Sunday, August 06, 2017

Kit Siang in reactive damage control

Lim Kit Siang is in damage control after political activist Haris Ibrahim voiced his concerns on Mahathir becoming Pakatan's PM if the coalition were to win GE-14.

Brother Haris Ibrahim has been famed for his call to vote ABU (Anyone but UMNO) in the last election, and is a socio-political who is highly respected by many Malaysians.

haris ibrahim 

[I must confess I have been against Brother Haris' ABU because of its sweeping collateral damage - ABU affected good people like Saifuddin Abdullah who lost Temerloh (P88) in GE-13 to the notorious PAS' Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan by a 2% majority (1070)]

[The PAS ulama (also with an Egyptian name of 'Tantawi', which means highness in English) has made irresponsible inconsiderate insidious blames against non-Muslim celebrations such as New Year Eves' and Valentine Days' parties for causing Muslim women to become single mums who then abandoned their fatherless babies]

Anyway, Brother Haris has a very poor impression of Mahathir's track record during the latter's 22-year dictatorial reign as PM.

Thus we read his concerns which panicked and prompted Kit Siang's immediate reactive damage control in FMT's Kit Siang calls on activists to help frame PH reform agenda. Why didn't he say that earlier?

It says the DAP elder responded urgently to Haris Ibrahim’s concern that the coalition’s agenda may be set back if Mahathir Mohamad is chosen as its PM.

A day earlier, Brother Haris was reported by FMT on his concerns. The newspaper said (extracts):

In an interview carried by FMT today, Haris said the reform agenda may be set back if Mahathir, who is chairman of PPBM and PH, was chosen as prime minister in the event that the opposition coalition won the election due by August next year. [...]

“If we don’t have a reformist at the helm, and instead have someone who still cannot acknowledge that his 22 years of rule inflicted great damage on our institutions, then we won’t have those reforms,” he said, referring to Mahathir’s rule over the country from 1981 to 2003.

Haris said Mahathir’s refusal to take responsibility for the alleged crippling of the judiciary was a clear indication that he was not a reformist.


  1. First of all,if Mahathir still had aspirations to be PM will only be for a day.I think that Mahathir's desire to see Najib go is much stronger than wanting to be crowned PM again.A man at his age would want to spend his remaining years with his grand children and great grandchildren.

  2. You are not a reformist, and do not support any "reform agenda". That has been made clear in your previous posts.
    So the matter above should in reality not be a big deal for you.

    I am not a reformist. I was once, but now I just want to focus on two things.
    Put a stop to mega corruption in the country.
    Put a stop to the blatant abuse of power by the Federal Executive.

    If Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang, both statistically with single-digit remaining life expectancy, can help this objective , I support them.

    1. Put a stop to mega corruption in the country?

      why only now, why not during period from 1981 to 2003?

    2. That was not a fair rebut ler ....... did you criticize Tun in 1981?

    3. R u all trying to imply that those mega corruptions practices, abusing of executive powers, rising Islamic zombeic headology & deteriorating racial relationship from 1981 to 2017 in bolihland r the works of mamak & pinklips?

      Bolih lihat juah sikit ke???

      How about that f**ked-up hegemonic umno!!!

      Don't just look at the syndrome, LOOK at the cause lah!

      If reactive damage control IS what u r looking for. Then go & look at yr mirror image lah!

      What a BIG show of of that gamed bolihland syiok-sendiri-ism!