Thursday, February 28, 2008

Political snippets (8)

Based on news report from Malaysiakini and Star Online

Case I

Malaysiakini published this article about a MIC warning to the Indian community: If you don't vote MIC, 'prepare to pay price'!

The report said: MIC, part of the BN coalition, took out full-page newspaper ads which said Indians' prospects would "disintegrate" if they deserted the government.

"If you don't vote for MIC, then be prepared to pay the price," it said in bold red letters, urging Indians not to cast a protest vote for PAS, which rules impoverished Kelantan.

malaysiakini image

KNN! So fierce lah!

Apparently the message is supposed to win back the support of the Indian community, but the MIC has a funny way of wooing back people who have been and still are thoroughly disgusted with the do-nothing MIC leaders.

Regrettably MIC leaders tend to take their supporters for granted.

Mind you, a man I know has an unfortunate (bigoted) view of Indians. He said that they will still flock to Humpty Dumpty and the MIC despite being kicked and slapped around by those jokers.

I pray the Indians will show their H-powered resolve and dignity, and not let those MIC leaders intimidate them with a disgusting disrespectful disdainful threat.

Case II

Premesh Chandran of Malaysiakini wrote a piece on the 2008 Election in Umno may lose up to 10 seats.

I have just extracted the portion on how our Indian brethren can possibly affect the results, which read:

Umno may also lose seats with a heavy Indian voting base if the swing among Indian voters is larger than expected.

These include
Bagan Serai (majority 5,614, Indian voters: 10.4%) and Bagan Datok (majority 12,539, Indian voters: 22.6%) in Perak, Tanjong Karang (majority 9,008: Indian voters: 11.1%), Kuala Selangor (majority 13,662, Indian voters: 23.3%) in Selangor, and Lembah Pantai in Kuala Lumpur (majority 15,288, Indian voters: 18.2%).

3 of these seats (in yellow highlights) are contested by PKR, with Lembah Pantai being naturally the high profile electoral constituency. If the Indian voters all turned against Minister Shahrizat, Anwar Ibrahim's daughter will be transported into Parliament on Hindraf power. Some may even comment on the irony of that.

But I wonder whether the walkout of PKR by Nallakarupan and several hundreds of former PKR Indian members would have an adverse effect on those PKR candidates’ chances. I heard Nalla has promised to campaign for the BN, which is the same as saying campaigning against PKR.

Well, if the fallout with Nalla has an unfavourable effect, then that’s something for Anwar Ibrahim to reflect upon after the election.

Case III

From the Star Online - Yen Yen: MCA way ahead on matchmaking in response to PAS manifesto for Kelantan which also promised matchmaking services for older women and the appointment of women as village heads.

Wanita MCA chief Dr Ng Yen Yen, herself a nya Ke-lare-tnare, said the BN had already done all the things promised by PAS in its manifesto.

She declared: “We’ve had women as village heads for a long time under the Barisan Nasional government. As for matchmaking, the MCA’s Cupid Club has been working on this since 2000. PAS’ proposals are nothing fantastic.”

Wow, riveting issues for our general election … ha ha ha!


  1. If you have a leader like that, I am not surprised.

  2. come on kaytee, give ng yen yen a break. MCA doesn't have much to shout about, so they are forced to focus on issues like being a better match-making service than PAS.

  3. Mek Kelate more like it (lose the nasal bit on the the last syllable).

  4. ;-) thanks zippi, the nasal sound reflects the Penangite in me

  5. aiyah klaw, MCA could/should talk about education lah - education central pillar of Chinese culture and aspiration mah ;-) if it doesn't have anything to talk about, the safest topic is education, not playing Cupid lah - leave that to PAS ha ha ha

  6. Nallakarupan is an overrated Prima Donna wannabe...there are still many low-key Indian members in PKR doing effective work among Indian community.

    "overrated Prima Donna wannabe..."...heheheheh..I know Kaytee considers this to be an accurate description of somebody else......

  7. ;-) said ornithological specimens of identical iridescent and ocellated spotted plummage, did (historically) congregate in sphairistike-ish close proximity

  8. nyy cannot talk Chinese education otherwise it backfire. PAS promise more chinese school than machai OKT. Matchmaking safer. Perhaps making concert?

  9. "Mind you, a man I know has an unfortunate (bigoted) view of Indians. He said that they will still flock to Humpty Dumpty and the MIC despite being kicked and slapped around by those jokers."

    Were you referring to me, Ktemoc? :-)

    Yes, Our Indian community must prove to everyone else that they are capable of shaping the nation by introducing changes.

    Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

  10. why Barisan Nasional will always prevail..

    easy. heres a WORST case scenario. its because sabah and sarawak (BN stronghold) alone holds 70 seats of the parliament out of what 200+ seats. so thats already.. give or take, 1/3 of the parliament won!

    so a few seats here and there in the peninsular.. maybe 10 here, 10 there.. wouldnt that will add up too 80-100 on semenanjung?? kan kan?

    so add it all up.. wouldnt it make 2/3rd of the parliament?

    the opposition will NEVER rule the government no matter what.

    people. bear in mind i gave a worst case scenario..its a no brainer. but i dont vote. because.. yeah.. no matter what, BN will win.

  11. on your case no. 1, where MIC threaten those who do not vote them, it also appeared in the star and a young church friend of mine had written a very good letter to the star about it. i will reproduce it here, even though it is long - worth reading it.


    To :
    and staff of the
    Star Publications (M) Bhd

    C:C to all Contacts.


    Dear publisher,

    With much regret and disappointment over the star publication i am writing this letter.

    I strongly condemn and object all your articles in the star the pass few days. Very clearly i can see that your articles on the coming general election is giving a one sight report and supporting the barisan Nasional Government. I view this as something not healthy and a threat to the future of the the media.

    You use the caption MALAYSIA DECIDES 2008 in your General election report. How to decide when you don't even give a report on the opposition party. Lim kit siang, Anwar Ibrahim and other oppositions gave many ceramah`s in penang, But i don't see any detail or article on that events. and even if i had see, It would be a negative report on that party. What kind of practice is this in a democratic country ? We as the rakyat and reader of the star expects and demand equal coverage and news on all parties in the general election. Yes it`s good to tell the nation what the barisan has done for it`s people and the development it has brought to this country, at the same time it is also important to hear from the opposition their views and vision for the country. Whether they are giving empty promises, or lying, it is for the rakyat to decide. Not for the government or for your publication to decide or come to an conclusion.

    In your publication today 28/2/07 page N 11, there is an advertisement from MIC. What kind of advertisement is that. Is MIC trying to instill fear in the nation and getting votes by threatening us. It say`s IF YOU DON'T VOTE FOR MIC THEN BE PREPARED TO PAY THE PRICE.... What the hell does MIC mean by that. That statement has already breach the election campaign law which prohibits nominee's from threatening the voters. I see only Barisan Nasional `s advertisement in the star.. Aren`t there any other parties contesting in this coming general election? Every single day i see so many full page BN advertisement, Have they not yet exceeded the campaign budget limit approved by the election commission for all parties. I know how many thousands it cost for a single page advertisement in the star. Or is the star sponsoring the pages for BN... If yes, then why is the star not sponsoring also for DAP, KEADILAN and PAS. There are also readers whom support the opposition as much as the readers whom supports BN. This is such and insult to all readers of the Star. We give you business and you pay us back in this way ?

    When reporting on news which refers to Dato seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datuk seri Najib Tun Razak, your publication refers them as the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Has your editors forget that the Parliament has been dissolved. What right do you all have then to officially call both this people current ministers of Malaysia. Aren't` you all then giving false information to the readers.

    I send this email as and warning to the Star Publication to give and equal coverage to all parties on the General Election. It`s is also a call from the Election Commission President of Malaysia to give and equal and fair coverage to all parties. If your company were to still publish report on a one sight view after reading this email, I am going to launch a boycott on the star publication and urge penang people not to buy the Star. I will go all out for it using my contacts and influences and make sure people do not buy the Star. There are alternative paper like the SUN which provides equal news to the nation. Why then spent more to buy news which is not fair and equal to all. I hope this is the start for a change in the way your reports are being published. Let the Nation decide, and dont fool your readers.

  12. Its not just Samy and his MIC issuing veiled threats to the wayward Indians that have now taken the Red Pill & escaped from the MATchaRIX. Perak MB Tajol Rosli and Utusan Meloya are doing the same thing, this time using the aftermath of the 1969 elections as a warning:

    The threat is loss of Indian representation in Parliament (but how much good to the Indians has Samy & Kayveas done recently?). But I wonder if there's also another subtle warning behind Tajol Rosli & Utusan's use of the 1969 elections?