Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Political snippets (7)

Based on news report from Malaysiakini and Star Online

Case I

Four days ago sweetie Joceline Tan, my favourite Star writer (tell you more soon why she’s the favourite), wrote
Koh shows he is in charge now.

It’s precisely these sorts of spin that make sweetie JT my ‘favourite’ target for tearing apart ;-), though I would be distressed if someone hurled abusive terms at her (the last one was a nasty female ‘haram’ critter). Let’s criticise without being abusive.

JT wrote of the Gerakan Party’s pre-election strategic meeting that “Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu not only had the list of his party’s election candidates in hand but he had also asserted his will over the Penang chief minister issue.”

Raja Bodek “asserted his will over …” ha ha ha ha ha to the nth power.

C’mon sweetie Joceline, you know as well as everyone does that he lacks marbles, so you shouldn't overspin – a bit is OK but leave some room for credibility lah. You lost it completely on that line. This is a bloke who would even wave a giant keris on Hishamuddin's instructions at a time when the Chinese were incensed by those Hang Tuah wannabes and their pseudo Taming Sari . What a cringing cowardly cur!

Then, this one was just as equally unbelievable:

"By cancelling out Chia, Dr Koh has not only shown that he is now in charge in Gerakan, he is also sending out a signal that he intends to step out of the domineering shadow of Dr Lim."

If you don’t stop doing that, sweetie JT, I am going to get Wong Chun Wai to assign you to writing fairy tales only ;-)

Case II

Now read this one from Malaysiakini by Bridget Welsh, an assistant professor in Southeast Asian studies at John Hopkins University-SAIS, Washington DC. She is following the 2008 Election campaign trail in a number of states.

Welsh wrote
High stakes in Penang that Raja Bodek “…faces the formidable opponent of Professor Dr P Ramasamy, who has galvanised the Indian community in this constituency, where the MIC is divided by infighting and the visit by party chief S Samy Vellu with police protection has served to further alienate Indian supporters from the BN.”

“To date, the BN’s campaign in Penang has called into question its multi-ethnic representativeness. The failure of Gerakan to offer an Indian candidate in this state has created the impression that this party is not multi-racial.”

Some of those who posted comments at my blog here have also remarked that the Gerakan has no single Indian candidate for all the multiracial bull it claims to represent. Yes, it will throw a Senate seat after the elections to one of its so-called Indian VP, but the sad fact is Gerakan is … well ... a sad case.

Imagine, from the hey days of its glorious Genesis with giants like Professor Syed Hussain Alatas, Tan Sri Dr Tan Chee Khoon (once Malaysia’s Mr Opposition), Dr. J.B.A. Peter, internationally renowned Professor Wang Gungwu, V. Veerapan, and even Dr Lim Chong Eu, the man who took Gerakan into the BN in 1972 because he was worried about Tun Razak marginalising an opposition ruled Penang, to what it is today, principally a Chinese party with Raja Bodek as its head – from glory to grubby.

As I left a comment at Lim Kit Siang’s blog, the Gerakan Party exists today only as an UMNO tool to frustrate and neutralize MCA from reclaiming Penang. The current status quo leaves an UMNO man as Penang’s de facto Chief Minister.

But why are its Indian members still loitering in marginalised humiliation in the party?

Case III

In the Star, the headline shamelessly said
Samy: Indians can count on MIC. The following is a sample of the interview with Humpty Dumpty:

Q: There is talk that Indian voters are unhappy with you and the MIC, not the Government. Indians have also staged demonstrations to voice their resentment. What's your view on this?

A: Certain sections of the Indian community are angry, not because we didn't raise or ask for solutions to their plight. Their anger is due to inadequacy: when 50 people apply for a (government) job, and if only one gets the job, it is not only they that get angry. Even I get disappointed. I have fought for this many times in the Cabinet and we have achieved some degree of success.

So my dear Aneh, if you asked for 50 jobs and you received only one, what did you do then? OK, you became angry, but what else?

Eeleh lah!


  1. kt

    why should we have to be nice to this jt. she lie big time to enjoy the trappings of life. you live by the sword, and you die with it, so to speak.
    and u think wong is gonna lift a pen against her. well, he is great when he preaches from the pulpit (on sundays)but he aint no different when it comes to the rice bowl. we called it hypocrisy, kt. and this is the sort of person which i disrespect most coz they bring disrepute and shame to their religion.

  2. I luv Semi-Value...for the entertainment value, don't get me wrong...

    On Jocelyn Tan, she's just a hack writer for Barisan Najis..

  3. And the full page ads MIC is running the last 2 days are unbelievable pathetic. They are listing the crumbs they got from all the begging.