Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AAB nix-ed Valentine roses

Two hundred yellow roses came today
Two hundred yellow roses in a pretty bouquet
When the children came to the door
AAB didn't know what to say
But, two hundred yellow roses came today.

AAB opened up the card to see what it said
He couldn't believe his eyes
When he had read

Though 5 belong to the ISA the kids love them anyway
Yes, two hundred yellow roses came today.

(with acknowledge and apologies to the estate of Bobby Darin)

From the Malaysiakini press corner, we read the BBC telling us that a post John Howard government in Australia has finally apologized to its aborigines for a host of wrongs.

The BBC’s Australia apology to Aborigines said:

The Australian government has made a formal apology for the past wrongs caused by successive governments on the indigenous Aboriginal population. (Labour Party) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised in parliament to all Aborigines for laws and policies that "inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss".


The leader of the Liberal opposition, Brendan Nelson, said he "strongly" welcomed the apology.

He decided to take a different position on the issue than his predecessor, former Prime Minister John Howard, who refused for over a decade to apologise to the Stolen Generations - a stance supported, polls suggest, by about 30% of Australians.

Good on you, Kevin and Brendan. But then, will the Malaysian government apologize to the Indian Malaysians for the latter's socio-economic marginalization by successful Malaysian governments?

I reckon not because in Malaysiakini 'Guns and roses' in Parliament? we learn that Police has refused to issue a permit to Hindraf supporters to have 200 children and their parents present Valentine Day’s roses to PM Abdullah Badawi in a symbolic call for the release of the five Hindraf leaders held under the ISA.

But goodness, such lousy timing lah - surely not on AAB’s announcement of the dissolution of Parliament and the consequential general election.

And why is that?

… coz Valentine Day is perceived as a Christian occasion, which has already been fatwa-ed (last year) as unsuitable for Muslims to participate in. Would AAB dare to receive those 200 roses on the eve of the election?

Aiyoyo, rugi lah, those 10% Indian voters, and particularly in the Batu Kawan and Lembah Pantai federal constituency where the percentage of Indians registered voters are as high as 20%+.


  1. Indian is still luckier than the Malaysia aborigines . Because aborigines are being assimilate and their rights to votes has been denied by BN government, using the same excuses of "caretaker" character for postal votes.

  2. Do the orang asli vote by post? God help the original bumiputras of this land!