Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uthayakumar for Hulu Selangor?

Malaysiakini - Manoharan urges PKR to field Uthaya.

DAP Manoharan has set the cat among the pigeons.

Putting aside Uthayakumar’s political prospects in the Hulu Selangor by-election, Manoharan’s proposal if taken up would be a coup, well, at least on the surface. It will bring Hindraf or whatever remains of that once-amazing movement on side with Pakatan, and avoid the vote splitting that Uthayakumar has threatened against Pakatan in a number of crucial seats for the next election.

It will also mollify Uthayakumar as he would feel he has been accepted and acknowledged by Pakatan leaders as not only a peer but a ‘mover’, a big time pollie, so to speak. That has been his siren cry all the while but alas, he did it in such a nasty petulant manner that no one, least of all the DAP (who had fought for him when he was under ISA detention), wants to have anything to do with such a self-centred person.

Of course if he wins in Hulu Selangor, wow, he will see it as vindication of his god-like personality.

But will Pakatan take up on Manoharan’s advice?

If it does, many may feel that Pakatan is kowtowing to an Uthayakumar’s threat of a three-corner fight in some crucial seats in the next election. Does one want to go down such a path, succumbing to threats, when it will set a very dangerous precedent?

Many in Pakatan opine that Uthayakumar as a person is so conceited that he can easily become a frog if Pakatan doesn’t let him have his way, each and everytime he demands something!

I personally feel that Uthayakumar has burnt his bridges with Pakatan, especially the DAP. He crossed the Rubicon when he made unwarranted petulant attacks against Lim GE and Dr Ramasamy, and in the most outrageously vilifying manner against the latter - as Penangites would describe him for that most lamentable behaviour, 'pehboe boe kar see' (wasn't taught good manners by his parents).

Despite Uthayakumar’s potential to lose some seats for Pakatan in the next election I don’t believe it is possible or wise to accept this man in as a Pakatan candidate. He isn't a team player, and the space in Pakatan, wide as it is in housing PAS, PKR, PSM and DAP with their ideological difference, is unlikely to, nor ever will accommodate the size of Uthayakumar's head.

But then, politics is the art of making the impossible possible! Regrets come a second.


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  2. Patience win the game
    Like Jacob in the Holy Bible
    How he suffers yet he holds on his belief
    Finally he gets his wishes

    Hindraf leader must learn
    Yet he forgets of friends who helped him
    While he was detained in Kamunting
    Candle vigils and petitions

    Running down his friends
    In Pakatan without showing graciousness
    The Hindraf leader wants to go overboard
    Thinking he has his people to play ball

    Pakatan should forget him
    He had said bad things on friends
    Fill a candidate who is clean and good
    Without going after wealth temptation

    Zaid can be such person
    A former minister dares to speak his mind
    He can look after the people's interests
    He has his own wealth.............

    Hindraf leader has lost his game
    Impatience will dislodge one's aim in life
    Burning out too soon too early
    Wanting it forgetting about grace

    27/3/10 9.42pm

    KTemoc please delete the earlier one It was posted wrongly Sorry

  3. Better to field Prabakaran Velupillai from the LTTE--- considered a god among the Tamils

  4. 'pehboe boe kar see'

    How to expect his parents to teach him good manners when he had none and had to grow up in an orphanage. By the way, some of the worst ruffians I have ever encountered have awesome behaviour which are due to the neglect they suffered when they were growing up in orphanages.

  5. spare me your rubbish! , least,uthya is honest ,unlike the bastards of dap ,lim guan eng shit.

    the chinese has no moral high ground in this country to condemn anyone!

    about up bring, just look at the behaviour of the chinese in this country,rude in everything .uthya is an angel compare to the chinese .

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  7. If BN decides to field Samy No Value,then Uthayakumar will be the right candidate but not as PKR's candidate.

    Can U trust this guy,dont be suprise he will do 'lompat sikatak lompat' later on,when Najib offer him a ministerial post. he!he!