Friday, August 21, 2015

Ku Li Gau Li?

Well, we all know who Ku Li is, don't we?

What's this 'Gau Li' then?

'Gau Li' is a Penang Hokkien word which means in Bahasa 'pandai bermain', wakakaka, or in English, 'play skillfully'.

The question mark at the end of this post's title implies I'm not sure how true is the story we are about to discuss!?

Story was by Mustapha Ali, PAS election director.

According to him, Ku Li had agreed prior to the 2013 general elections to join Pakatan to become its PM if ... no, not 'if' but ... when the coalition becomes the new government of Malaysia. PAS' study showed that with Ku Li as the Pakatan PM-designate, more Malays would have voted for the coalition.

Mustapha argued that the Chinese and Indians votes were more or less secured for Pakatan and what the coalition needed were more Malay votes, and Ku Li's designation as Pakatan's preferred PM would have done that, to wit, won more Malay votes.

There is logic in Mustapha's point though we won't really know if Ku Li had agreed to joining Pakatan even as its PM-designate, as we have only Mustapha's word. Besides, we have been aware of how ultra kiasu cautious our 78-year old prince has been since Mahathir smashed his Semangat 46 to smithereens.

Anyway, Mustapha now blames Anwar Ibrahim and PKR for not agreeing to Ku Li becoming the Pakatan PM for 3 years (half the term of an elected government) before handing over the reins to Anwar.

Though we only have Mustapha's word for it, there seems to be reasonable plausibility in this part of the story because I believe it would have been hard for Anwar to swallow that 'demotion' especially when he (Anwar) had believed victory was just around the corner, after a long ardous 14-year wait.

Mind, Anwar (and PKR) might have the suspicion it was a PAS plot to deny Anwar the PM seat in order to allow Pak Haji Hadi as the most senior Pakatan leader to assume that No 1 leadership position.

And there is also plausibility in this because we are aware of Pak Haji's personal ambition and his perception that PAS as the biggest PR component party should have been offered the PM post. Needless to say, he would/must have been much chagrined to play bridesmaid to Anwar, already much racked by salacious scandals.

Then there was that seething simmering bad blood between Pak Haji and Mr Manmanlai stemming from their 'old days' when the late Fadzil Noor, then rising up in PAS until he became party president in 1989, saw and groomed Anwar Ibrahim (then in ABIM) to become his (future) political heir in PAS, yes, Anwar as a then-future PAS party president. Perhaps Pak Haji Hadi even then had mucho distrust of Anwar, perhaps he saw Anwar as a competitor.

But alas, Anwar broke his mentor's heart when he surprised everyone by electing to join UMNO instead, adopting Mahathir as his new political mentor and father figure, and enjoying his new found political niche for 16 jolly good years in various ministerial positions, with the global political landscape as his operating arena, all made possible by his UMNO credentials. If he had remained by Fadzil Noor's side he would have become PAS party president and at most, MB of Kelantan. That won't do for Anwar as he was politically-mentally no bloody ikan bilis but an ocean roaming big fish.

Mustapha Ali also blamed Lim Kit Siang for deferring the Pakatan decision (to accept Ku Li as its preferred and designated PM) to Anwar Ibrahim. Mustapha said, “DAP said that if Anwar and Pakatan agree, DAP can accept it.”

Either he was reported incorrectly or what he had meant was “DAP said that if Anwar and Pakatan PKR agree, DAP can accept it.”

But anyway, WTF is the point of raising this now, I'm not sure. But who would suffer or lose from Mustapha Ali's story?

Well, for a start, UMNO won't be too impressed with Ku Li, regardless of whether the story is true or not. So Ku Li is an automatic loser in this story. Thus, kaytee being always the suspicious conspiracy theorist, sees the story as someone's plot to preemptively discredit Ku Li in UMNO's eyes as someone who's (wakakaka) 'gau li' atau pandai bermain sini sana. Possible?

Second loser would be the DAP. What the story has sublimely revealed (or perhaps not so 'sublimely') has been the fact that the DAP had not much say in selecting the PM, deferring all to Anwar and PKR.

Now, didn't someone assert that the Chinese through the DAP will rule this country? Wakakaka ... and if Mustapha Ali's story is true, how will the DAP Chinese rule Malaysia when it didn't even have the backbone to say who it wanted as PM back in 2013. DAP 'boe gau li lah' wakakaka.

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  1. Two years into GE13,I already said that if PR wants to win,Anwar should take his blue eyed boy and take a hike.I still do not understand that till today,the opposition is still screaming that Anwar is their only PM candidate wannabe.If the opposition is so "pokkai" of capable Malay leaders,then it is mincemeat come GE14.It wouldn't surprise me if the leaderless opposition lose one third their existing seats if not half.

    There is no need to pick a PM designate for the opposition.The Umno/BN will still be in power,at least for the next two GE's.And Jibby will still be the PM.So much for the 1MDB fuckup getting from somewhere to nowhere.Go figure.

  2. What a great abundance of leadership quality Malaysia has.
    The choice Is between

    a) A multi-Billion Ringgit Crook
    b) A washed out has-been who expects to be handed the position on a silver dulang.
    c) A "main belakang" fella.
    d) Paul Phua's buddy - just one heart-beat lips looks kind of overweight ,....wakakaka......
    e) A Taliban wannabe....

    Maybe they should consider adding a few Ah Pek's or Aneh's to the list.
    Forget the "must be a Melayu Islam" thingy......

    Or maybe Nonya Ros....

  3. In his book “Moving Malaysia Forward” by Bakri Musa, in the last para of page 572, he wrote:

    “However, as Raja Petra rightly noted, we need to go further. The Abdullah Administration must be humbled, and the only way is through the ballot box. I am with Raja Petra on this: Vote for any opposition party. You do not need to defeat the government in order to teach it a useful lesson.”

    Yea, you do not to defeat the government through vote of no confidence, street outrage, 916, Frogs Party (wakakaka), sabotage, or Jesuit complot whatsoever?

    I agree with Bruno’s comment that there is a bankrupt of leaders in the opposition and PR is actually in a mess.

    PAR is nothing but another PKR - untung sabut timbul untung batu tenggelam… wakakaka. Dan DAP pula is a desperate Machiavellian Chinese Party (MCP)?… wakakaka again.

    Likewise as Bruno, as I have said before, it would still be PERIKATAN/BN who shall always cross the finishing line first, when the time comes.

  4. Money makes the world go round and no one better than DUMBNO to create and spawn more ignorant fools to achieve their aims. As for PKR, same old same old and same mould like old wine in a new bottle once they hold power. Truly, Malaysians are screwed ... unless...

    1. Unless Raja Petra kamaruddin declared as emperor for life and appoint ktemoc as the court jester

    2. running out of coherent ideas, but then why should I be surprised, wakakaka