Thursday, February 07, 2008

Giving Anwar Ibrahim a 2nd chance? (1)

While I can understand (but not agree with) the 'anwaristas' for idolising, mythologizing and promoting Anwar Ibrahim, , I can’t (understand, that is) those who claimed not to be ‘anwaristas’ (and even condemned him in private conversations) for promoting or attempting to soft-sell him.

A few of these people (the second group) have suggested that we should give Anwar Ibrahim another chance (implying we should consider supporting him) as he deserves it, whatever that word ‘deserves’ means?

They would go on to assert that he has changed (how would they know?), that he paid a heavy price being imprisoned, that while he may not be the perfect politician he at least has the political will, meaning that he ‘dares to do what he dares say’, that he is the only politician capable of challenging or confronting the BN.

Firstly, why should we give him a second chance just because he was in prison? Why should we non-UMNO people and non anwaristas compensate him for falling on his own UMNO sword?

It may well be that he was framed but that has nothing to do with us, the non-UMNO people!

Let’s get one fact straight – he didn’t go to prison for us, the non-UMNO sufferers, as a letter writer to Malaysiakini had attempted to mythologise – he wrote:

"Anwar himself was a freedom fighter in his youth. He later turned politician, not at the behest of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but because after establishing intrinsic power in himself as a freedom fighter, he saw the political opportunity offered by Mahathir as a broader theatre to establish his truth. The real freedom fighter in Anwar surfaced when he chose to go prison instead of politically tacking when confronted by Mahathir."

Hahaha – I posted my response to that nonsense in Flagrant Fallacious Fable of a Freedom Fighter:

I was caught between wanting to laugh aloud at the author’s naivety and secretly admiring his brilliant gyroscopic vortex of bovine dust – yes, bulldust as it may be but of such pseudo-magnificent cyclonic proportion.


Get real – he was dragged to prison screaming and wailing. He didn’t have a damn choice. That he was probably framed would be a good argument in his defence, but to spin that he chose to go to prison instead of ‘politically tackling’ Dr Mahathir (whatever that means) is contemptible, loathsome, and despicable rubbish.

And didn’t his followers went out on to the streets of Kuala Lumpur, in a scene frighteningly reminiscent of May 13? Yes, come to think of it, it was more than just screaming and wailing.

This is the sort of fable making that not only have some naïve people thinking he’s a political reformer, but even the man himself believing he’s all that, and perhaps beyond. And most of all, Anwar is no martyr by any measure so let's not attempt to spin him into one and perpetuate such a lie.

Yes, he went to prison either for corruption and/or being framed because of an UMNO internal struggle. To we non-UMNO people, he was part of the problem and never the solution.

He had all the ‘chances’ he could enjoy, from joining UMNO at Dr Mahathir’s behest (and suck on that truth!) and mentored by the former PM until he rose to the exalted rank of Deputy PM and virtually on the threshold of being Numero Uno in Malaysian politics.

And during all that time, what did he do on those issues that he now claims to champion?

Did that ‘real freedom fighter’ fruitfully utilise the opportunity of ‘a broader theatre to establish his truth’?

I guess he was too busy with his duties of high office, horse riding and yes, tennis too, among involvements in many other trappings of high society.

Secondly, on his so-called ‘political will’, that he ‘dares to do what he dares say’, that’s patently a shameful myth; we should NOT perpetuate such nonsense.

When he was in various positions in UMNO (for several years) including, as I mentioned, the exalted position of DPM and acting PM on a number of occasions, he dared NOT act on what he now daringly says he would. All he could do to excuse his inaction during his term in power was to wimp, for example: “Some said that I should have been more firm but I wasn’t. But if I had done that, I would have been sacked in 1993.”

His current ‘big’ talk is cheap, doing so only after he has been kicked out of UMNO. Please read Guess who've been singing that old tune "I'd have been sacked ..."?

Well, here’s something about the so-called intrepid ‘real freedom fighter’ that I blogged on nearly two years ago in
Anwar Ibrahim - Pot Calling Kettle Black:

Anwar Ibrahim told Malaysiakini that the MCA, Gerakan and MIC ministers have no balls to dare speak up for Chinese or Indian interests in the cabinet.


He said: "My experience in the cabinet, the non-Malay leaders unfortunately don't take the issues up ... even if the issues are not very sensitive to the prime minister. They won't say: ‘We consider whether this brilliant Chinese academic could head this public university’. They wouldn't dare! But what will they ask for? (They ask) can we participate in the Klang Port privatization?”

But when Malaysiakini asked him what about decisions he had made when he was at the Treasury, he replied:

“Even at the Treasury, sometimes with the best of intentions, the Treasury gave strong advice but I was not able to do it, like the airport you said I was appointed chairman of the (Kuala Lumpur International) airport, but only because the prime minister appointed me”

Should we be surprised that he blamed someone, especially Dr Mahathir?

Reminded he was then in charge of the Bakun project, he explained: “And the Bakun dam project in Sarawak - I said that it would proceed after the evaluation by the EIA (environmental impact assessment) but Mahathir announced it before the evaluation was made.”

Again Mr Faultless didn’t have anything to do with that project. ‘Twas that evil Mahathir again.

Finally he said “Some said that I should have been more firm but I wasn’t. But if I had done that, I would have been sacked in 1993.

"I would have been sacked in 1993"! Poor frightened little Anwar.

But well, here’s an admission of being afraid for his own position from someone who had just criticized MCA, Gerakan and MIC ministers for not having the balls to speak up.

What brazen double standard hypocrisy.

So, where’s his so-called ‘political will’, the one that shows he ‘dares to do what he dares say’.

Shame on those so-claimed non-anwaristas who have spun such a myth, one which is totally unfounded and patently nonsensical, just to help boost Anwar Ibrahim's image.

Why have you perpetrate such bull? What is your motive? If you are a covert anwarista, now's the time to come out and honestly declare your political hand.

To be continued ........


  1. hmm..

    another lowya china man comment.. WTF with you?

  2. In this country change can only be brought about by the Malays being the majority race. It's my fervent hope that a dynamic, intelligent, incorruptible , and patriotic non racial Malay Malaysian rise to lead us. Until then IMHO Anwar is our best bet for now.

  3. "Until then, IMHO Anwar is our best bet for now" proving precisely my point about the obsession for a political messiah - wait for my Part 2

    No, he will be our worst bet, because I believe he will leverage his way back to UMNO (as he has always wanted) if he and his 'chosen ones' hold the balance of power, if the general election produces an UMNO-led BN without a 2/3 majority.

    To Anon of 1:58 PM, yes, I am a chinaman who remembers how Anwar had treated us when he was in high places. That's WTF!

  4. Hello Ktemoc,

    I agree that Anwaristas do not have solid reasons to support Anwar, but I do not think you have a solid reason to do the opposite, either.

    I am not sure I can trust Anwar to fulfill his promises, like you do. However, shouldn't we argue for change on the basis of electoral politics, rather than personality? He might have done a lot of bad things (and had not done a lot of good things in the past), but I believe he is the best bet not because of his character, but because he is the most winnable candidate for PM. Otherwise, who would you have? PAS? And forget about DAP gaining Malay votes. These two parties are located at the extremities of Malaysian politics, and it is hard for them to garner real national support.

    He is the most winnable (for Malaysian liberals at least) not only because he is charismatic, but also because he is a Malay-Muslim who isn't in Umno and PAS and who has some real leadership qualities. That is the reality of this country.

    Without Anwar or the PKR, I doubt that the Opposition can actually grab the national stage (read: middle ground). After denying the Government its 2/3 majority can we discuss about what to do with Anwar in case he doesn't fulfill his promises. Then, a fair amount of realpolitik and balance of power in the Opposition will ensure that he doesn't stray too far, and that is where the DAP and PAS has a role to play.

    But the most important thing now is denying the BN its majority!

    The Marquis

  5. Wishing you and those dear to you an abundance of good health, prosperity, harmony and happiness. Happy New Year.

  6. It's not "an obsession for a political messiah" as you put it but a genuine hope for someone who can garner and propel the whole nation towards greatness and excellence. It may not be a singular effort but a great leader of great men. History has shown that to be true for countries that had thrown up such giants like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahalal Nehru, Deng Shiao Peng, Lee Kuan Yew, etc etc,...

    Sadly our country is sorely lacking in good governance and brilliant leadership. I for one do not wish to see only leaders that champion their own race. It does not have to be this way. 50 years have gone by and we are still wary of each other. Even USA, once a bastion of racism has moved on and may even throw up her first black American president.

    I beg to differ. Our country is in dire need of great stewardship. I can only see the potential of Raja Nazrin and Anwar Ibrahim at this moment in time.

  7. Hi KTemoc,

    I believe Anwar Islamised the civil service and our education system. He also introduced bahasa baku. More? He made it compulsory for female muslim government servants to wear the tudung.

    if that's not political will, i dunno what is. he is of cos not perfect.

    i too have asked people to give him another chance meaning judge him since his release from prison. 6 years of solitary incarceration is a LONG LONG LONG time.

    i neither asked people to support him nor asked people to condemn him but merely to evaluate for themselves. is that also 'soft sell'?

    actually, i don't only condemn him in private. i've condemned him many times in public but mostly on the old stuff and some new stuff.

    i've cut down on anwar coverage because there are other more exciting issues on the business front like the global financial meltdown, natural disasters like the snow storm in china and of cos the primaries in the states. so u can see we have more than enough to keep us occupied unless anwar says something new...

    take it easy dude....ha ha ha ha

  8. KT, old chap, presently (let's live a bit more in the present ;)), as I've suggested previously.

    Like in a WW2 scenario, don't let your battleship's 16" guns, the main armament, be divided. While Anwar isn't flying the enemy's flag presently on his light cruiser with 6" guns, you might as well not target him on the secondary armament but aim them at other nearer targets of opportunity which are quite plentiful. Just despatch a shadowing destroyer to watch him. :D

  9. Raja Nazrin certainly yes, but Anwar Ibrahim, sorry lah, absolutely not in a million years would I ever support an ex UMNO tiger to regain his UMNO stripes again, so as to eat us up again. He is ever the political opportunist (and through this, you can define him in many words), not a great man as his supporters want to portray him.

  10. Hi Jed, oh I didn't realise you had also asked people to give him another chance? Aiyah, only now you tell me that, or I could have included you in my barrage as well. Sayang only ;-)

    wits0 matey, remember those WWII German light cruisers which disguised themselves ;-), best to sink them first before they reveal their true nature (which, since we know of that, would be remissive of us not to target ;-) hey, am a trigger happy leftwing looney - one of those strange contradiction in terms

  11. peterp, same to you and yours too, gong xi fa cai

  12. sure sounds like my article Anwar on fuel prices, bumiputeras and Islamisation you are talking about.

    Let me reproduce the short post:

    In a trip in Hong Kong, the former deputy premier was swarmed by reporters. He took the opportunity to hit out at the outdated NEP and creeping Islamisation. He said: “That policy is obsolete… We are losing our competitiveness. Malaysia is less competitive than the 1990s.” More @

    I do think he deserves another chance. Though many keep bringing up his past, he has paid a heavy price in prison for seven years, not to mention enduring the lies of those who are out to destroy him. He may not be the perfect politician but at least, he has political will. The Chinese saying is “gong dak do, jo dak do” (dare to say, dare to do). These days, BN leaders don’t even dare to say, so can we really expect them to do more for the rakyat?

    Disclaimer: Jed Yoong is in no way endorsing AI. This post does not indicate support for PKR.

    :) Take it easy dude...Ha ha ha...

  13. BTW, you also commented on the same post:

    “gong dak do, jo dak do” (dare to say, dare to do)?

    You’re kidding. When asked why he remained silent while as Finance Minister and DPM, he mumbled “I could have been sacked!”

    Was that an example of “jo dak do”? hahahahhahaaaa!

    He talks big when he is not in a position to do anything. His talk is el cheapo.

    Hey, aren’t you endorsing him when you remarked “I do think he deserves another chance. Though many keep bringing up his past, he has paid a heavy price in prison for seven years, not to mention enduring the lies of those who are out to destroy him. He may not be the perfect politician but at least, he has political will. The Chinese saying is “gong dak do, jo dak do” (dare to say, dare to do)”?

  14. Hahaha KT, 'em Q ships (disguised as merchant steamers)were British(good guys ones) ones use to entice U-Boats(d bad guys) to surface and attack 'em with gunfire. A typical Q-ship would be an old-looking tramp steamer calmly sailing alone but fully armed with hidden cannons and depth charges.

    Anwar, otoh, surely isn't low profile or stealthy enough, btw, but is very visible even without the added benefit of radar. ;) Anwar can never be disguised as a Q ship. LOL!

    Even in those days, Q ships had only limited success.

  15. KT, old boy, you confuse the Q ships with the famous German raider called Atlantis. ;)

  16. wits0, maybe lah, but nevertheless I'll keep my guns trained on him ;-)

    Aiyah Jed, my memory so poor nowadays - have forgotten all that.

  17. To me, The Agenda is to provide an effective check and balance to the Barisan Najis kleptocracy.

    I'm not waiting for the pope to show up. In the meantime, a flawed character like Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang, too, since we are on the subject, will do for me.

    Happy New Year everyone !

  18. During TDM's tenure I think its not easy to go against him in policies and decision making; hence AI's double talk and inaction. Don't forget he was in the lion's den, right smack in the middle of UMNO's political agenda; not to mention his awe/respect for his mentor. Maybe its a good thing to personally talk with AI himself and ask him about all the things you are not happy about.
    Maybe in that way you may remove some of your disgust (or hatred even?) for Anwar Ibrahim. "To err is human, to forgive is divine". I wish you and all Malaysians well.

  19. you sound like v k lingam, kt.

    memory poor lah but can remember grandfather story about anwar. or do you keep notes?

    your memory is really poor considering you brought it up just the day before the post.

    good thing ze memory is intact enuf for you to string 'em sentences. ;)

  20. I can't wait for your part 2. :)

    I think if Anwar read you blog, he will learn something useful, but I afraid he will take it as bashing and ignore you.

    Actually besides the "Chinese stabbing" image of Anwar in yesteryear, there is much serious problem about him : Anwar ride on the popularity and refuse to sit down and think about the governance.

    Anwar should have already draw a blueprint to project the country to the future, inclusive of anti-corruption, curb inflation,etc. He should not ride on just popular issue, as opportunist. He is just too fond of foreign publicity than start showing us his brick and mortar building capabilities.

    DAP uncle Lim Kit Siang might be too tired to run such blueprint roadshow, but young leader from Opposition should have run those roadshow. Anwar just fail to show himself as the qualified candidates for it.

    Just look at Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou is not just riding on his personal charisma and do nothing.

  21. PKR will lose big at the polls just as was the case in 2004. It will then declare itself bankrupt and tutup kedai as Semangat 46 did

  22. It does appear that Ktemoc does carry alot of emotional baggages with him concerning Anwar's past deeds and political performances.

    Make these baggages lighter by leaving them at the door side and enter the room with the presence of your present moment awareness. The past always tends to be delusional because it no longer the reality of the present moment.

    That's why wars and human sufferings occur due to this delusional past.

    Move on brother....and take yourself to the next higher level and you will be surprised what the present moment will give you....

  23. for one who does not know the world of politics, you for one have no idea how it is to be 'inside', struggling for changes, being backstabbed by the people in his own party, and yet still.. fighting for the good governance and basic democracy. upholding his principles.

    talking is easy.

    you can talk, i can talk.

    the person who had to walk such enbearable paths even too much for me to imagine is DSAI.

    sometimes, i wish some people have the decency to think.

    p/s - don't worry. am not even a fan of DSAI. but at least, he got guts to do whatever others don't!

  24. Admittedly the "lesser of two evils" outweighs whether "a leapord change its spots"...

    Until he sincerely and unconditionally apologises and repents of his wrongs, there are few reasons to admire him.

  25. Dear KT,
    Just because you don't trust AI to take the chance to bring changes to the Malaysian politics, you prefer to remain trapped in the current situation where your freedom are being limited? What you are doing now is akin to endorsing the rampant corruption and continuation of plunder of our future generation in this country.

  26. Why not non-Anwar alternatives like DAP, PSM, PRM, PAS etc? ;-)

    Anwar Ibrahim isn't the only opposition politician. Indeed I personally believe he is not an opposition politician!

    I am not going to vote for a party which may have the balance of power, that I believe, will help him leverage his way back into UMNO.

    But let me qualify that last bit, I am prepared to vote for PKR only if I can identify that the candidates aren't associated with his core ex-UMNO members - in other words, PKR candidates such as those from the former PRM members or others who won't tolerate his probable use of PKR's balance of power to return to UMNO.

  27. Anwar Ibrahim is just another piece of motherfucking politician who thinks he/she can con people into forgetting their past misdeeds

  28. thank god...
    i didnt know there are still people out there who didnt fall for this "anwarisme". KTEMOC... u are one hell of a thinker!!

    let me share my personal a layman as i am one...

    the moment he was accused of all those 'wrong-doings' n sacked on sept2 1998, i was damn surprised. i told myself, i've got to hear the truth. so when he started to give talks at his house at nights, for 3 traight nites i took the trouble frequenting his house in damansara. the only reason? yup, i wanna listen what he would say of all the accusations thrown before him. i want explanations, i want proof, i want logic.

    but i didnt get that. in fact, all i heard was nothing better than the accusations thrown at him. he started calling names, accused other leaders in return, innfuriating people to retaliate (and yes, he's damn gifted for that)... and so on. but NO explanations, no logic conceived (or was i too stupid to comprehend???)

    that was then i decided... he's no better than the rest...