Tuesday, August 29, 2017

HY-TLK-CCK Survey predicts tsunamic Pribumi win

MM Online - Survey: Pakatan Harapan can win eight states if it works with PAS (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 — Pakatan Harapan can capture Putrajaya and win eight states if it works with PAS in the next general election, a survey by the Selangor government’s research outfit has found.

Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) predicted that a PH and PAS cooperation will see the alliance win around 59 per cent of total votes in Peninsula Malaysia.

The think tank’s deputy chairman Professor Datuk Mohammad Redzuan Othman however said that this will only occur if it is a one-on-one battle between Barisan Nasional’s (BN) component parties against an opposition alliance.

If Pakatan Harapan works with PAS, they will gain 59 per cent of the votes and will capture Putrajaya and eight states: Kedah, Perak, Penang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor and Kelantan,” he said.

He did not disclose what would be the scenario if PH were to contest against both BN and PAS in the 14th general election.

Surveys could be conducted by various agencies and/or think-tanks. A few days ago Rafizi Ramli informed us that his factional think-tank is INVOKE while on the other hand IDE is a Selangor State think-tank.

You can draw your own conclusion from there as to which survey you wish to read.

I hope I can find one more supportive of working closely with PAS.

Now, if kaytee owns a Survey (call it HY-TLK-CCK, wakakaka) you could have the following headlines, wakakaka (for the purpose of this exercise FT will be considered as 'states'):

1. Survey: Pakatan Harapan can win fifteen states if it sucks up to PAS ...

... the I5th state being the 'lil red dot', wakakaka.

2. Survey: Pakatan Harapan can win majority rule in GE-14 if there is 19.3825645% Malay swing and 5.1193765% Chinese swing ...

... and f**k the Indians (they're from Yemen anyway)

3. Survey: Pakatan Harapan can win 112 federal seats UNCONTESTED if it works with BN, PAS, and Parti Hau-Siao ...

... where I love winning uncontested seats, wakakaka.

RPK is not the ONLY one who can say "I told you so."


  1. RPK is not the ONLY one who can say "I told you so."

    RPK is also currently the Breitbart's equivalent of Steve Bannon, with KT as a sidekick!


  2. RPK has swallowed megatons of Dedak...I told you so.

  3. PAS Hadi is in bed with Najib.
    Ktemoc also in bed with Najib.
    The more the merrier.

    Mahathir is a great man. He arguably saved the Malaysian Economy in 1998. The conventional economic prescription at the time of high interest rates and allowing companies to go under would have let to closure of most small Chinese businesses , massive unemployment and IMF serfdorm.
    I remember those times well , as they were the only time when my business ever came under threat.
    Before and after 1998, there have been good times and bad, but never facing serious threat.

    For that, I shall always remember Mahathir's contributions.

    The injustice he perpetrated against Anwar Ibrahim was bad, but I treat it as a separate issue.

    1. Yea right, and that's why South Korea, HK, Taiwan etc which all followed IMF prescription then are all prospering

      now we can see how Monsterball has been resoundingly shagged by mahathir, wakakaka

    2. U obviously know NUTS about economic theory!

      IMF's prescription then was just a conventional follow-the-book approach to an overwhelmingly difficult monetary phenomenon.

      It's NOT the only possible solution!

      Mamak's decision to peg the ringgit to the USD at an exchange rate of RM3.8 for a US dollar and implement capital controls was an out-of-the-box unconventional solution to a similar monetary policy.

      That policy has avoided many hard-hitting consequences that the IMF methodology would cause, especially to the rakyat!

      The World Bank & IMF had subsequently acknowledged the ingenuity of mamak's (more correctly his team of economists) approach in overcoming that financial crisis.

      S Korea's subsequent prosperity can only be attributed to the resiliency of the Korean. It's VERY doubtful that bolihlanders can show such resilience, judging from the over-dependency of the tongkat by that majority weaklings.

      Taiwan & HK faced a different econpmic spillovers from the 97 financial crisis. Thus, it's incorrect to group their prosperity to the IMF prescription.

      Overcoming the 97 monetary crisis without undue burdening the rakyat IS one legacy that mamak should be given credit to.

      Don't just shoot blindly like yr megalomaniac sifu, especially on subjects u have zilch expertise!!!

      U have just become that proverbial fool for opening yr mouth on subjects u obviously DONT understand le!!!

    3. only you're right, everyone else is wrong - why! you're just like your idol mahathir, wakakaka

    4. Wakakakaka...is that the best u could muster out of yr egoistic grey matter?

      Talk about bodoh sombong + syiok-sendiri-ism...sigh...

      Better move to river of Nile lah...Oz is not for u le!

    5. For the record....

      Those days before Ktemoc became addicted to Najib's Dedak, he used to be nauseatingly pro-Mahathir.

      it was proven that Dr Mahathir’s policy of pegging the ringgit to the dollar was miles superior to his all-readiness-to-surrender to the IMF
      it had already been proven that Dr Mahathir's method was correct, even winning the grudging admiration of the World Bank:

      Dr Mahathir is still going strong and in a funny sort of way, very engaging. From an entertaining point of view, I would love to see him addressing the East Asian Summit next week


      as unsound as capitulating to the IMF during the Asian meltdown

    6. Blogger Lucia Lai and I discussed the above, about being pro Mahathir, but not now. T'was during those days

      certain stuff remains and must remain a secret

    7. p/s by the by, found anything in recent times or even earlier to verify your (and CK's) fabricated charges of me being supportive of najib?

      tsk tsk, don't slag in your "research" wakakaka

    8. When there is a war between two factions, a distinctive conceptual demarcation is drawn over the supposely supports given to each warring party.

      There r NO gray areas - whether the supports given to each party r intentional &/or otherwise.

      Right now, there is an ongoing fight-for-all between mamak & ahjibgor. Every tricks in the books of crook r fair games for supporters from both sides to deploy.

      KT's current rant target of mamak fits nicely into the pack of ahjibgor. Suffice to say that he follows the same patterns of attacks used by his megalomaniac sifu, a known & declared supporter of ahjibgor, in attacking mamak, based on mamak's past deeds!

      Thus, it can be conclusively tagged that KT is been supportive of najib.

      There IS no fabricated charges made by anyone of us. U, himself, creat that concept of supporting pinklips for all of us to see/feel/interpret!

      KT might argue that we r supporting Mamak aka his support of najib.


      Our words of support for mamak r comparative arguments, based on issues raised by KT. It's situational, in reaction to KT's blind hate & silo attackings built on personal feelings than the bigger COMMON GOOD.

      tsk tsk, WHO is slagging in "research", wordsmith??

      Wakakakaka....sigh...such a clouded mind due to what le????

  4. all these surveys are a blardy waste of time and resources

    malaysians are fickle minded and they have a memory span of a gold fish

    transgressions can easily be settled with a few bags of goodies, policy issues, accountability, rule of law, where the social development, economic directions are headed are not their concerns, leave that to the gomen they would say

    a day before the election just announce a Malaysian have landed on the moon should do the trick

  5. Fake news or fake polls,who cares the fuck.In the end it is the results that count.Not who can bullshit the most.In a horserace,a win by a nose is a win.It doesn't matter if a horse wins by a nose or the length of the stretch.The purse money is the same,and the odds on the horse pays the same.

    I have been saying for sometime now.The opposition is leaderless and in disarray.Mahathir is the best chance of leading the opposition to a nose win.If the opposition do win GE14,it will be by a nose.But if Umno/BN wins it will be by a landslide.My money will be on the Najib horse.Corrupt or not,in the end voters will vote for stability.It will be better to have a devil you know than an angel you do not know.

  6. there r diff btw predicting n slandering/cheating/lying/discriminating, which obviously kt r now actively functioning of the latter for the sake of his love with najib.

    kt slander azmin by telling us he is a cohort of mahathir, but can never explain y azmin never listen to mahathir on working with pas.

    kt cheat his reader saying lks is the only one from dap that wan to work with mahathir, however everyone can see lge actively participate in many meeting involve mahathir

    kt tell lies that lks threat hadi on memali, he is now trying whitewash hadi role in memali by diverting the attention to lks.

    kt silence on 1mdb but keep talking forex loss, when he know 1mdb is cheating lying corrupt while forex loss is due to more likely gamble, which seem now he wan to uphold hadi islamic value more than secular law where gamble is a bigger sin than corruption. he act exactly like hadi that discriminate against non believer.

    such a useless dedak eating blogger, we must strive harder to expose him of slandering/cheating/lying/discriminating, n find ways to keep this bastard honest wakaka.

    1. the truth is:

      kt is kissing, hy is sucking, and sucking desperately to protect his mahathir. he used to hate all dap people (still does) but he now protects lks for nothing more than lks being an ally of mahathir

      hy is scared i'm criticising azmin and mahathir - these uncle and nephew work as a soft cop-tough cop team but they'll always end up with what they want

      lge (and many others) have been "forced" either out of respect for lks or "else" to work with pribumi - given a choice they won't; lge does it because lks is his father - we asians understand such fidelity and piety ("hau") by a son to dad.

      lks did threaten hadi on memamli, saying if hadi supports rci on memali, then he (hadi) should remember his "amanat hadi" - wasn't that a threat? why would lks care whether hadi could be embarrassed by the "amanat" UNLESS he was using it as a threat against hadi

      each of my posts has a principal issue but hy has always been insistent i add 1mdb in each; if hy is so interested in 1mdb which millions of other bloggers are already pounding away on, he should start his own blog to whistle way on that topic; why bother me - I blog on what I wish, not on what hy wants; i'm more interested in forex because others are talking about 1mdb - good on them, but i want to talk about forex - why is hy against me blogging on forex; what is hy scared of?

      the truth is hy makans dedak from mahathir - hy wants to divert attention from anything against mahathir which has been why he hounds me, wakakakaka

  7. Guys, i have restrained from commenting on this blog ever since right from the beginning when i found KT acting very un-KT-like by going nauseating-soft on Najib the public=fund-big-thief. Now i am coming into the fray just to say this today : HY - 1. KT- 0. A big fat zero la....all his 'justifications' above, oh so whimpy one, wakakaka.

    1. wakakaka but you will be disappointed as you have been in the ASEAN Games football finals