Sunday, August 09, 2015

Ambiga's proposed action plan

I've been both delighted with and amused by Ambiga Sreenevasan's action plan to save Malaysia which she sent, as reported by TMI, to all 222 parliamentarians.

Presumably Ah Jib Gor as the MP for Pekan would have received one as well, wakakaka. I wonder whether he exclaimed "WTF!"? Wakakaka.

I've been delighted because she has presented the action plan in a far more dignified manner than the headless-chook antics of my erstwhile idol. Sigh!

And I've been amused because I can see it appealing only to the 'converted', to wit, the Pakatan side of politics who will undoubtedly be overjoyed and overenthusiastic with her proposal.

Let's examine her proposed action plan as follows, that:

  1. Najib takes a leave of absence
  2. a "national government" be formed with MPs from both sides of the political divide
  3. an election to be held within 18 months of the setting up of the new government.

Apart from the above 3 core elements of the proposed action plan, there are also proposals for the repeal of all laws that were repressive on media freedom, and for all reports into investigations that were of public interest, including the ongoing probe into 1MDB, to be made public.

Let's assume that these (let's call it secondary) requirements will come about once the 3 core elements of the proposed action plan have been successfully implemented, so we won't discuss these peripherals, important as they are and will be.

For me, as a DAP supporter (though am gradually becoming disenchanted with someone's headless-chook antics and those of another chook by the name of Chicken Little, wakakaka), it's a delightful plan. But for the other side, a BN bloke or sweetie, I doubt the plan will be welcomed - let me explain why, wakakaka.

Let's examine the 1st core element. OK, the M factor will welcome that for Ah Jib Gor to take leave of absence, essentially a final step down from his current prime ministerial post. Mahathir will no doubt be rapt, and Muhyiddin will be ecstatic but that doesn't mean they dare to adopt it openly as they will be kaput-ed in UMNO if they are seen to be playing footsie-tootsie with Ambiga or Pakatan, which has been why Mahathir had spurned LKS' politically amorous overtures in no uncertain terms.

But even if adopted under covert ops, wakakaka, would these two M's be premature in their happiness?

Let's say Ah Jib Gor agrees to step down, what's there to stop Ahmad Zahid, Hishamuddin Hussein and a senior UMNO pollie or even ambitious KJ from forming a new Troika, kick aside Muhyiddin, marginalize Mahathir & Son, and form a new ruling coterie. Then it'll be business as usual. Yessir, we must not assume Malaysians politics to be linear.

Indeed while we may even expect Muhyiddin to embrace the dethroning of Najib so as to become PM we can't simply expect him to automatically or necessarily accept Ambiga's "national government". If Moody becomes PM after Najib has been deposed, he'll still command sufficient numbers in BN to continue with majority rule without, if he wishes, any participation by non-BN parties, though of course PAS joining BN will be an added bonus. 

But why would Ah Jib Gor step down? Whooops, of course the action plan is supposed to entice the keen and enthusiastic but current losers in UMNO into forcing Ah Jib Gor out, based on their self-interests, wakakaka.

The reality of UMNO party politics is that 'he rules who has the deepest pockets'. And I was informed that was the reason why someone in 1998 was forced by his own faction into taking precipitous but ill advised actions against his boss, wakakaka. In the immortal words of journalist Terence Netto, who in 2012 wrote of Khalid Ibrahim in Malaysiakini’s Selangor MB's pol sec Faekah at bay:

However, he has been slow to recognize as the PKR leader of a state regarded as a jewel in the federal crown that politics is also about providing opportunities, rewarding loyalties and managing expectations of the party faithful.

Oblivious of these aspects of his role as MB, he has courted trouble with sections of the party - mainly ex-Umno members - whose 10 years (1998-2008) in the political wilderness before the Selangor government was captured by a PKR-led opposition has had them ravening for whatever rewards were to be had.

Though Netto was writing about PKR members, the same succinct observations (in bold highlights), especially about 'ravening' (what a delightful wolf-ish word, wakakaka), can be equally applied to UMNO members as well. After all there's not much difference between UMNO and PKR mentality. And as I wrote above, 'twas for the same reason someone in 1998 was forced by his own faction into taking precipitous but ill advised actions against his boss, wakakaka.

'Ravening', wakakaka.

Oh, I hope you didn't imagine for one instant that the 1998 incident was for the national good or national security? Mind you, I know of one visitor to my blog who thinks so, wakakaka. To him, anything AI did must be for the national good, like the Selangor rancid satay bull. 

Anyway, talking about deep pockets, I believe Najib has the support of, last I heard, 161 out of 190 UMNO divisions. He might have lost quite a few since he sacked Muhyiddin, but if he continues to have deep pockets and continues also to control those UMNO 'trustees' who hold treasure charts with X's marked somewhere on them, he should be able to hang on to their financially-motivated loyalty, wakakaka. Remember Mahathir told us that Melayu mudah lupa, which I presume applies also to Johor UMNO members.

Thus I don't believe Ah Jib Gor can be easily forced out. So far, the person most capable and most likely to be able to kick him out, namely, Mahathir, hasn't shown much achievement in this respect. The $$$ is an effective stabilising anchor for UMNO's admiral, wakakaka.  Johor MB has just described him as the one & only admiral for the UMNO ship, perhaps as a late mollifying balm to the man he had earlier been 'forced' to offend, maybe on the order of "someone", wakakaka.

Mahathir's only resort seems to be to continue undermining Najib, even unto destroying UMNO itself. Let's see whether this will have further effect?

The 2nd core element of Ambiga's proposed action plan to save Malaysia is, to repeat dot-point above, to form a "national government" with MPs from both sides of the political divide.

OK, what do you think, firstly as a DAP supporter, then as a BN (particularly an UMNO) supporter.

Currently BN holds 132 parliamentary seats to (let's pretend Pakatan still exists so I can term the DAP, PAS, PKR and GHB collectively under one title) Pakatan's 84. These are the latest August 2015 figures.

In May 2013 they were 133 vs 89. A few changes occurred since - one example being the loss of DAP's Teluk Intan to Gerakan. But the changes haven't alter the competing figures much, except to make BN slightly stronger.

So it's now 132 vs 84, where a bloc needs only 112 to form majority government. So why the f* would BN agree to form a "national government" from both sides of politics? In fact BN can afford to lose as many as 20 defectors and still continue to rule.

Sad to say, Ambiga's proposal is not practical as it fails to consider the 4 A's of Malaysian politics, namely Animosity, Anxiety (or Apprehension), Avarice and (the absence of) Altruism.

Animosity - BN hates Pakatan as much as Pakatan hates BN. Yes, there may be the occasional crossovers (PAS a future potential) and defections (eg, Hee, Kulim Wonder and several from PKR) but the animosity between the two sides of politics has been shown/known to be feral, immature and invincible. Other than the exceptional few, there is not even "off-duty" friendliness. Bipartisanship is hardly heard of, where many in Malaysia don't even understand what it means, nor expect such a political stand.

And over-layering the innate deep animosity would be the BN's perception of "Why the f* should we share rule of the nation when we alone have the numbers to do so?"

Anxiety (Apprehension) - BN fears Pakatan coming into power, as voiced not too long ago quite unashamedly by Mahathir (as a warning to Najib before the beginning of 1MDB attacks). I needn't go into this any deeper but suffice to say why would BN share national rule which may see control of the government eventually slip from their hands and bring all the woes unto them, especially retributions?

Avarice? Let's not even go there.

Altruism or rather its absence of - really, you got to be joking to consider such a value from either side of politics. But alas, the foundation stones of Ambiga's action plan are unfortunately large chunks of altruism, so you can work out yourself the likely success of her proposal.

Ambiga Sreenevasan is an honourable person and one of my idols (I've recently lost respect for another previous idol, wakakaka) but I somehow feel she's a wee naive despite her amazing qualifications, experience, and character. Maybe she still believes in fairy godmothers to propose such an action plan which demands the deepest reserves of (non-existent) altruistic feelings from the BN side of politics, but which favours mainly Pakatan who has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Thus it's hardly surprising that many in BN have accused her of plotting with Pakatan to overthrow the BN government because that's how her proposed action plan would appear to them, though I believe she has been sincere and altruistic in her proposal. Note she can be altruistic because she's NOT a politician, wakakaka.

And thus we arrive at her 3rd core element, namely, to have an election to be held within 18 months of the setting up of the new government. C'mon my dear Ambiga, why would BN want to do that when it currently holds 132 seats in Parliament and can go on ruling for another 3 years, until 2018?


  1. Kaytee,well,first of all,all this taking to the streets nonsense is not going to do any good.If Najib wants to step down,he would have already done so.Why go to all this trouble to purged his enemies within Umno if he wants to abdicate to Zimbabwe or Somalia.

    People like Ambiga and Zaid should put their money where their mouths are and go join the DAP or the new PAS.DAP would be the best choice for the pair.Ambiga can go and stand in Cameron Highlands and kick out Palanivel or whoever stands in his place.Zaid can stand against any BN candidate in semi-urban to urban areas and still win,provided the dwarf do not meddle or sabotage him.

    1. That Pukimak kaytee insisted that parliamentary democracy is the way but when such avenue does not exist. Then what? Perhaps, push kaytee over the ocean liner into the shark infested sea

  2. Is it not an expression of Ambiga’s political wishes? The opposition masses would take it on faith because she always had their interests at heart?

    My take: Janganlah memberi false hope dengan jalan penyelesaian palsu.

    Kusangka aur di pinggir tebing
    Kiranya tebu di pinggir bibir
    Kusangka jujur pancaran batin
    Rupanya palsu penghias zahir

    Mukhriz likes and had sung this song before:

  3. I'm glad you have finally put up some semi-coherent explanations on why you keep on attacking Najib critics, instead of just being a Najib Ars*ker.

    Still your position "You are either with Najib or you are with Mahathir" is still no less execrable.

    Nobody in DAP or PKR is "with Mahathir", and they have not stopped demanding justice for Teoh Ben Hock.
    The 6th anniversary of Teoh Beng Hock's death was just 3 weeks ago, and there was full solidarity from DAP and PKR.

    Lim Kit Siang and Wan Azizah showing up at the MACC recently is a separate matter.

    As Kit Siang said, either the draft Najib charge sheet shown by the Sarawak Report exists or it doesn't. There are no other possibilities.
    If there is no such draft Najib charge sheet , then there cannot be any such offence of leakage of a fictitious document. Any one of a million keyboard monkeys could have conjured up such a fictitious document.

    If a draft Najib charge sheet exists, the implications are far more serious than a breach of confidential information. Enough evidence exists to consider charging the Prime Minister of Malaysia of the crime of corruption.
    If the subject was any Mahmud, Ah Too or Muthu instead of Mohammed Najib, the subject would have been arrested and charged by now.

    One man trying to save his arse, is using all the powers of his office to disrupt and stop an investigation into possible wrong-doing on his part. Firing, transferring, intimidating....

    So Lim Kit Siang as a leader of the DAP was right to turn up at the MACC to show DAP's support in THIS case , in the face of official intimidation.

  4. The Impeachment of Richard Nixon

    In his conduct of the office of the President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, in violation of his constitutional oath ........, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice,........the powers of his high office, engaged personally and through his subordinates and agents in a course of conduct or plan designed to delay, impede and obstruct investigations of such unlawful activity........

    Just substitute Richard M. Nixon's name with "Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak" and you have a pretty good description of what is happening in Malaysia under Dear Najib.

    1. Do you really think kaytee will give you cock over that?

  5. PAS has also privately proposed a Unity government of a different sort.
    A Super Malay-Muslim majority comprising UMNO N & PAS which would be unassailable.

    And Finally....Hudud for All....

  6. Purely at a political level, I prefer for DAP and PKR (don't know about PAS) that Najib stay on and face him as the BN leader in GE14.

    Malaysians may Mudah Lupa, but they can be reminded effectively during the Election campaign. The 1MDB issue needs to be explained in simplified terms to ordinary folks, but don't underestimate ordinary Pakciks, Ah Yis and Tamby's ability to understand Right and Wrong.

    A new BN leader in charge, will be asking the voters to give him a chance to reform BN/UMNO , and many will be hoodwinked (again).

    For the sake of Malaysia as a country, though, Najib staying on as PM is a disaster.

    The last sentence in Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address , has been described as the best one-line description of a responsible democratic government ever made - "The government Of The People, By The People, and For The People"

    America has not lived up to its ideals, but that is as fine an ideal of government as any ever written.

    Najib has turned this upside down in Malaysia into
    The Government of Najib,
    By Najib, and
    For Najib.

    1. Precisely because malaysians are mudah lupa........pressure to be put upon Najib so that he will die cock stand

      This is what happened in India and South Africa

  7. malaysia is also a gomen of the rakyat, by the rakyat and for the rakyat. the problem is wakil rakyat sengaja lupa yg mereka ni adalah wakil rakyat. belum dapat jawatan (kuasa) atau bila hilang, baru teringat rakyat.

  8. Liew Chin Tong - Kluang - DAP willing to work with Johor UMNO to bring down Najib.

    Et tu , DAP ?

    Really miss Karpal's clarity of conscience in situations like this....

    1. So you kenna makan with kaytee words......hahahaha

  9. Eight ways Najib and Dr M are alike...

    Timely reminder for DAP and others not to get burned cozying up to Mahathir....

    Same old Poison, Same old Bottle.

    1. Don't worry.....Kaytee has threatened Lim Kit Siang that DAP will definitely sink......hahahaha

  10. to all, ignore looes74 - he's my resident demented lunatic, wakakaka

  11. Ambiga's suggestion and the ensuing discussions are just academic exercises.

    Najib have hunkered down in his fort and is determined to stay put. He will
    weather through to preside over GE 14.

    In the meantime, there will be some entities asked to do "national duty" to fill
    up the hole at 1MDB. Come GE14, he will scare the Malays voters about the
    threat of a non-UMNO government, along the lines of : -
    Opposition = DAP = Christian/Jews
    and the Malay voters will all fall in line to vote for UMNO.

    There are already some signs of this tactic, which might be harbingers of things
    to come :

    1) Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the new Rural and Regional Development Minister
    asked that the Malays and other Bumiputeras continue supporting Umno
    and BN, failing which the country would be ruled by “others”.

    2) Umno president Najib Abdul Razak has called for open warfare with the
    DAP’s Red Bean Army online.

    3) Education Minister Mahadzir Khalid claims that there is a Jewish and
    Christian agenda aimed at splitting the Malays.

  12. since u like to compare so much, let’s compare, shall we?

    from wiki “The Royal Commission of Inquiry concluded that Teoh was not murdered but had committed suicide due to the aggressive interrogation tactics by three MACC officers”, what makes u think this is an unresolved case? the moment we have our doubt who give the order in the altantuya case, then we r bias with ulterior motive but yrs opinion is the gospel truth? pray tell what is the diff? i certainly hope that yr mode of “thinking” is one of a kind. n i mean that in the most literal way.

    n how has kt been associated with rb? by their common support for najib. I can understand why rb supports najib. rb is najib gunner, and his aim is to save najib. kt has lately supported not only bn but najib as well. that makes kt aligned and associated with rb asskissing objectives wakaka. dun u feel flatter i copy u by merely changing a few word but the statement stiill sound perfectly suit u?

    i appreciate if u could only debate what i said, i condemn lks for kissing mahathir ass, n i am perfectly fine lks to give support to macc for doing what is right. unlike u black or white type, i believe lks would do the same if macc doing what is right for tbh. btw u dun have to write so many words to blast pkr, that’s just childish. stick to the topic n avoid throwing irrelevant jabs, i know to divert n ad hominem is yr unique talent though, perhaps only rpk can do better wakaaka.

    finally i admit that i am low class, I am inferior in term of income n education if compare against the high n upper class like u, but I am a honest man with dignity, n no matter how u trying to act classy, i still think u r an intellectually dishonest person.

    1. show me where and how I have supported BN, and explain why a man who's to be married the next day would commit suicide?

    2. then u have to show me how lks support macc in a manner perkasa support macc. i dun believe tbh commit suicide, similarly i dun believe the 2 convicted act on their own. y u only question me on the latter, is it because u have a crystal ball or coconut? i am consistent n u r being selective. r u not?

    3. this is what i got from the lebai google abt late tbh;

    4. HY, if I "have to show [you] how lks support macc in a manner perkasa support macc" then there's no further need for us to discuss, since I'd be knocking my head against the wall, wakakaka

      and why "dun [you] believe the 2 convicted act on their own"? Would that be impossible, or has your prejudice/wish gotten in your way of broad thinking?

    5. whether u knock yr head against the wall or jump into putrajaya lake is of no consequence to me, as long as u dun slander wakaka.

      n yes that possible, but u r not 100% sure right? my point is why u refuse to believe the rci but at the same time insist the ag n court is not prejudice on altantuya case.

    6. any secondary school kid with an interest in political news would have easily told you both LKS and Perkasa support MACC to investigate Najib, which makes the two parties like-minded. There have already been articles in the news media on this bizarre songsang-ness by LKS. I don't propose to debate this with you as I see you as nothing other than an intransigent wall, wakakaka

  13. Deliberately being a Syaitan's advocate - It is within the realms of possibility that both are true - that Teoh took his own life, and MACC conducted what amounted to an unlawful extreme interrogation.

    Everybody has his physical and mental limits, and if the interrogator finds that out, it is possible to push the person to carry out extreme, irrational and self-destructive acts.

    The infamous Abu Ghraib prison had a very high rate of attempted suicides. The hard core jihadis were unbreakable - they will gladly carry out a suicide bombing against an enemy target, but will never take their own life on their own accord.

    Ironically, most of those who took their own lives are innocents who could not bear the torture and were pushed beyond their breaking point.

    Teoh's interrogators not only got away scot free, they actually got promoted.
    Is it because they were carrying out orders 'dari atas' ?
    That every administrative obstacle was placed to prevent the truth from being unearthed, including diplomatic pressure on Thailand to stop Pornthip's involvement in the case, has to be laid at Najib's feet.

    That guy really needs to bertaubat.... he has done many bad things, enough for two livetimes......