Friday, September 30, 2022

Judge reduces man’s jail term from 1,050 years to 42

Judge reduces man’s jail term from 1,050 years to 42

KLANG, March 7, 2022: The High Court here has set aside a 1,050-year jail term imposed on a 33-year-old man for sexually assaulting his underage stepdaughter.

Judge Datuk Azmi Abdullah, when reducing the jail sentence to a total of 42 years said the earlier decision by a Sessions court judge was “illogical and emotional”.

He, however, maintained the maximum 24 strokes of the rotan allowed by the law as imposed earlier on the man.

Sessions court judge M Kunasundary had on Jan 27 last year ordered the man to serve 10 years in jail on each of the 105 charges, with the sentences to run consecutively from the date of his arrest on Jan 20.

The man, who was unrepresented during his trial, had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his 12-year-old step-daughter 50 times in 2018, 32 times in 2019, and 23 times in 2020.

He had committed the offences at a house in Sungai Way, Petaling, Selangor, from Jan 5, 2018 to Feb 24, 2020.

Azmi, who reversed the sentence to 14 years jail each for the offences, ordered the sentence to run consecutively for only three years, meaning the accused now only had to serve a total of 42 years in prison.


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A BRUTE who raped his own 12-year old daughter 105 times in 3 years - The original sentence of 1050 years should have been retained if not increased. 

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  1. I expect Bossku's jail time will soon be effectively reduced from 12 Years to 8 weeks.