Friday, August 11, 2017

Life-long punishment

Deemed a bastard & consigned to being a bin Abdullah
A lesser human, one to be forever scorned as a mongrel
Tarred & feathered by cruel people, the dastardly mullah
To be jeered by society as one possibly born in a brothel

in Selangor we back mufti of Perak 

The Divine One looks from above, and shakes His head
At those who claim to be His clerics but sadly heartless
Who brazenly claim to talk for God above, so they said
But 'tween secular & clerics' laws, which's of darkness

By their cruelty, their arrogance, he became a bin Mutt
Smeared forever, though for what purpose, I must ask
Branded as an illegitimate, the leper's mark is clearcut
Stigmatised, to prove he's innocent will be no easy task

as a public servant, I only obey a fatwa and f**k secular laws 

Why do so-called men of god want such an evil tattoo
To be inked on all innocent babies born out of wedlock
Such life-long punishment wouldn't be from a bhikkhu
Nor should it be from a cleric to a member of his flock

Ishmael bin Abdullah, not Ishmael bin Ibrahim 


  1. Maybe these stupid people wanting harsh punishment for others,born out of wedlock,is because they were trying to hide some shame or some other things.My best guess is that many of these fools are born out of wedlock themselves.That is the reason they want to punish others for what have happened to them.They want to blame others for the awkward position they are in.

  2. Do not pity or worry on the out of wedlock child's fate? It is a different issue!

    Islamic law is based primarily on the guidance of the Quran and Hadith. If these two sources say so, then Muslim human logic must accept it.

    Don't shift the blame to Islamic law or the clerics from the parents who committed sex out of wedlock.

    The moral lesson is don't have sex out of wedlock. All religions have confirmed that out of wedlock sex is a great sin.

    1. why punish an innocent child by stigmatising him or her for the parents' sin?

    2. Lamentations 5:7; Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne their iniquities.

    3. Hence, there lies the ultimate dilemma of the Abrahamic faith - to educate!

      Abrahamic faiths used to have a stranglehold on the propagation of education - reading & writing r confined to the clerics.

      Sex out of wedlock is a personal responsibility between two person.

      Human feelings r natural instincts, especially impulsive passion between opposite sex.

      The 'illegimate' child born is the result of lack of sex education, which is chronically resisted to be disseminated to the general public by the faith's doctrine.

      Yet, persecution & punishments r NOT the way to prevent ANY such human natural indulgences.

      Christianity has starting to move away from such antique practice.

      While zombieic Islam is still trapped within that time loop by going further to stigmatize the innocent child out of such relationship. It's more of a desert tribalistic ritual than what's been ordained in the Qur'an.

      The ummat has tons of works to isolate what's in the holy text & what's pure human ego in their current understanding of their faith le.

  3. where in the quran or hadith that precsribe illegitimate child must shoulder the sins the the parents?

  4. Fatwas have been issued by Islamic authorities in Malaysia since 1957. The are not something conjured up by Mahathir after 916.

    Due to the clause in the 1957 Constitution "Islam is the Religion of the Federation" they have always had legal force on Muslims in Malaysia.

    What has happened is that due to the increasingly strident irredentism in Islam world-wide after the 1979 Iranian revolution , pronouncements from Islamic authorities have become harsher and harsher. Iran sneezed and the rest of the Islamic world caught AIDS.

    The Israeli-Arab conflict, the US War against Terror , the failing social fabric of most Muslim majority countries , all combine to create a sense of impotence, sense of rage among Muslim communities.
    More restrictive and harsher Islamic laws have become the panacea to counter the ills of the Muslim communities.

    That increasingly restrictive policies will actually magnify the problems in Muslim communities have fallen on deaf ears.

    Blaming it all on one man is dishonest and will not help resolve the issues.

    But then again , Ktemoc is actually not interested in the issues and solutions. He doesn't live in the country.
    He's just pursuing a private Vendetta.

    1. are you denying the FACT that Mahathir as PM made the 929 & 617 Declarations that Malaysia is a fundamentalist Islamic nation, whence then LKS raved and ranted. T'was those Mahathir's Declarations that provided the ulama (and their followers) the impression (now unrecoverable) that they dictate the morals of Muslim Malaysia even over secular laws.

      Don't over protect the un-protect-able like what Mahathir did

    2. U honestly believe that bolihland's downward spiralling into the zombieic islamic chasm IS caused by Mahathir as PM made the 929 & 617 Declarations that Malaysia is a fundamentalist Islamic nation???

      Another silo railway-track reasoning!!!

      It's after the 1979 Iranian revolution that there is an increasingly strident irredentism in fundamentalist Islam world-wide.

      Mamak was ONLY playing on prevailing Islamic sentiments to consolidate his regime. He just gave it a strong push for that fall le!

      If mamak didn't do it, someone else will!

      Just like pinklips is currently cohabitating with pas, & thus playing that Islamic cards every which way possible.

    3. re your If mamak didn't do it, someone else will!

      Well, mamak did it, so why talk hypothetical cock

    4. How many have u done comparative arguments ehhh...???

      So, niw u terbalik acting to forget about extrapolation & still insisting of flying off the tangent ehhh...

      WHO is talking cockagroo le...???

  5. If one is a "bastard" and not accepted by Islam; can he/she move out of the religion peacefully; instead of being a stigma to the religion? Hope the Islamic scholars can explain on this issue.

    1. apostates can only leave the faith a dead man