Monday, August 03, 2015

Trillion ringgit?

FMT - Our 1 Trillion Ringgit Proton

Gobsmacked! I am truly, by the suggested sum involved.

Incidentally, 1 trillion ringgit is RM1,000,000,000,000 or one million million ringgit or to use current/vogue numbers, wakakaka, one thousand billion ringgit.

above based on US$
if size of US$ is about the same as the ringgit
then a pallet of notes is RM1 million
RM1 trillion is depicted in those million pallets

3,500,000 Protons were sold between 1985 and 2013. If the trillion ringgit story is true, then in simplistic maths, each Proton would roughly amount to RM285,714, say round it down to RM285,000.

Nice car, the Proton.


  1. The "1 trillion" title is not substantiated in the article, and the author just
    bandied about some figures with no explanation how they are derived.

    He is just rehashing old criticisms about Proton with some exaggerations.
    Maybe it has to do with the current PM-exPM spat.

    Just to put things in perspective: in 2013, Mustapha mentioned that excise
    duties for cars is about RM7b a year. Malaysia's Gross Domestic Product
    is currently about RM1 trillion a year.

    1. he was talking about cumulative investments in the car for more than 30 years

    2. Yes, but is it RM1t, RM0.5t, RM0.25t ... ? He mentions these but does not
      say which is the true figure.

      The part about 8 valve Orion engine is old news as it was replaced later with
      12 valve Magma. The overheating and poor fuel consumption story is not wholly true either, from user experience. Actually the Iswara is quite a reliable car (if you ignore safety features, power windows) if maintained properly. Some defects here and there are not representative of the whole, as we have also heard horror stories of Honda, Toyota, Nissan ....

      I do agree with him that Malaysians paid a hefty price for one man's dream
      of a national car. In the USA, you can get a full spec Honda Accord for around US$20k, something we can only dream of. And the common folks had to buy old technology cars for quite a long time.

      He is right about the debacle of the Agusta, for which we should ask why
      did Proton buy a motorcycle company in the first place, based on the silly
      assumption that it can do a Suzuki transformation while the company was
      in dire straits.

    3. mahathir had wanted a quick "transfusion" of technology to make Malaysia into a high tech nation like Korea hence such purchases even at one time considering buying an aircraft company (building seaplanes). But he neglected the technological base that was an essential prerequisite, namely, trained human resources, tech colleges/universities including tech researches, etc to support the hi-tech dimension

      look at south korea today, producer of samsung, oil tankers, aeroplanes, cars, electronics etc we could have been like south korea if the correct industry captains, industry policies and programs had been in place. even k-pop has been a south korean achievement. what happened to our rubber and palm oil industries - any downstream innovations?

  2. 1 trillion n yr pm cant do anything abt it. masih mahu blame mahathir n anwar. but we can live on donation alone, y produce car?

    1. my PM? and who's your PM? Anwar?

    2. i merely wan to stress yr unequivocal love n loyalty to our pm. n of course i miss anwar the political prisoner, dia mana ada jadi pm, dun say silly thing la.

    3. my, yours, my, yours - wakakaka, either you're funny or you're a Bush-ite but I think the latter

      PM is PM, not mine nor yours but Malaysia's

      And you amaze me by your uncanny ability to see through walls to detect my so-called ' love and loyalty" to the PM, wakakaka

  3. Proton is the pioneer manufacturer of Malaysia's National Car.

    How are our national icons regarded by Malaysians ?

    National Language - country's official communications language, to unite the citizens
    National Flag - national identifier, displayed and flown with pride and respect
    National Day - anniversary of birth of our nation, freedom from colonialism
    National Anthem - patriotic paean glorifying our country
    National Monument - symbol of sacrifices, triumph of democracy
    National Car - commercial enterprise to maximise profits at citizens' expense?

    1. but at least u see something tangible, a car. sikarang habuk pun tak nampak tapi wang dah tak tahu derma kat mana.

    2. "YOUR" beloved (former) PM would and should be thrilled by your "LOYALTY" to him, wakakaka

    3. mahathir is the biggest crook in malaysia history. yr turn now.

    4. So you admit you are najib lang

    5. najib is second? and looes is a methodist fugituive from fiji, wanted by teh SB there

    6. i dun know, give him another 5 to 10 years, there is big possibilities he climb to number 1, if people like u n rpk keep divert the topic to the current number 1 crook, or spin shit to make dap chinese the bogeyman.

    7. RPK and I are each independent thinking bloggers. Each of us blogs on what we each like, We're not linked. Though I'm a DAP supporter I think lately Lim KS has gone a wee weird, for example, in attempting to persuade Mahathir or Muhyiddin to take over.