Saturday, August 08, 2015

M & N

I agree with Khairy Jamaluddin that the transfer of 2 MACC executive to the PM Department is looking bad for Najib.

DPM Ahmad Zahid (eat your heart out, Muhyiddin, wakakaka) might claim it has nothing to do with the cabinet and everything to do with the JPA but that sounded hollow.

The M & M slogan in earlier years, when it was Tweets, was 'melt in your mouth, not in your hand'.

Today we could say the M & N slogan seems to be 'weld up your mouth, not shake your hand'. Wakakaka.

But in Malaysian politics, at times we see very heavy handed actions, for example, Anwar being jailed for sodomy when the truth was he tried to oust Mahathir, wakakaka. The World Socialist Website reported on 03 Oct 1998:

For the first time in more than a decade, the Malaysian regime headed by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is being rocked by a continuing wave of anti-government demonstrations and rallies. [...]

The immediate impetus for the protests has been Mahathir's heavy-handed treatment of former deputy prime minister and finance minister Anwar Ibraham. Sacked from his government posts on September 2 and expelled from the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), Anwar was subjected to a barrage of flimsy allegations in the government-controlled press, involving sexual indecency, hindering police investigations and sedition.

Anwar, who has vigorously denied the accusations, was arrested on September 20 and held for nine days under the country's Internal Security Act (ISA) before being taken into court on Tuesday and charged with three counts of corruption and four of homosexual acts. He had visible bruising to the face and neck and accused the police of beating him unconscious on the first night of his detention.

Of course the World Socialist Web didn't mention the earlier moves by an impatient AI faction in UMNO to force Mahathir to resign a.s.a.p, using accusations of corruption and cronyism against Mahathir, an intra-party warring campaign led by Anwar's vanguard praetorian warrior Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, wakakaka.

Another such heavy handed action was the expulsion of Khalid Ibrahim from PKR in August 2014. The reason was more justified, in his refusal to heed party instructions to vacate the post of MB of Selangor.

The MCA also had several experiences in such heavy handed actions. As for our remarkable MIC, wakakaka, what more do I need to say. And likewise for the DAP, Gerakan and PAS as well.

I'm just surprised that Najib hasn't yet expelled Muhyiddin. More probably, he doesn't want to completely alienate the Johor UMNO members. Like it or not, even among Malays there are regional partisan loyalties which could possibly see a Tuah-Jebat type conflict. It doesn't help when state royalty step in to support their respective most favoured sons.

Today especially, there is undeniably a huge schism in the Malaysian political landscape, specifically between the M and N factions of UMNO. Consequently, we can say there is undeniably political sides-taking among civil servants.

We have had witnessed such unprofessional politically-partisan behaviour in the lamentable conduct of the Penang State Development Officer (SDO) who behaved biadap-ishly in 2010 against the Chief Minister of Penang.

In June 2010, Malaysiakini’s Guan Eng wants SDO to explain arches fiasco reported Lim questioning the erection of two controversial arches on the way to the Penang Botanical Garden by the federal government.

The Penang state development officer (SDO), was Nik Ali Mat Yunos, a federal civil servant in charge of the project. Lim was so incensed by the arrogant non-accountability of the SDO that he remarked Nik Ali was "openly and blatantly" sabotaging the state government.

Lim stated: "He is like a little Napoleon in the civil service who gets high pay and does nothing for the people, but instead causes losses to them."

MKINI reported that Lim wanted Nik Ali to come clean about the RM150,000 plus losses over the planned demolition of the two twin arches recently built for an expansion project under the Tourism Ministry.

Lim took offence with Nik Ali for refusing to explain who - which department, state or federal government - was responsible for the staggering losses, stating:

"If he is willing to tell us that, we will not pursue the matter. Every sen counts, because it is a question of public trust."

Lim saw red over a letter sent by the SDO's office dated 13 Oct 2009 to the Drainage and Irrigation Department, giving a "RM5 million ultimatum" to the state.

The letter stated the state would have to settle "pending issues" on the Botanic Gardens' facade and pavilion development, failing which, federal funding of RM5 million for the project would be withdrawn.

Lim stated: "This is an example of how the SDO's office is trying to rush development projects through without due consultation and feedback."

Could you f* beat that, a civil servant refusing to account to the CM of a Malaysian State?

But wait, there was even MORE, and WORSE!

As if that was not bad enough, the SDO responded by calling the Chief Minister 'biadap' - yes, believe it or not, a f* public servant abusing a people's fully elected representative with the gross insult of 'biadap'.

Who was the one being 'biadap'? Forget about him being a civil servant, but what happened to old world Malay courtesy, civility, adat of being halus and bersopan-santun?

Technically he should be chastised if not sacked in ignominy for violating the Civil Service code of conduct (many times over) but it was obvious he’s allied to UMNO, so it was hardly surprising that Mohd Sidek, then the Chief Secretary, defended him instead. See Malaysiakini's No action against Penang SDO, says chief sec.

Mohd Sidek Hassan, former Chief Secretary to the government, also DISCREDITED himself by criticizing Lim GE as being ‘excessive’ instead of reprimanding Nik Ali’s violation of the civil service code of conduct in (1) attending a political gathering as an active participant and (2) for behaving in the worst biadap manner in his brazen use of rude words to publicly attack a people’s representative and a state Chief Minister at that.

Then, why did it happen in Malaysia? Why was it tolerated in Malaysia?

Answer: UMNO!

Yes, UMNO has over the last 35 years politicized the civil service until the civil servants couldn't distinguish themselves as PUBLIC servants anymore but more probably as UMNO members or at best employees of UMNO.

And the Penang SDO case was in its experience with a non-UMNO state government which was very clear cut for them on where their loyalty should be with.

What happens when they are called upon to distinguish their loyalty (within UMNO) with either M or N?

As if that is not troubling enough, some federal opposition members have also taken sides between M and N, with DAP and PKR being pro M whilst PAS is pro N, wakakaka.

Today it'll be very very difficult to convince me of true professionalism among the MCS including the PDRM and MACC, in particular the last.

Until the Teoh Beng Hock murder case is satisfactorily solved with justice for the family of an innocent man killed, I have my doubts as to the MACC officers' professionalism, and f* Lim KS' questionable support for them. Read also my post Forgetting Teoh Beng Hock.

mummy, why has Ah Pek said he supports those people, under whose custody father was mysteriously killed

son, he's now a headless rooster which unfortunately continues to crow

But a highly politicized MCS (including the PDRM and MACC) is something the UMNO-led government has to suck on, as it has been solely responsible for and tolerant of such a lamentable state of affair in the civil service.

Nonetheless, it sure as hell doesn't look good for Najib in those sudden transfers, wakakaka.


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  1. Civil servants taking sides in husband and wife's bedroom roams and squabbling?

    Opposition parties taking sides in husband and wife's bedroom roams and squabbling?

    How the fuck these creeps know what is happening between the husband and wife,unless they were hiding under the bed,listening to all the moans and groans.
    And the maid have difficulties cleaning up the mess,left behind by these creeps under the bed,when they were done and gone.The husband and wife had to get the fumigator in.

    The "Gods are crazy"?Malaysians are more crazier.Especially the politicians.Just look at the ringgit tanking like there's no tomorrow.And these creeps are not a damn worried,and all they are talking about is the punishment,the wife is taking and still asking for more.Go figure.

    1. Civil servants are supposedly neutral, dear Watson/Bruno. As for folks knowing what happening, heard of deep throats. Hahahaha......without deep throats, Nixon wouldn't have to resign.

      I am not sure about being crazy for what chao cibai pukimak kaytee defending jibby really blow my mind

      Seriously much better than blowjob

      Fuck, talking about blowjob......Clinton was impeached because Lewinsky had given Clinton one and........Clinton lied......

      Fuck la, what does Clinton's competency got to do with his cock kenna sucked wor.......Or somebody in nixon administration decided to bug the democrats

      Ah but then.......Get Nixon or Clinton campaign.......hahahaha

      Fuck kaytee la

    2. today is Be Kind to Demented Looes74 Day so wakakaka him, don't spit on his craziness

    3. Hahahahaha.......I am waiting for CL Flamiaris to bite you finally. He is now in Australia. Beware

  2. The talk along the grapevines is that Sharpie Apdal was the go between,representing the Umno factions with the opposition to kick out Jibby.It could be true,because Sharpie could sneak into meetings unnoticed.I wouldn't know him,if I saw him too.

  3. The point of your posting is that the present squabble is an
    M vs N thing, and that the contending parties can be categorised
    as either pro-N or pro-M ?

    Would this also mean that MACC is pro-M, whereas PDRM is

    Regarding the MACC - Teoh saga, even if the MACC officers
    involved in the present investigations are doing their jobs
    professionally (without bias as in the Teoh case), in your eyes
    they are still tainted, hence not worthy of your respect? If so then
    this time around, MACC has switch directions, and is currently
    biased in the direction of M?

    1. within an organization there would likely be a number of factions. The top faction is what matters

      what do you mean by "(without bias as in the Teoh case)"? Where were you?

  4. What I meant was :
    "without the bias that happened in the Teoh case"

    1. we saw it as more than mere bias - 'twas guilt and coverup

    2. OK, I take note your stand (i.e. MACC officers' professionalism is in doubt until the organisation can redeem itself from the Teoh Beng Hock incident. Until then, no exceptions.)

  5. The oxen from Oxford has turn out to be a big let down.A good for nothing ball carrier at most,an ass licker at worst.This dude and Nazir are all over the map.Trying to play mouse and cat and please both sides.

  6. As far back as Bank Bumi ,PKFZ , Perwaja ,TBH to Ahmad Sarbani, -Altantuya to 1mdb ,on and on ..
    in light of past weeks affairs of PAC-DPM- AG- MACC,-etc etc add nausea.
    .As the verse goes: For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world,and loses his own soul? How much monetary value in xchange for their soul?

    Once you lose your literal soul,lose your identity also.
    From being a one who may have felt a purpose, to a disoriented existence
    You will forget who you think you are- since you don’t care what happens to you or inadvertent impact on others.
    You don’t want to remember who you are since its been pawned off- for a price
    And resort to selective memory.-uncertain as to the purpose of selling out your soul.

    A lost soul is purposeless person. He is living in a meaningless life ,only for material gain and profit and power.
    He is a self-conceited person whose philosophy is “Whatever will be, will be”.
    And thats the worth of life for them!

    Is life worth exchanging money and power for a soul.?

    Money can buy them power,but way less than their own life’s value.
    But their own guilty conscience will lead them to think they are worthless.A Zombie!

  7. Were they transferred because they received visit from the Opposition?

    On Aug 3 2015 Bukit Aman spent two hours questioning MACC officers in connection with the leakage of information in the 1MDB investigation.

    So, Zahid could probably be right. It was JPA’s prerogative and decision. It has got nothing to do with PM Najib. Personally, I do not see anything wrong with the transfer. CM LGE could have probably sacked them.

    Likewise, ANY person who had breached the BAFIA Act in regard to secrecy to PM Najib’s banking account and transactions whatsoever, should be charged and adequately punished if found guilty. We need to send a clear message to all bank employees.

    On KJ, I would guess this Oxford ladies man would have courted and perhaps proposed to Nurul Izzah had her father became the Prime Minister…wakakaka.

    1. whatever the reason might have been, the transfers look bad for Ah Jib Gor. Even though KJ has since come out to say the cabinet weren't aware of the posting (maybe pandai buat olih a Chief Bodek-er) they still look bad for Najib, wakakaka.

    2. Granted, unauthorised disclosure of info or leakage should be subject to action according to the law. However, in the latest news in TMI titled :"MACC information leak investigation postponed for now, says Khalid", the following was reported:

      "Khalid said the action against MACC directors and two senior officers was taken because there was a need to find how the copy of a charge sheet could be uploaded into the Sarawak Report portal."

      I am wondering, was there a charge sheet after all? It wasn't some hoax by some prankster?

  8. Really pathetic, someone also declared in certainty it was the Chinese trader who swindled the the customer with fake good now kept quiet about the incident, not only that now continued to spill baseless allegation, Worst is pretending blind to the possible more serious crime by glossing over with unconvincing misdirection story. Guess you can only come up with diversion all the time. I rest my case.

  9. 1. halo menantu abah, najib was 'not bad' before eh?
    2. indirectly, he admitted that najib controls every damn thing, maharajah la.
    3. why transferred them? tangkap & dakwa sekiranya ada bukti leakage.

  10. Khairy is still stuck at the sports ministry.The recent cabinet reshuffling should have gotten him promoted to a more senior post,as he has shown to be a Najib loyalist.Maybe Najib suspects that this oxen is just bidding his time or is really a real buffalo.Anyway,he is getting nowhere and is stuck in Umno.In other words,he is like the opposition,getting from somewhere to nowhere.

  11. Today's headline:
    Wanted: Umno Keyboard Warriors.

    Any taker?
    Pay: share from RM2.6 bil. Donation.
    Incentive: immune to MCMC.
    Advantage: published in Utusan daily.
    Others: tax exempted.
    Provided: spell check software.

    1. Kaytee already applied. He is known as chief bugger

    2. didn't know you are in charge of recruiting or I would have just handed the form to you, wakakaka, and you're know as chief cibai

    3. I will send mine to RPK. He has the spell check software, KT doesn't appear to have one.wakakaka.
      Looks like all the comments here are split into team M and team N. He who is neutral, please stand up.

    4. As a singaporean yourself, it's time for you to focus on what the fuck happened with FHSS and Workers' Party. Heard of one extremely cheap laksa (sgd2) nearby