Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DAP's main political enemy?

Over at RPK's Malaysia-Today I read an article by Dr Kua Kia Soong, SUARAM Adviser, in which he lamented the undoing of the Federal Opposition's (principally by DAP) 30-year engagement with PAS. Extracts of his article are as follows:

The disbanding of Pakatan Rakyat on 16 June 2015 after the DAP declared it could no longer work with PAS is a sad day for all Malaysians who have hopes for a viable alternative to the Barisan Nasional.

The DAP is now willing and able to work with the man who has been responsible for privatising practically all of Malaysian industry and destroying whatever semblance of democracy we had in his 22 years in office…all because of the stated need to “save Malaysia”.

What is the new political economic analysis?

This is a significant political turnaround for the DAP. We used to have to be saved from Mahathir. Now we are told we need to ally with Mahathir to save Malaysia? 

Some answers need to be provided by the DAP leadership to these crucial questions:

– What is the political economic analysis that justifies this new strategy for the democratic forces in this country?

– Is the “new enemy” of the Malaysian people Najib or is it PAS’ Islamic state?

– Who else besides Mahathir have been identified as the saviours of Malaysia?

– Which part of UMNO has suddenly become democratic and “with the people”?

– Is Najib the sole oppressor of the people?

– Is the DAP announcing the end of class oppression in Malaysia behind this new call to “save Malaysia”?

– Or are we at war with another country

Dr Kua also reminded us that in around 1995, a prominent DAP leader (who rose and rose irresistibly in the party leadership ranks) actually stood up to declare that, in his view, “PAS is our main political enemy”!

Hmmm, I wonder who could he be?

Dr Kua continued: He was visibly getting a load off his chest after hearing the appeal to be clear in our minds as to who was our main political enemy.

So, who is DAP's main political enemy today and for 'tomorrow' (the future)? Would it be:

  • PAS
  • Najib
  • UMNO
  • Mahathir
  • PKR (wakakaka)? 


  1. Malaysia is getting near to be a very sick political arena.The very sick ones are from the opposition.

    First the opposition jumped into bed and let the Umnoputras screw their belakangs.Then they have been outed conspiring with a mercenary blogger.Then an Anwar crony admitted that he bought stolen documents from a blackmailer.Then they said that their only capable candidate for potential PM'ship is a twice convicted felon.What more surprises they have in store? Sick,very very sick.

    1. Hahahahaha......okay, we shall appoint RPK as dictator for life and kaytee as his sidekick. All hail! All hail! all hail

  2. Surprise.....surprise....The best man for Malaysian PM is the 2.6 Billion Ringgit Man....

    1. According to ktemoc

    2. one of many looes' weaknesses (and he has tons, wakakaka) is his kay-poh-chnee-ness, always purporting to speak on my behalf.

      Incidentally this post is about the main political enemy of DAP, thus far I haven't had a single comment on that. Everyone has been like LKS, totally obsessed with Najib, wakakaka, even unto re-habilitating the most feared and detested man in Malaysian political history into a saviour. Bravo

    3. Come onla.......Be a man, admit it. You support Najib Razak

  3. sekiranya ah jib gor (nyonya mansor?) turun takhta, cuma maharaja saja yg bertukar tapi masih diperintah oleh dynasty umno baru. dap don't have permanent enemies.

  4. Kampong Lad is correct.
    As a relatively small party , with a minority core support base, DAP does not have and cannot afford to have permanent enemies.

    DAP has permanent interests , which is furthering the cause of a Democratic and Secular Malaysia , based on Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

    People or organisations which are expedient for DAP to ally with , will depend on circumstances at a particular point in time.
    Even people in UMNO can serve with common causes, including now.
    Also, do not confuse enemies with competitors. You can be allied with a competitor, if you have important and significant common causes, areas of competition notwithstanding.

    I see PKR as a competitor to the DAP, usually friendly competitor, sometimes unfriendly, but it has almost never negated cooperation, except for some toxic interchanges in Sarawak, which has specific local matters in play.

    1. good take by Rocketman, though this issue doesn't talk about "permanent" political enemy but rather "main" political enemy, pertaining of course to contemporaneous consideration. This brings us to the question, will ridding us of Najib benefit Mahathir and thus perpetuating his known track record of 22 years old

  5. My own weightage (%) of DAP’s political enemies and political friends as at today, Thursday, 13 August, 2015.


    90%..... [NAJIB]...........10%

    1. bro, if u single out najib, then i think u shd do the same with hadi. i guess in most dap member mind, they are fine with pas, friend will get at least 70%. for hadi, i dun know, maybe 100% enemy wakaka.....ka.

    2. aiyoyo "i guess in most dap member mind, they are fine with pas", so says a PKR person, wakakaka

    3. during the last election, the 3 fella that work until 2 or 3 am daily for 1 week to hang all the banner n flag is 1 from dap, 1 from pas, n me. lu orang najib mana ada paham.

    4. it's ok to praise your own merit but to recklessly slander others because you don't agree with them is quite childish, very immature

  6. no merit to shout, merely a sad reminiscent of tiga kawan who share the common aspiration untuk menjatuhkan satu rejim yg korup dan zalim. again lu orang najib payah nak paham. perhaps, only perhaps when u turn 90 u may start the great awakening n start to blog with title like "the confession of a najib devotee" n "a deplorable past of how my chinese blood sharpen najibs keris"

    1. but in an inflammatory set of events initiated by one Education Minister's naughty policy regarding Chinese vernacular schools perceived as sinister by the Chinese community

    2. "for hadi, i dun know, maybe 100% enemy"

      yea, all because of your holy shit ambiguous brew that Hadi is joining BN/UMNO - "satu rejim yg korup dan zalim" . What a wicked and cruel monotonal grand theme of yours to endearing yourself to your kawan kawan and perhaps to the readers too.

    3. did u read khalid samad latest writes, can u point out the shit for us? i can debate u on this like what i do to kt without the name calling n personal attack, u r my friend mah!

    4. Hmmmm dah masukan Khalid Samad pulak? Kau dengan Khalid sama ajelah 2 x 5. Progressive konon. Suruh dia bertanding lawan Shahrir in GE14. Aku nak tengok siapa menang? Sori for my bahasa.. aku emo ckit bila kau kutuk Hadi. We are still good friends yea HY. Tak payah debate lah. Shake hands.