakyat majority is illegal ? Is Najib above the law ? Is there a different set of laws for Najib ?

  5. The RPK tale of the Regent being admonished by the Agong and sent scooting with tail-between-legs is, if true, a massive interference by members of royalty into politics. This would also mean that the Regent is incredibly dumb or naive or reckless, for him to have done such a thing.

    RPK have adjusted his Plan A-B-C-X to fit the recent developments, with D inserted before X, when his plan A equivalent of Zahid's alleged coup turns out way off timing. And Plan D is a rehash of plan A?

  6. Whoever believe or listen to what Zahid (the Samseng cum Spinner) said?
    He's just mindful of his `periuk nasi' has always been and now he will not want to rock his chances of being PM should RosMok and Najib take a hiatus to SgBuloh or Kajang, earlier than expected.
    And despite all their efforts and dirty tricks used to delay and thwart being exposed and finally jailed at least for 20 years each.

  7. CCB looes74, I don't give two hoots if you call me PKM wakakaka, but I can't allow you to use my blog to slander others with that obscene vulgarity. While you;'re known to be a vulgar person (because you are vulgar, wakakaka) it's still not acceptable to use my blog to curse others or their mums. Remove those unnecessary obscene insults and I'll post your comments, or fuck off, wakakaka

  8. /// amorous wooing ///
    /// taboo ///
    /// through the "back door" ///
    /// Ku Li said he was still behind Najib ///

    I thought Section 377 is still in force, no?