Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Grotesque mangled sight of PKR

Malaysiakini - Beggars unabashed by their alms-asking:

Terence Netto, a pro Anwar journalist, has just written the virtual obituary for PKR as a so-called reformist party.

According to Netto, PKR knows but refuses to admit it cannot commit to the struggle of Pakatan Harapan whilst whoring at the same time with PH's foe PAS; additionally, by its inexplicable insistent embrace of incompatible body-politics, PKR under Azmin thus lacks a meaningful ideology.

Netto calls that lack a 'void in PKR's ideology', a troubling descriptive characteristic for a serious political party, and more appropriate for an opportunistic agency. 

Netto sneers at PKR's continuing embrace of a disdainful PAS who has already shown utter contempt for Azmin Ali's party, hence describing PKR as 'beggars unabashed by their alms-asking'.


Netto even doubts PKR has the fundamental basic of human-political pride to protest against PAS' sheer arrogance and demonstrated ulamak-repugnance at a begging unwanted slut.

Netto laments the end of the party of so-called Reformasi, with his last sentence a virtual dirge for a political party once known as the Last Hope of Malaysians, namely:

"Suffice to say, the party of the populist swell for Reformasi two decades ago is morphing into one for the defence of factional interests and calculation".

Indeed, it's just factional interests calculated by a calculative calculator, wakakaka.

For the original PKR, I dedicate the following poem Tapestry by Modupe Sefunmi:

To thee I sing a dirge,
As I behold the mangled sight,
Pity, I couldn't turn back the hand of clock, or
Edit the disfigured pattern,
So grotesque as I watch, the
Time-worn piece in my front,
Reminding me of those far away years,
You came to be by my skilful hands.

- Modupe Sefunmi


  1. When a political party have beggars for leaders,guess what will happen?It will self implode,maybe disappear from the face of the earth or might survive and become an irrelevant mosquito party.Either way,it's goose is cooked.

  2. I do not hold out much hope that Pakatan will still rule Selangor after GE14, especially if UMNO/BN wins the largest minority in state constituencies thanks to the opposition vote being split in three or more cornered fights.

    1. 2013 GE - DAP 15, PAS 15, PKR 14 (29 to rule)

      2018? GE - I think DAP at least 14 but can both PKR and Amanah manage 15?

    2. from mathematical (or arithmetic) pov, pretty tough. from a tok kok angle, possible, bec the multiracial dap can always win base on chinese vote, n only chinese vote.

      i believe those mca/gerakan member that betray mca in the past 2 ge will revert to mca this round. i think dap feel it.