Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Old Man from UMNO

Malaysiakini - DPM to ensure 'old man' plotter meets PM

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he will ensure the man behind the alleged plot to topple the government will meet Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

"I don't know when the new meeting will be held but I will make sure it happens," he said.

your punishment, you bloody Bugis warrior
you should have listened to Sinbad

The plotter, described by Zahid as an "old man" from Umno, was supposed to meet Najib at his private residence on Sunday, but did not turn up.

Ahmad Zahid is already 62 years old. Who then is the UMNO person a 62 year old would call "an old man" but who is neither 68-year old Moody nor 78-year old Ku Li?



  1. It's time for nursery rhymes ....

    This old man, he played one,
    He played knick-knack on my thumb;
    With a knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give the dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    ...and so on ....

  2. We know that Mahathir is one of them.But what Zahid means by "Old Man from Umno" is getting the suspect off his footing.What he means is the younger dude,Sharpie Apdal.

    Of late,the DAP is going bonkers.First they collaborate with the SR blogger,then jumping into bed and getting screwed by Umnoputras,and now they want the IGP to arrest Ahmad Dahlan.The DAP will soon lose it's support because of their desperate crazy animal mentality actions.Soon,it will join the crazy Umno NGO's club,famous for making police reports.

  3. I think that BERSIH should ask the grand "Old Man from Umno" to be it's patron.Then they should register as a political party,since they want to play politics and take to the streets and topple the Najib gomen.I think that Maria Chin is brave enough to lead the charge.Forget about Anwar and Azmin as they are always hiding behind the crowd.

  4. The latest grapevine is its Musa Hitam.....
    All in All, Zahid Hamidi has been made to look like Comical Ali of Baghdad....

    The other clown in Ah Jib Gor's team is the "Strategic Communications Director".
    Yesterday in the Star, he basically admitted Ah Jib Gor has interfered in the Law Enforcement System by "taking out" Legal officers who were in process of preparing charge sheets against himself (Ah Jib).

    That by itself is a criminal offense, independent from whether any crime was committed over 1MDB and/or the RM 2.6 Billion donation.

    Anwar Ibrahim was jailed in 1998 for a far less accusation.

    1. Add to the list of clowns in this comedy : Paul Low, who talks of pornographic displays (of a naked emperor?).

    2. A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away, I knew Paul Low personally.
      At least, somebody with that name and looked like that.

      He was never a rebel, not an Opposition man, basically an Establishment man, but a man of honesty and integrity, and he preached Integrity.

      Well....people change, and the trappings of office and whatever Shit that goes with it can morph a person.

      Now he is just a Ah Jib apologist, giving excuses why Ah Jib is OK, Ah Jib has done nothing wrong.

      The guy is actually quite well off, after years serving in senior positions in the Corporate sector. He certainly has enough to live a comfortable life , as well as his family, without being bought or kowtow to the idiots in the Cabinet..

      I really don't understand what he is doing acting as a shield for these Goons.

    3. "The Emperor's New Clothes" a short tale by Hans Christian Andersen
      in short - "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"
      Wikipedia summary of the plot:

      "A vain Emperor who cares about nothing except wearing and displaying clothes hires two swindlers who promise him the finest, best suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or "hopelessly stupid". The Emperor's ministers cannot see the clothing themselves, but pretend that they can for fear of appearing unfit for their positions and the Emperor does the same. Finally the swindlers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor marches in procession before his subjects. The townsfolk play along with the pretense, not wanting to appear unfit for their positions or stupid. Then a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others. The Emperor cringes, suspects the assertion is true, but continues the procession."
      ... ... ...

      Appearing naked or exposing yourself in public is a pornographic act. In a way Paul Low is right after all.

    4. Ask kaytee and you shall be answered

  5. Najib had 2.6 billion wired to his personal account.

    Now Azmin (the dwarf) had 6.3 billion of state assets transferred under a RM 2 (dua ringgit) company,not answerable even to the state assembly.It is a replica of Najib's 2.6 billion election (personal) funds.Go figure.

    1. Lets cucuk nik nazmi. Love to see fight between nik nazmi and kaytee. See who die cock stand first

  6. We have a brand new Deputy Prime Minister who thrills us with a game of riddles. He is
    different from his predecessors in that he provides some sort of entertainment to entrance the Malaysian audience, to satisfy their hunger for intrigue, suspense and climax.

    1. What to expect from a fella who comes from ponorogol. For all you know, he may be chief instigator