Monday, February 04, 2008

DAP set to win Batu Kawan on H-power?

The reverberation, repercussion and radiation of the Hindraf H-bomb continue.

In the deafening silence of an unnaturally quiet MIC leader, the PM and DPM have hastily initiated Ops Salvage, a damage control campaign to mollify the marginalized, traumatized and previously-despised Indians.

The fusion potential of their more than 10% votes in a number of crucial seats with the staunch opposition votes is staggeringly frightening.

Take for example the Batu Kawan seat. The Star Online suggested that the DAP will field political scientist Prof Dr P. Ramasamy in this federal constituency.

According to the 2004 election results that I obtained from a blog (maybe MT2Day?) – if incorrect please advise – it showed that in the last election, the Batu Kawan federal constituency had a turnout of 32559 (75.6% of 43055)

The Gerakan (BN) polled 17097 to win by a majority of 8998 (relative to the next highest vote count). There was a combined opposition total of 14,600 votes. With the agreement between the DAP and PKR to avoid 3-corner fights (hopefully no sabotage by stealth at last minute) the BN’s majority would be reduced from nearly 9,000 to a mere 2,500 votes.

The 9,818 Indian votes in Batu Kawan (43,055 registered voters) constitute a staggering 23% voting power. This powerful Indian bloc (provided it's won over by the DAP) coupled with the Chinese general dissatisfaction with the BN spell mucho trouble for the Gerakan candidate.

I had blogged in a previous post DAP prospects in Penang - Makkal Sakti factor based on a Malaysiakini news article
MIC in seat swaps to regain support which averred:

Based on the 2004 electoral roll, Penang has 70,618 registered Indian votes, or 10.5 per cent of the 672,361 voters. Although the state does not have an Indian majority seat, nonetheless many federal and state seats have considerable presence of Indian voters, who can change the margin of losing and winning in tight contests.

I also suggested that it may well be the Hindraf H-force has synergised the DAP appeal to Indians.

So we may understand why AAB invoked a Star headline of Abdullah promises to consider needs of all Malaysians, an obvious reference to the grievances of the marginalised Indians.

In panic mode (at least for their BN subordinates, the MCA, Gerakan and MIC) Najib instructed the MIC to Re-engineer yourself to remain relevant, but like the AAB’s message, was directed more at Indian voters.

In caustic response to Najib’s advice to the MIC, Malaysiakini Vox Populi said Rebrand, my foot. Well done, Hindraf!
where it read: How come no one was aware of the plight of the Indians for the last 50 years? Was the BN leadership deaf or the MIC dumb? Syabas to Hindraf. 100 percent of the credit goes to them.

Yes, 50 years of neglect and suddenly the Indian Malaysians are the most wooed voters in Peninsula Malaysia, thanks to Hindraf, and no bloody thanks to MIC.

Would it be a case of too little too late by the UMNO-led government?

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  1. must thank MIC too, aint it? if not for their negligence of the indian community, there is no need for hindraf.
    samy vellu is just one of the problems. the race-based politics has to go. make MIC irrelevant, than MCA. UMNO has to reinvent itself too.