Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Political Snippets (4)

Based on news report from Malaysiakini and Star Online.

Case I

Today I read the Star Online (no ;-) I didn’t boycott it hehehe) and saw the headline Loh respects MCA’s decision, where the news article said:

Incumbent Kelana Jaya MP Loh Seng Kok respects MCA’s decision to field Datuk Lee Hwa Beng in the parliamentary seat. In a statement issued yesterday, Loh, 46, a first-term MP, said he would abide by the party’s decision for the sake of party unity. He issued the statement after meeting party president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

“I am still offering myself to serve the people. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all parties and the people in the Kelana Jaya parliamentary constituency for their support and co-operation throughout my tenure as the MP.”

His name rang a bell so I search my archives and manage to pull out MCA MP warned by UMNO and PAS! I had then blogged:

MCA’s Loh Seng Kok, MP for Kelana Jaya went on a verbal rampage in parliament, raising issues that hitherto had been considered taboo, especially more so for a BN bloke.

He criticized our ‘imbalanced’ history textbooks, new prayer recital guidelines and the problems faced by non-Muslims with regards to places of worship.

… Loh was damn mad that the approved syllabus and history textbooks were grossly deficient and negligent in that they ignored (1) the contribution of non-bumiputeras in Malaysia. and (2) focused only on Islamic civilization. In these limitations he reckoned the books would restrict exposure for the students and hamper their critical thinking.

He gave examples: “For instance, the fight against the Japanese Occupation during World War II is portrayed as only the effort of the Malays but ignored the role of Chinese and Indian Malaysians.”

[…] … he said “Five out of the 10 chapters in the Form Four history textbook only focused on the Islamic civilization.” In this he lamented that the syllabus has failed to provide a deeper understanding of other civilizations.

After Loh finished his coverage of the other two issues, he was warned by both an UMNO and a PAS MP. He was told not to thread on ‘dangerous grounds’.

I commented that I was surprised he was even allowed to finish his speech. Six days later I blogged 50 UMNO Youths Threatened MCA MP!

Guess who was the MCA MP those UMNO thugs threatened?

I posted: … a mob of 50 UMNO Youth members, led by Kelana Jaya division chief Abdul Halim Samad, paid him a surprise visit. Abdul Halim handed him a letter and told him ominously, “We don’t want to hear any explanation now; this is our letter, you read and answer it!” Loh was warned that UMNO Youth would ‘take action’ if he failed to respond to the letter within a number of days.

Also read another post For & Against MCA MP Loh Seng Kok where wannabe poet Ishak Abd Rahman threatened the Chinese Malaysians with a sickening chant.

Reader KY Wong commenting as mwt in 50 UMNO Youths Threatened MCA MP! prophesied correctly that “Habis lah... by opening his big mouth he can be a one term MP only …”.

Well, Ong Ka Ting, you had to remove him because UMNO told you to, didn’t they?

MCA = Must Cowt'au Abang

Case II

We learn from Malaysiakini that Raja Bodek will be standing in Batu Kawan instead of Bukit Bendera as we had initially suspected.

Bukit Bendera is a Gerakan stronghold but only for Chia Kwang Chye – wait, let me rephrase that, Bukit Bendera is a ‘Chia Kwang Chye’ stronghold.

As I have often commented in the past, Penangites can teach Chinese politicians dearly – Wong Pow Nee, even Lim Chong Eu and would you believe it, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh (who is an honorary Chinese anyway) were all victims.

While BB is 74% Chinese-majority, Raja Bodek has opted for Batu Kawan where the Chinese are only about 50% and the Malays and Indians make up about 25% each. Raja Bodek obviously feels safer in a place with less Chinese.

But we need to remember that the Gerakan has never been nice to its Indian members. Sad to say, only the DAP and BN (through MIC) have field Indian candidates successfully. I hope the 25% Indians in Batu Kawan remember this, and not be fooled by Humpty Dumpty (with wig) again and again.

Case III

Malaysiakini just released its breaking news that DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng will stand in Penang, though he didn’t reveal where he will be contesting, but pundits claim it will be the Gelugor parliamentary seat and the Seri Delima State seat.

The latter means he aspires to be Penang’s 2nd opposition CM, after Dr Lim Chong Eu.

… that is, assuming he isn’t played out by Anwar Ibrahim, who I suspect will defect to the BN if 2 conditions are obtained to enable him to pry his way back into UMNO:

(i) BN gets less than 2/3 majority
(ii) The ‘chosen ones’ in PKR (meaning those ex UMNO people in PKR who will gladly follow the de facto leader back into UMNO and power) hold the balance of power.

UMNO will then be hard pressed to play tarik harga (hard to get).


  1. any news of Lim Guan Eng intention to fix the problem that cause Fong Po Kuan quit?

  2. Just imagine this scnario:

    UMNO has about 40% of the seats, PAS has 28%, PKR has 18%. Just PAS and UMNO together in a coalition and UMNO retains its sacred 2/3s. If it wants 75% then add PKR to it and together the three substantially Malay parties control 75% of the parliamentary seats. Then truely this will become a Malay Vs Non-Malay country!!

  3. dont mind but black background and white words are very hard to read. Please change your background to white and use dark coloured fonts like black.

  4. Interesting theory about anwar!

    I bet there is quite true about it. But will he be a minister or just AJK of UMNO?

  5. What do you expect of these extremist Malay/Muslim bastards. These bastards actually believe all the achievements of Malaya/Malaysia is solely through the hardwork of the Malays. They forget that the communist was defeated due to the sacrifices of the non-malays, especially in the early years of the insurgency.

    Now these same bastards want more non-malays in the police force simply because the fat NEP fed pigs in the police force will never be able to outsmart the non-Malay crime syndicates. The Indians who now control the drug syndicates and the Chinese who control the large-scale smuggling trade are just two examples of such syndicates. The former poisons the Malays who make up the large majority of drug addicts while the latter
    bleeds the government of revenue it needs to perpetuate its NEP and Ketuanan Melayu/Islam Bullshit.

    The way to support people like Mr Loh Seng Kok is to not just vote for the opposition. The non-Malays must also ensure that they will never again become tools of the Malays. Hindraf challenged the Malays and the Malays froze. This shows Malays of today are well to do NEP
    bastards who are more afraid of racial riots in Malaysia than the non-Malays.

  6. somebody painted Loh Seng Kok's face black in the billboard (see today's STAR). And they are saying the billboard is illegal too...

  7. raja bodek = chia ? i thot it is koh that contest in batu kawan ?

  8. anon@11.43AM

    You Malaysians deserve the racist Government you been getting. You are all not much different from them when it comes to spewing ethnocentric diatribes.

    A bit rich for 3rd class mentality people to expect a 1st class Government!

  9. Anon of 11:25 AM commented "A bit rich for 3rd class mentality people to expect a 1st class Government!" - no, no one's expecting any 1st class Malaysian government, not until hell freezes over ;-). Anon of 11:43 PM last night is letting off frustrated steam, a reaction to unmitigated institutionalised racism in Malaysia.

    But 1st Anon is right in condemning ethnocentric diatribes, as unfortunately 2nd Anon had done, and I support the condemnation even though I myself have been guilty of the offence from time to time. No matter how frustrated or traumatised we may be or have been by local conditions, we can still cricitise the ruling party (effectively UMNO) policies, conduct and (lack of) governance without resorting to racist comments or religious villification, especially more so in a sweeping generalised way. Let's treat racist behaviour as the unique monopoly of some politicians, but not us.

    Denzook, no, RB is not Chia. I was talking of ... well ... the one & only RB, thought to be (initially) going for BB, but now standing in B Kawan. My cyber-buddy, KK46, believes Chia will be even a 'greater' Bodek-ite, soon to be crowned as Maharaja Bodek ;-)

  10. are saying that Anwar Ibrahim will rejoin UMNO if the opposition does reasonably well..that's interesting.

    Most of the predictions I have heard about Anwar Ibrahim being a closet UMNO wannabe are that in the event Keadilan gets slaughtered in the coming GE (quite possible...), the party will be wound up, an Anwar will go, begging cup in hand, back to UMNO.

    I'm currently spending a fair bit of my personal time and energy helping my local Keadilan branch in their preparations, I hope it won't be in vain...being defeated by the UMNOPUTRAs I can accept, Anwar going back to UMNO begging-bowl in hand, I can't accept.

  11. don say chia is maharaja bodek, that's really insulting. please understand this chia is one and only that bring down LKS, actually chia should thank LKS for putting him up and making him as hero....

    speaking of LKS, really salute this guy, from melaka to pj to penang to kick RB and later his master chong eu at tanjung. then later make a last minute plan to BB to kick chia. if only pokuan to emulate him.........

  12. Its no secret that Chia Kwang Chye is essentially in UMNO's pocket. He's made a career out of pleasing UMNO in his current portfolio. He himself is almost embarassed about it.

    So my crystal ball say he is likely to Out-Bodek Raja Bodek.

  13. with regard to your post of 2.05pm Feb 21, let me just say that you missed cpmpletely what anon 11.43pm
    Feb 20 said. Just like the Iraqi insurgents who paid the Americans in kind, racism must also be paid in kind. The Malays in this country understand nothing else. The Hindraf rally for all intents and purposes was aimed at the Malays as the Malays are the administrators of this country. In that sense the rally can even be said to be racist. But what other way is there to make the Malays blink? And blink they did. Hindraf is telling the Malays the racist NEP which is enriching the Malays at the expense of the non-malays will no longer be tolerated. Finally this country has a group of people who has the balls to give as well as take.