Friday, August 25, 2017

Nothing new to report - just rubbish

Boring these few days - nothing significant to blog on.

Mahathir telling everyone how he has never been a ketuanan-type, how he likes Chinese, how he loves Chinese food (wakakaka), how his real name is Mah Har Tiu so on so forth.

His new Proton Project (once Pakatan takes over as government) will be amazing and will also conquer the world. The probable new name (to improve its fengshui, wakakaka) will be Porex.

Then up north we have RoS playing pucks with DAP, and in Selangor the Indians are getting it again from PKR, this time being luckless Manickavasagam - there's now a spare slot for Kapar, wakakaka. Maybe Azmin will endow that to PAS or Pribumi, wakakaka.

Don't know why the Indians in PKR also kena the short end of the stick.

Amanah (PAN) has just told PKR to puck off and will get on with the prep for the elections instead of waiting for PAS to finish shagging Azmin.

In the East Hadi demands a RCI on Memali, etc, saying his AMANAT speech on Memali was cleared by religious authorities including former DPM Musa Hitam..

What a bloody mess.



  1. u can talk interesting topic like lge, phee, corruption n its always bn fault.

    1. nah, too dull and probably fake compared with PKR's perpetual slutting around with its kaki-kangkang

    2. Blog about SEA Games la.. especially about Indonesian antics at the current games.

    3. What about ahjibgor's ongoing billions RM kleptocratic runoff of bolihland's coffer??

      That's definitely not fake news!

      News cherry pickings done with the style of Trump's selective comments about neo-Nazis march in Charlottesville, Virginia.

      Wakakakaka... running out of steam or got trapped with the pants downed le!!!

    4. aren't you also cherry picking too? wakakaka

    5. I'm reactive to yr cherry pickings as I was not the one that raised the subject le.

      Faham tak?