Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Goodness, PAS now wants to mingle with "The Corrupt" Nons

PAS open to negotiate with non-Muslims on ummah unity

PAS' efforts to unite the ummah are not exclusive to Malay-Muslim groups such as Umno and Bersatu, said the party's spiritual leader.

Hashim Jasin said any party that agrees with the ummah unity agenda can approach PAS, regardless of religion.

"Any party that agrees with the ummah unity agenda, we can negotiate with. In fact, we can even negotiate with non-Muslims.

"We are open to negotiations," Hashim (above) told Malaysiakini.

The term ummah is commonly used to refer to the Muslim community. However, linguistically, the Arab word simply means "community".

Politically, PAS has used ummah unity as grounds for its effort to engage with both Bersatu and Umno, despite the latter two being political foes.

PAS has repeatedly stressed that unity among Malay-Muslim parties would lead to national stability.

While the party does have a non-Muslim supporters wing, PAS is often perceived to have a confrontational stance against non-Muslims.

Last month, its president Abdul Hadi Awang stirred controversy when he accused non-Muslims of being the source of corruption at the grassroots level.

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  1. And I still question what the PAS non-muslim wing is doing while PAS runs down the nons and only cares about the malay/muslim ummah