Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tis the season

MACC's arrest of Phee Boon Poh should be contrasted with MACC's saying there was no basis to investigate Ahmad Zahid.

Note: kt uses the word 'contrasted' in preference to 'compared' - know why? Wakakaka.

Phee Boon Poh in background 

The above teaches Lim KS a lesson kaukau for slutting around with the MACC. Lim KS has not only betrayed the family of Teoh Beng Hock but alas, consorted futilely with the enemy.

The same lesson awaits Lim KS again for slutting around with dictator Mahathir, not that Lim KS is new to such a lesson, having been punished kaukau by Penangites back in 1999.

Mind, with younger Chinese Malaysians he may just get away with his immoral politics because of their 'blind-as-bat' mentality.

Anyway, back to the arrest of Phee Boon Poh - it signals that the general election is just around the corner, probably after the ASEAN Games. In the succinct words of Musa Hitam, 'Tis the season'.

Thus there is little time left for the DAP to hold its CEC elections. Better move its behind fast.

Next, I suspect, will be bringing Lim GE to trial just as the election is announced.

Then, 'juicy' chunks of the RCI investigation into the FOREX scandal may fall off a truck, while the IRB investigations into the Mahathir Boys may add to the likely gossip during the election campaign.

Let's ask Ku Li about his experience when he was once smeared by someone's vicious campaign alluding to Ku Li as a covert yet not so covert image as a Hallelujah-ing personality.

Or, let's ask Dyana Sofya about her allegedly being in a bikini in a photo, which was fabricated by the notorious skunk-work during the Teluk Intan by-election when the Gerakan party president squeezed through to a win against Dyana by a mere 238 votes.

Malu lah, orang tua bahkan president parti Gerakan just managing to win by a mere 238 votes in his own hometown against a new-comer girl. Kean Siow Nia.

right photo was of Filipino actress passed by BN skunk works falsely as Dyana in bikini during by-election campaign - sangat kotor lah

when shown the false represented photo, Dyana responded with great humour, saying (words to the effect): "I wish I have her body"

DAP's Dyana Sofya - what a great gal, our future


  1. perhaps it is phee that betray the peoples trust, like lge?

    1. wakakaka, so says a person who hates the DAP, yet has the brazen hypocritical nerve to call me a DAP traitor. Podah, you only support LKS because he is a DAP traitor.

  2. Well,one thing is for sure.One do not sleep around with your enemies.Even if it is only shedding crocodile tears for the press.Who knows,your suddenly found new partners might be STD infected too.Or maybe HIV positive?

    The opposition never learns.First they let that Hindraf guy who swam to the UK,to escaped the comforts of Hilton Hotel in Sungei Buloh,screwed their backsides good and proper.How come a guy who ran away from the ISA,suddenly waltzed back across the causeway,with no special branch or Bukit Aman in waiting?That ANEH helped Umno/BN win a handful of parliamentary seats,which they won with minority votes,with the help of the Indians?

    PR lost Perak because Manmanlai let the horn dogs screwed his backside?Then he went to Kajang and got a double dose of giant satay?

    Screaming corruption from Mara to Felda to 1MDB?They should know by now that all GLC's are full of blood suckers or leeches?Have all the screaming netted any big fish?Maybe one in the coming.Isa Samad might be the sacrificial lamb to make sure Felda Malays stick to BN?

    Of course the opposition have to scream corruption.But do not spend or concentrate all your energy on this subject alone.This is Kangaroo Malaysia.No?The opposition should spend their resources on trying to flip BN voters in winnable BN seats.

    By now they should know what will work and what will not work.To do the impossible of wanting justice done to corrupt officials is mission impossible.Unless they have the public institutions under their thumb?Or have horn dog Donald send in the marines?By the way,Donald is a wimp and shooting blanks.Or else why would his peach bonked her bodyguard on the beach.And the present spouse bonked a head of security.Maybe both like mancho guys who can shoot straight?Wakakaka.

  3. The system is rotten, including the conductor of the orchestra downwards.
    But Ktemoc is trying to do a tip-toe tap dancing act , cherry picking his targets
    a. MACC - check
    b. JAKIM- check
    c. Mahathir - check - even though Mahathir has not had hire-and-fire power in the Malaysian government for over a decade.
    d. Najib - Noooooo... see no evil...hear no evil....

    There is a lot of similarity between Ktemoc and Donal Trump.
    Donald Trump fucks everyone, often In a very crude manner.

    However, the one person Trump absolutely will not criticise, no matter what, is Putin. Most people suspect it is because Trump is in secret collusion with Putin.

    What about the strange inability of Ktemoc to hold Najib accountable for the abuses of power in the Malaysian government.?