Saturday, February 23, 2008

Political snippets (6)

Based on news report from Malaysiakini and Star Online.

A sweetie told me my ‘political snippets’ are like the equivalent of Tolstoy’s ‘War & Peace’. She’s right ;-)

Though I had planned the ‘snippets’ one lazy blogging day, I got carried away once I started. I thought of changing it to ‘political commentaries’ but that sounds too pompous and undeserving, so I am afraid I have to keep using ‘snippets’.

Case I

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, the
Only one 'regime' is capable of running the country bloke running the Election Commission has made an 11th-hr poll rules changes.

According to Malaysiakini, Mr
I’ll sue those who tore up my photo has announced the EC will be enforcing a long disused and forgotten rule that election candidates must pay stamp duty on their applications to contest.

Apart from the fact that the rule has never been enforced, Mr Shameless announced it just on Thursday, the last working day for northern states (where Friday and Saturday are holidays) just before registration of candidates tomorrow, Sunday.

This will fix up those opposition candidates, particularly PAS, who could be disqualified by the 11th hour change.

The dictionary defines ‘eleventh hour’ as:

(i) the last possible moment for doing something
the latest possible moment

We may assume in this disgraceful shameless atrocious case it’s the second meaning.

Abdul Rashid reminds me of a female neighbour that I dislike immensely. When my mum played mahjong with her, the auntie would make the rules as the game progressed. While mahjong is a complex game with differing rules in different countries (like the silly ‘heavenly twins’ the Americans are fond of), locality or clubs there are some unchangeable universal rules. But trust the neighbour auntie to re-create new ones in place of those – of course ‘twas only a coincidence, she would have claimed, that those new rules favoured her.

Both Abdul Rashid and that auntie are despicably shameless or shamelessly despicable (I like the 2nd one) – but at least one of them didn't claim to be a Tan Sri (if this title means any damn thing at all anymore).

Case II

I blogged in my other site
BolehTalk about a Malaysiakini revelation of the bloke responsible for recording the controversial phone conversation of VK Lingam.

Yes, Loh Gwo Burne will be contesting in the Kelana Jaya parliamentary seat, and on a PKR ticket too. I congratulated Loh for his most handsome reward of a parliamentary seat from the de facto leader of that party. Eat your heart out, poor dear Elizabeth Wong.

Ironically the MCA incumbent of Kelana Jaya, dumped from the MCA list for this election because he had the blooming temerity to criticize a ketuanan Melayu edited version of Malaysian history, is also another Loh, MCA MP Loh Seng Kok.

When MCA Loh exposed both the bull history textbook which had eliminated the role of the ‘nons’ and a proselytising directive by the Islamic Development Board (Jakim) to the private sector to conduct Muslim prayers during meetings
he was threatened by both UMNO and PAS!

Which Loh has been more heroic and selfless, MCA Loh or PKR Loh?

But the far more interesting issue to arise out of this relates to what a judge in the Royal Commission (investigating into the Lingam videotape) had said of Anwar Ibrahim.

I can’t remember whether it was Haidar or Shankar who criticized Anwar Ibrahim for surrendering the videotape section by section instead of presenting the entire video to the authorities. Anwar Ibrahim responded (words to the effect) that he could only surrender to the authorities what he was given by the person who owned the tape.

Hmmm, I now wonder? As one sweetie commented to me, someone had been ‘selling tickets’ to a series of ‘shows’!

Case III

As we all know, Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter, Nurul Izzah, will be contesting in the federal seat of Lembah Pantai. Personally I had hope for hardworking PKR member Elizabeth Wong to be given a high profile role, namely a hot seat like Lembah Pantai to challenge the BN candidate there, hottie Minister Shahrizat. For Elizabeth's duty, devotion and dedication to PKR I believe she deserves all that but alas, I am not even a de facto member of PKR so who wants to listen to me ;-)

Many believe that Nurul will surrender her seat after April, to enable her dad to stand as a candidate in the subsequent by-election after the legal period barring Anwar from politics has expired, but we have all been very wrong.

When asked whether Nurul, if she wins, would make way for Anwar, PKR’s Deputy President Dr Syed Husin declared that was not necessary. He pronounced that someone would definitely make way. He said the decision would depend on which seats they won.

As I had posted a comment over at the website of notable blogger Susan Loone, I was disgusted by Anwar Ibrahim’s boasting he could get a number of PKR MPs (I think the figure mentioned was 20 - hahaha) to step down for him to contest come post-April.

A sweetie lamented in equal disgust that he could even say such a thing without a tinge of consideration for the feelings of any of those PKR MPs (if they win) – yes, what the hell did Anwar think they are? Toilet paper to be used and cast aside by His Almightiness?

Such has been, and probably still is his sense of self-centred interest that dismisses any consideration for other poeple, even his own party members!

But obviously his daughter cannot be treated in that casual callous cavalier fashion, as Dr Syed Husin has indicated. No sirree, not any of his 'Chosen Ones'. It's hardly likely to be HRH the Princess but just one of those ‘toilet paper’ MPs who ‘would definitely make way’.


  1. wah, I missed all these 'Deep deep' strategy amalysis by KT.

    On the LP seat, it would be hard for E.W. coz majority of voters there doesn't know E.W. and her rep. She would be great in a more 'Modern' constituent like PJU/PJS where her track records would be exemplary to others. Pretenders like Chew MeeHoon will have to top E. Wong's social activism before she could even file for nomination!

    As for LP, those who lives there or been know what I'm saying, they deserve a 'no-brainer-Yes-Sir' MP like ALL BN women MPs. Remember last year how long it took for her and fellow female MP to voice out their objections when women were berated openly in Parliament? How she chose the easy way out and blamed the parents entirely for a hideous crime?

    Plus, we haven't even touch on others like Azalina's abused of taxpayer's money in both Brickendonbery and overpaying for some scam youth program tools or the Puteri AMNO idiot who demand for Namewee to be revoke of citizenship but yet turn a blind eye on their party's plundering of state and national coffers/lands.

    PKR's 'minority' candidates will be like any other party, undermined until there's recognition of real talent & effort other than race & religion. Still I would side with PKR anytime as its members are younger, intelligent, progressive and are more willing to adapt to changes compare to the white elephant known as AMNO.

  2. Anwar is the weak link in the Opposition. It looks like he is a control freak who pays lip service to democratic ideals. What did he do when he was the DPM for more freedom, democracy, etc? What did he use his "political fund" for? Certainly not for turning him into a true democract! I hope BN loses as many seats as possible but I'm not holding my breath for Anwar.

  3. Mate, I have been a keen reader of your blog for the past few weeks now.

    Although I share many of your aspirations for the betterment of the Malaysian political landscape, I must respectfully disagree with what seems to be your vehement dislike for Anwar, and to a lesser extent, PKR.

    I have been a DAP supporter since I first understood M'sian politics. However, despite that I have a warm regard for PKR as well, something which you obviously do not share.

    Your wholehearted support for DAP, as well as your dismissal of PKR reminded me of a description I read from an Australian book on politics. In it, it stated that the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has an inherit mentality of 'purity in defeat'. I feel that this description also aptly describes your political philosophy.

    I am bemused how you seem to fail to see (or not want to see) the potentially transformative role that PKR can play in M'sian politics. True, if we are talking about which party has the stronger proven track record on upholding justice, democracy, etc etc, DAP wins hands down.

    But here is where I differ from you in my political philosophy. I think in terms of realpolitik. I take a look back in the past 50 years and I see that DAP has been incapable of beating BN. And so this compels me to look for another alternative. And I have found that in PKR. It's nothing personal, its just business. BN wins because it has the Muslim-Malay voters in the bag. DAP can't challenge BN in this, but PKR can. So I have no qualms whatsoever in giving PKR a sporting chance to kick BN-UMNO's butt.

    So what if Anwar decides to betray us all and run back to UMNO if/when PKR wins a substantial number of seats? I see absolutely no difference between that happening to not voting for PKR in a PKR-BN fight and letting the BN candidate win. It's like not even giving those PKR folks a chance to prove their commitment before writing them off, which I find arrogant and narrow-minded. I've written extensively about this on the sidebar of my own blog if you're interested in reading more.

    So all this leads me to only one logical choice: I see PKR as the circuit-breaker in M'sia current political stasis, and all arguments against voting for it doesn't hold up to close scrutiny.

  4. sigma, in like fashion I don't share your perceptions - I find Anwar a far greater danger, as proven by his track record as ministers in various capacities. Peopel tend to forget his terrible policies and behaviour - I and many people don't!

    I don't buy the argument that let's try him out and then deal with him if he betrays our trust. It'll be too late by then. I would like to see him out of Malaysian politics for good - let him go swan on the international stage

    But you are incorrect to say I am against PKR per se, even tho' you did qualify that as 'to a lesser extent'. I am only against those former UMNO people who are Anwar's inner group.

    For example, I support Elizabeth Wong. She's a great lady and fantastic person and activist.

  5. Ktemoc really would prefer another five years Barisan Najis rule ...I know, I know that's almost certainly going to happen anyway, but that's a separate issue.

  6. ARAR has make one grave mistake. A Muslim CANNOT sue anyone who tore or tainted his photo, figurine,etc.

    When Muslim are not allowed to worship the prophet in any solid form, Muslim also forbid to do the same for themselves.

    For the surrendering of parliament seat, it sounds opportunist. It do nothing good for PKR or even the opposition. Anwar WILL NOT be make the opposition leader anyway.

    IMHO, Anwar yet to earn respect from anyone. Not just KT, I am uneasy about Anwar also. Because he FAILED to show the quality of visionary.

    To those who criticised KTemoc for "not supporting Anwar", please bare in mind that you can't draw a equal line between supporting Anwar and supporting the opposition.

    In fact, I trust the PAS Tok Guru more than Anwar. To date, I yet to see any viable manifesto come from PKR.

  7. kk46, your "Ktemoc really would prefer another five years Barisan Najis rule" is such a drastic accusation. I hope you will now re-analyze what you have exactly said.

    Unfortunately anwaristas are typically emotional people, making simplistic equation that people who don't trust or despise Anwar Ibrahim are being pro BN - I leave you to reflect on your narrow or blinked focus.

    Don't worry, I forgive you ;-)

  8. typo - shoudld blinkered" ;-)

  9. Anwar cannot be trusted. He was with the government for 16 years and look at all the damage that he did. Don't tell me to give him another chance because US already have 3 Presidents in that period. 62 years ago, Dato Onn Jaafar tried to establish a multi racil party and failed and Malaysian politics had been based on race/religion since. To me more than 80 % politicians are devils but I am voting for the smallest one. This morning I just discovered that the assemblyman I voted 4 years ago has crossed over to PKR from BN ( a rare specimen ) because he was not nominated to stand again and I thought I had voted for the right man then. No, I never vote for any party only for the candidate even if a monkey is standing if the monkey is better than the other devil. To me all candidates who use treat and flip flop is a no no for me and if I am at the Stone Elephant, Cili Padi is out as far as far as i am concerned.

  10. Ktemoc is one of the Chinese Running Dog Special Branch operatives paid to split the Opposition.

  11. KTemoc, Hafiz (the_earthnic) has just told me that your favourite Elizabeth Wong IS competing in the GE, in the Selangor state assembly seat of Bukit Lanjan.

    I took a look at the complete PKR candidate list, and I am am quite happy with it. It has great racial composition, and almost all of its prominent members have been nominated (including Elizabeth Wong). I am sad to see that the principled Dr Syed Husin Ali declined to be nominated, and what happened to the other human rights activist Dr Irene Fernandez?? Why isn't she nominated?? Very odd. But other than this, PKR has a good candidate lineup.

  12. Yeah, yeah, I know the Opposition is weak. Less than Stellar leaders (some downright untrustworthy), lots of lightweight or unknown candidates. If they were strong, they would have kicked Bee-Ant's butt a long time ago.

    So what do so many people do everytime ? They keep voting "Dacing".

    Then somewhere along the way, maybe one or two years later, they will mumble vaguely about how unfair the NEP is, or make some pitiful noises when UMNOPUTRAS shove a Kris up their face.

    But every Election they keep voting "Dacing".

    Lets be honest - many people out there will be doing exactly that on March 8.

    I've made my decision - I'm definitely not going to do that again this time.

  13. Ktemoc,

    Will you share with me all the reasons that drive you mad in exhibiting strong, unequalled hatred to Anwar the person and even now his own children? I may change as well to hate him if you share with me the reasons for your atavistic, sustained, pugnacious, deep seated and personal hatred to Anwar and even his wife or children. I may hate them too if there are good reasons. Because looking at you, the only thing I have observed is that you hate Anwar so much so that questions like what's hate, what creates hate, what propels hate, what sustain hate come into my mind! And what adds to my agony is that you pose as someone preaching good while you trade in the anguish of others. It is the height of irony indeed and I'm baffled beyond wondering the kind of ideals you cherish. But the hate you harbour to Anwar and now to his children is so immense that a scale can't be found to measure it. The question is, will you tell me the very reasons that made you what you are. Thanks.

  14. aiyah, you anwaristas are too emotional, always using words like 'hate' and 'hatred'. I don't hate anwar, and definitely not his wife or daughter - I just don't trust him, maybe I despise his hypocrisy and his constant refusal to take some responsibility for his draconian ministerial policies. He's always blaming everyone except himself.

    And since my distrust of him is invincible, I will not support his wife's and daughter's candidatures, mainly because he would be using them for his own power play.

  15. Ktemoc,

    Your support is not needed because you are a slave to your own hypocrisy. You are a slave to the master who pays you. You are a slave to your scandalous mind that’s steeped in hatred but believes that it can deceive people through concoction and sophistry of morality. What a joke! In your temerity, you believe that by spending 100% energy on attacking Anwar and on his progeny (since when did a child get blamed for the sins of parents. No wonder you have a scandalous mind that’s bereft of any good), you hallucinate that your bunkum will be bought. What a nightmare for a plodder of your ilk and calibre.

    If Anwar were to consult his wife or children politically, neither Prophets nor normal human politicians didn’t do that. You only need to look at today’s Malaysia’s political scene to know what’s happening. But you are a victim of invidious tendencies and juvenile psychology that makes people sympathize with you rather lambaste you since you can’t be responsible for your lunacy and beyond salvation case.

  16. There is nothing wrong in someone vacating his or heat for Anwar. All over the world, it is done to overcome given challenges. Therefore, your argument is petty. Moreover, it is a political undertaking just like Mahatir would agree with AAB to handover Najib. Incumbent Turkish Prime Minister was barred from running by the courts in 2002. Since he was the Chairman of the mainstream opposition party, he campaigned for the party. They won the elections. Abdullah Gul became the Prime Minister. Then he changed the constitution in Parliament to allow Recep Tayyip Erdogan to run for a Parliament seat after the Electoral Commission nullified the results of a seat. Erdogan won the seat. Abdullah Gul stepped down and Erdogan became the new Prime Minister while Abdullah Gul became the Foreign Minister and his deputy. Later in 2007, in order to reward Abdullah Gul, the Turkish Prime Minister proposed Gul for the Presidency which was being vacated by the outgoing President. There was a protest and a lot of chaos for reasons known to all. Erdogan dissolved his government and sought a new mandate to make sure his loyal friend gets the Presidency through parliament. Erdogan’s party won a crushing victory and Erdogan pushed for Abdullah Gul’s election and today Gul is the President. Upon his immediate victory, Erdogan welcomed Anwar to his home in Istanbul and Anwar also met Abdullah Gul at the same house and Turkish Foreign Diplomacy ideologue and powerhouse, Prof. Ahmet Davutoglu. In this regard, your prepossessed opinion and personal grudge against Anwar can’t make anyone buy your petty theory. But you are entitled to your opinion, however lopsided it is. After all, no one is liked by all. So it is futile to beg you to love anyone because you feed no one and neither does anyone depend on you for whatever reason.

  17. hey, rashid abdullah, you've proven my point that you anwaristas are too emotional, maybe even fanatical ;-)

  18. Ktemoc wrote: hey, rashid abdullah, you've proven my point that you anwaristas are too emotional, maybe even fanatical ;-)

    Sir, did you know that it takes two hands to make a clap? Did you know that fanatical attack/defence/reasoning is born against fanatical hatred, hostility and unobjectivity? You mean you didn't know that your atavistic hostility which is driven by personal grudge, abhorrence and loathsome outlook and persuasion couldn't plant the same defeatist, juvenile culture in everyone? That's basic science my dear. Very basic indeed. Only that people of your calibre can't appreciate it because their case is beyond salvation point.

  19. quote "Will you share with me all the reasons that drive you mad ..." unquote

    I am not the one mad nor the one who pretends to want to know - hahahahahahahaha - just chill it buddy, we're all taken for a bullsh*t ride - we're only the kamikaze pilots for those who consider themselves indispensable - well, I try not to be ;-) so kawan, just relax, don't take things so seriously

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Repost anon's comments (of Feb 25, 10:57 PM) with minor editing:

    To the non-Muslims who support Anwar let me remind you people of how Anwar used his powers to force non-Muslim students to adopt the Muslim prayer posture in the classrooms when Muslim students pray. Do you know what kind of anguish this caused many non-Muslim parents. Just like Muslims are not allowed to pray in the manner that non-Muslims do, the same applies to millions of non-Muslims in Malaysia.
    As for the Muslims who support anwar they of course conveniently forget thei dastardly episode in Anwar's career. Anwar is no different from ... [edited] ... Just like the ... [edited] ..., Anwar does not care how he hurts non-muslims so long as his cause is furthered.
    Muslims spew bloody murder and riot over a few cartoons. One can only imagine what Muslims will do if Muslim students are forced to adopt the prayer posture of other religions
    Ktemoc is right in distrusting Anwar. and to the Anwaristas let me just say I will never forget what your s.o.b, m.f hero did in the name of I.... [edited]

  22. Anon 5: 13,

    I'm in Kelana Jaya and a voter. That said, if you tell us that Anwar is a devil, you didn't us tell us the alternative.

    Secondly, when you remind non-Muslims what yo are complaining of, of which we don't know or never seen because we were students too, don't you think you are a playing a very bad card? Remember, if it becomes to Islam, whether we are in PAS, UMNO, or Keadilan, there is a redline that no one of us will pass no matter the cause. So, don't go that way. lets co-exsist, look for things better. Complaining about the past by lacing the past with lies will not salvage non-Muslims or even Muslims for that matter. I have read the response of "Rashid Abdullah" above, and I think there was a tingy of hard knock and honesty in how he answered Ktemoc who definately blames people (read Anwar) for Hiroshima bomb too. But doesn't give us an alternative. Anyway, however much we hate Anwar, those who agree with him will not buy prejudice and hate however good it may look. The grass is greener on the other side too.

  23. To Zulkipli, I do not know which school you came from or whether you even had non-Muslim classmates.
    However, I can assure you that Anwar did F---king force non-Muslims to pray like Muslims. I happened to my brother when Anwar was the education minister. Like I said millions of non-Muslims will never forget how you m.f hero used Islam to make himself look like a hero at the expense of the non-Malays/Muslims. Until Anwar shows he is sorry for his past misdeeds he will just remain as another extremist Muslims in the eyes of the non-Malays. Believe you me when I say many non-Muslims will make the PKR keep paying at the polls for Anwar's extremism.