Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jeff Ooi - koay karng spot for koay karng lang?


Looks like Jeff Ooi may not be standing in Bukit Bendera afterall.

Malaysiakini in its news article DAP: Penang economy slipping stated:

"Penang has become the laughing stock of the international industrial community under Koh," said Ooi, who intends to contest in a parliamentary seat in Seberang Perai."

“…Ooi, who intends to contest in a parliamentary seat in Seberang Perai.”

Did you get that?

Hmmm, on second thoughts maybe it might be better for Jeff. I believe Chia Kwang Chye, who has had several years to consolidate his position in that federal seat may be too strong for a new comer like Jeff.

It’s important for Jeff to win or his political career will come to an unpleasant period of stagnation if not a grinding halt. And what a depressing, demotivating and disastrous experience that would be for the DAP's prize recruit as well as the DAP.

Maybe it's better to allocate a 'koay karng' spot for a 'koay karng lang' ;-)


  1. Many people want Jeff Ooi to contest Subang Jaya seat. Any highly urbanize/literate area is where Jeff Ooi has popularity exposure(whether positive or negatives).

  2. My family and I will vote for Sdr Jeff Ooi anywhere!