Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wolfpack or lapdog-pack?

MM Online - Dr M and his wolf pack — Karamjit Ghill (extracts):

Hmmm, not a wise choice of title for Karamjit's letter as the term 'wolf pack' had been associated with Hitler's storm troopers and U-boat marauding fleet in the Atlantic, namely the Wolfpack Siegfreid (Oct 1943) and Wolfpack Seewolf (1941, 43 and 55).

This would imply Mahathir is like Hitler, wakakaka.

If Karmajit was referring to Hindraf, maybe the term 'dog pack' wakakaka would be more appropriate.

lap dogs 

OK then, let's now discuss MM Online's Dr M and his wolf pack by Karamjit (extracts):

Once personified as the saviour of Indians circa 2007, Waythamoorthy enjoyed the wave of support from Indians using Tun Mahathir as the bogeyman.

Dividing the Indians along religious line, their existences hinged on the works of Tun Mahathir who defiled and betrayed the Indian community in his 22 year master class rule of Malaysia.

Hindraf made the Indians look at Tun M as a form of abomination that caused planned ‘genocide’ using police and other Government tools to depress the population of the Indians.

Now what gives?

Well my dear Karamjit, don't blame Waythamoorthy as he has merely taken a leaf out of LKS' Book of Revolting Volte-Face Treachery.

Who caused the systematic neglect, displacement and marginalisation of the Indian community?

In fact it is Hindraf’s Waytha who said that Mahathir’s era was the worst time for Indians in the country. It was during this period that Indians lost out to other communities.

Mahathir, driven by a pathological desire to deny his Indian ancestry, ensured that the problems faced by the Indian community were not given any importance.

Karamjit matey, didn't you read my post Mahathir's lineage of Yemeni origin? in which was mentioned a Facebook posting by the Mukhriz Fan Club (Mukhriz is the 3rd son of Mahathir).

That Facebook posting by said Mukhriz Fan Club gave two fingers to the silly allegation that Mahathir had Indian (Kerala) ancestry. It (Facebook posting) claimed that those from Kerala are not native to India but of Yemeni lineage. Wakakaka.

al-Kutty ibn Abdullah 

That's not unlike what we all know, that most Chinese 
are not native to China but of Saudi lineage, wakakaka.

al-Kaytee ibn Abdullah 

Today you choose to cheerlead with him. Why?

Dedak lor.

Time and time again Hindraf has made a farce of creating political roadshows dragging the Indian community through their chaotic ideals.

Hindraf typifies a hangover that the poor Indian community has to face every time the GE comes around the corner.

all for what, hindraf?

Clearly, Pakatan Harapan has lost its fortitude to preserve and protect their principles. We watch in horror at the desperation of Pakatan in welcoming these uncouth personalities and muddying the once clear conscience of opposition struggle at the pinnacle of which was led by Mr. Karpal Singh.

We are back to square one after all these years. The struggles of Reformasi and Ubah have been undone and obliterated.

Well Mr Waythamoorthy you can be the SECOND greatest traitor, next to Lim Kit Siang.


  1. When a person or persons have lusts of power,greater than he or she might have for their spouses,opposite sex or LGBT partners,it makes them very dangerous people.They have already set their sights on a mission they have to accomplish at all costs.Karamgit should not stand in their way,or else they might have him for dinner.

  2. Going through the articles in Malay Mail Online, I am constantly reminded that the Malay Mail newspaper retains its DNA of being a Mainstream Media propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling Federal regime. 90% of the posts are about what this and that Minister said, as well as attacks on the opposition.
    In no way does it match its claim of being independent, the way the Malaysian Insider was.
    Yes, its unfortunate that Karamjit used the word "Wolf Pack" because he is precisely little more than an attack Pariah Mongrel for his MSM paper and their political masters.
    He doesn't even have the redeeming feature of Jocelyn Tan's good writing style.