Friday, February 29, 2008

Political snippets (9)

Based on news report from Malaysiakini and Star Online

Case I

18 months ago I posted that the end was nigh for poor Kayveas in PPP - end of the road?

But I was wrong - the bloke is back to defend his Taiping seat

Mind you, I think his fortuitous outcome has been in large part due to the BN coming under siege since the Lingam videotape emerged, which was then followed by a series of other embarrassments, internal BN bickering and seats squabbling. The Coalition just couldn’t afford the additional problem of a Kayveas going berserk if they were to chuck him out of Taiping.

Then to his credit, it has to be said that notwithstanding some embarrassing thick skin behavior, Kayveas has screamed, raved, ranted, merajuk, rolled on ground drumming the floor with both legs, flailed his arms wildly until he got what he wanted. To AAB, Kayveas has been like the Old Man of the Sea – someone that couldn’t be shaken off from the PM’s shoulders ;-)

But Malaysiakini in its report Taiping: Game of high stakes warned that this election spells a do-or-die for the PPP. It stated:

PPP's sole parliamentarian, M Kayveas is facing a 'must-win' situation to ensure that the party is represented in Parliament. A lost would also spell doom for the PPP as they may not be given another seat to contest in the future, coupled with the party losing a deputy ministership in the government.

The Taiping federal parliamentary constituency has 65,455 voters comprising roughly 50% Chinese, 32% Malays and 13% Indians. In the last election, Kayveas slipped through mainly because of a 3-corner fight. He beat the DAP candidate by just 2,172 votes.

This time he has three problems. Firstly, it won’t be a 3-corner fight following the DAP-PKR seat negotiations. However, I am sure how this would translate out for the DAP as there's no guarantee that PKR voters would automatically cast their votes for another opposition party.

Unlike the DAP, PKR has been known not to be very cooperative or sincere in helping the DAP, as was observed in the two parties' contrasting input in Machap and Ijok. But still, I believe the DAP should benefit somewhat from the straight fight with the PPP.

Secondly and more importantly, Kayveas is unlikely to have the support of the Gerakan members this time – they’re pissed off with him for hanging on to what they consider as their very own seat, Taiping!

If you remember, in the last election, during the campaign Kayveas did his usual screaming and kicking about not receiving any help from the other BN component parties, which got the PM, the Perak MB and an annoyed Lim KY to his support; I suspect he won’t get any more response.

Lastly, of course the 2008 voters aren't so pro BN as they had been in 2004.

I think it’s really adios muchachos for amigo Kayveas. He should have accepted an ambassador post; he won’t get it if he loses because the BN will flick him off into oblivion.

Case II

PAS brought up a good point in Malaysiakini’s Why is IGP in BN manifesto?

The BN manifesto on ‘Law and Order’ shows a photo of AAB and the IGP together.Remember this is a political (not government) manifesto so WTF was the IGP doing in that photo?

malaysiakini photo

PAS asked: "Has Musa given his approval to be a model gracing the BN manifesto or what? PAS is of the view that the use of the Inspector-General of Police’ photo is misusing the image of the civil service for a political campaign. Is BN hoping the postal votes of police personnel and officers will be cast for the coalition if it uses the face of the IGP?"

I am not surprised because I recall the former IGP (not the current one, but WTF would be the diferrence anyway!) had threatened UMNO MPs that if they supported the IPCMC the police couldn’t ensure they win the next election (this one) .

Case III

Meanwhile Ong KT advised the voters in Lobak, Negri Sembilan, to reject opposition dirty tricks.

Ong said voters need not feel threatened by the DAP nor bow to the opposition party’s pressure.

Ha ha ha ha ha, MCA accusing the DAP of being threatening – this is hilarious.

He then said the DAP is full of dirty tricks since they lacked ideas.

MCA accusing the DAP of dirty tricks - woi, Chua Soi Lek, did you hear this - ke ke ke ke ke – best laugh of the campaign thus far.

Oh, Ong KT, have a read of the following:

(1) Rocket posters torn down in Bukit Bendera
(2) PKR alleges BN hooliganism in Rembau


  1. Case I
    ROFL. Looking at the trend, I think there will be NO postal votes for Kayveas in Taiping. I will keep my finger cross to confirm my thesis. ;)

    Case III
    Ong KT face are thicker than Kevlar. I suspect it is so thick that it can sustain 1KG TNT blast.

    And poor Chua Soi Lek...LOL

  2. Such news are nothing compared to all those worldwide PR stunts BN is having at the moment. Sheesh...

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