Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chinese Valentine Night

Chap goh meh
Huoi kim chnair
Chnea lu ay kuwa
Lai cheah teh

Teh seo seo
Bay keng cheo
Keng cheo bay kee peh
Bay cheh

Cheh bay kee t’ark
Bay bark
Bark bay kee bwua
Bay chua

Chua bay kee liah
Bay kar kiah
Kar kiah bay kee cheng
Bay kar leng

Kar leng kong
Kar leng poh
Chnea lu ay knia soon
Lai t’eet t’oh

T’eet t’poh eeay
Bay karm chea
Karm chea tnee
Bay leng chee

Leng chee b’ong
Bay tom bong
Tom bong kh'aw
Bay low kaw
Let's take a break from the political news in Malaysiakini and Star. But do read my previous posts:


  1. its pretty interesting that you rely almost entirely on the big media to reecho their thoughts ! How about some independent news or better still your own sources...?

    that by the way is called original credibility not a sounding board !

    original observer

  2. Who says I have to be original?

    Besides, isn't this post original?

    I see tho' it bothers you ;-)

  3. Aoooooooo ! Aoooooooo ! Aoooooooo !

    Talking about werewolves - something weird happened last night, Chap Goh Meh.

    At almost precisely 12 midnight, all the dogs in my neighbourhood started to bay in that wolf-like manner. Gave me goose pimples just hearing it. Glad I wasn't alone out on the street.

  4. Hahahahahhahahaaha. Nice poem :D U from Penang kah? I donno much about Mandarin, is your poem sung in Chinese dialects? :D

  5. in Penang Hokkien, a sort of 'nursery rhyme' for Chap Goh Meh - yes, I am a Penangite