Sunday, September 25, 2022

'Big-Tent'-obsessed-power-crazy DAP tells allies not to bully Muda

DAP tells allies not to bully Muda

Anthony Loke

SHAH ALAM, Sept 25, 2022: DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke has told the party’s Pakatan Harapan (PH) allies not to bully Muda over its bid to join the coalition.

“In PH, there shouldn’t be any bullying behaviour among one another. We respect one another, no matter the age. PH is not a bully. We want PH to be strong and to enter the election as one united team,”’ said Loke during the DAP’s special congress here today.

Despite his support for Muda, Loke also reminded leaders of the party not to be “greedy”.

Muda’s bid to join PH had met with opposition from several leaders, particularly from PKR, who felt that the fledgling youth-based party would not contribute much to the coalition.

Relations between PKR and Muda had soured during the Johor election in March after disputes in the allocation of seats to be contested by them, culminating with the clash between PKR and Muda in the contest for the Larkin state seat, which was eventually won by a Barisan Nasional candidate.


  1. Some DAP guys even want to link up with Pejuang and spite of their clear treacherous activity.
    Muda still suspected of possible treachery.

  2. How could an anmokausai understand the art of worming through the treacheries amongst lowlifes?

    Thus, that f*cked self-righteous diarrhea!