Tuesday, February 26, 2008

PKR's Kelana Jaya sweetheart deal?

In Political snippets (6) I expressed my amazement at the bizarre news that Loh Gwo Burne will be contesting in the 2008 Election in Kelana Jaya on a PKR ticket.

Loh’s only fame (If you can term his coming to public notice that) was a Malaysiakini revelation of him as the bloke responsible for recording the controversial phone conversation of VK Lingam.

Here’s a person, who until the Lingam tape, was a PKR nobody but now suddenly being rewarded with the party's nomination for a parliamentary seat while hardworking, dedicated PKR member and a human rights lawyer, Elizabeth Wong, gets a state seat. And what about local martyr Tian Chua?

Yes, Elizabeth has been denied a parliamentary seat unlike HRH the Crown Princess and the Royal Video Cameraman, thanks to the de facto leader.

Now, Haris Ibrahim, whom I hadn’t thought very well of, because of his objection to the Hindraf rally, the grandstanding boycott of the mainstream media as well as the bizarre gimmick of the CSI-Parliament stamp of endorsement, has finally come up with a decent post.

He asked PKR about Loh Gwo Burne’s nomination in PKR, why, why, why? He wrote:

I’ve had e-mails from Kelana Jaya registered voters asking this time and again. Why Loh Gwo-Burne?

He was unheard of until just before the Royal Commission proceedings began. There’s talk now about giving a protest vote to the independent, Billi Lim!

Have we missed something? Pray tell, PKR.

Indeed, but Haris should ask Anwar Ibrahim, not PKR because there are decent people in that party who are still furious with Loh’s nomination.

Tough luck for them in having a dict…. de facto leader.


  1. There is OPEN protest everywhere when it comes to all parties. Imagine there were no people on the ground hurling insults or throwing bottles at PKR while they were doing to UMNO/MIC/DAP and even PAS. So, as a Kelana Jaya voter, I don't get your protest, more so when you are known as a hired pen-slinger who thrives in anti-Anwar drivel.

    About Elizebeth Wong, she is fighting for a seat which is not different from Parliament (that's if she wins like the rest). But I find it very sleazy of hired pen-slingers like you to seek consolation under the name of PKR's beautiful Wong as you spread your diabolic personal onslaught. She didn’t authorize you use her name for covert and nefarious ends. Would you write about UMNO and insult their leadership like the way it will be difficult for you to spend a day without hitting at Anwar (your Dr’s prescription)? About the good people and Bangsa Malaysia fellows UMNO dropped and replaced with village hatchet men? Would you write about Gerekan which even refused to field a single Malay and a single Indian candidate in the whole of Malaysia but argues to be a multi-racial party? Would you glance at MCA and enlighten us on what’s going on since we are shocked at we are observing? You have to know that preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom however eloquent they are put because everyone a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices. Therefore just recognize them because if your lens is prejudice, you're wearing the wrong prescription. And definitely you are wearing them.

    ”Many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.” William James.

  2. Can't we just leave Anwar out of the picture? Why the intense and prolonged hatred for him? Not a single day goes by without attacks on Anwar.Is he really Hitler in your eyes?

    Anyway, I agree on the stupid decision to field Loh. Idiotic. Better vote for Billy Lim, Dare to Fail!

  3. Maybe to let Loh win the seat and give way to Anwar through a by election?

  4. I can assure you even if Loh-Burne were to win, and I doubt highly, Anwar wouldn't have chosen it. At the end of the day, he will go back to Permatang Pauh and not even Lembah Pantai if Nurul Izzah were to win. This is the hard truth. There was a small mishap, and it happens under intense pressure and jostling. But we must agree to the fact that PKR despite being a small party showed an organised front. Just look at UMNO, MCA and MIC. In fact, Zorro unmasked argued that someone who is well known in the area should have been put there, so that Anwar could take over. Barisan Rakyat supportes would want that. But I do beleive neither Anwar nor reality would meet that for now.

  5. sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture.Maybe Elizabeth Wong has a better chance of winning the state seat. Nobody knows this Loh guy. So let us give him a chance. If he had the guts to expose the tape that too through a smart means, then he will have the guts to expose the wrong doing in the government. Or fielding him in the election could be a better way of protecting him. For a start he has done something that most wouldn't do. He has exposed something which is very explosive. He could have used it for his own gain. Maybe if he did not expose it he could have got a seat from MCA. So let us give him benefit of the doubt. If we have given 50 years to people who have not performed i think we can give him five to see how he performs.