Thursday, August 10, 2017

Apartheid at Hulu Langat school

G25 says, as reported by FMT, that it's ‘Plain stupid’ to separate cups in school (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: As expected, a primary school’s policy of segregating drinking cups for Muslim and non-Muslim students has been slammed, with the G25 group of former civil servants describing it as “plain stupid”.

Earlier today, checks by FMT at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Puteri in Hulu Langat confirmed pictures in social media that the school had separated cups at the drinking water dispenser by labelling the cups with “Muslim” and “non-Muslim” tags. [...]

G25 member Johan Arriffin said incidences like this made him fear where Islam was heading in the country.

“Things like this will only create divisions among Malaysians in the name of so-called religious practices. In fact, it shows how much we’ve lost our sense of what religious values actually mean — religious values like tolerance.”

Johan said on matters like what is halal, what was important was cleanliness and hygiene, rather than whether a non-Muslim used a cup.

“With a cup, you wash it and it’s clean. It doesn’t matter whether it is used by a Muslim or not. To have separate cups is plain stupid.”

He added that if everyone were to adopt a mindset of segregation between Muslims and non-Muslims, the issue would never end.

“You’ll have a situation where you have to separate everything, from utensils to the person preparing the meals. It’s ridiculous.”

What about money?

It changes hands, from Muslim to Cinapek to Indian to Jewish to American hands.

Please let me know when Muslim staff and students at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Puteri in Hulu Langat throw away such 'contaminated' money. Kaytee will be there in a flash, wakakaka.

But aren't we becoming like once-White Supremacist Apartheid South Afrika?

change 'White' to 'Bumiputera'

substitute 'triple 7' triskelion with a 'keris' and 'bob's your uncle'

With our racist discrimination and enforced ethnic divisiveness, even at primary school, we are almost there.

Thanks to a person who invented the racist Biro Tatanegara to racially indoctrinate the Chosen.

Sieg Heil Maha-Fuhrer!


  1. u sound more n more like a najib puppy, no wonder a pro najib/umno porter continue to publish yr article, thought many at that site label u as pig, not dog.

  2. Moron, still blaming the initiator NOT the perpetuator!!!!

    From wiki:

    The National Civics Bureau (Malay: Biro Tatanegara), abbreviated BTN, is an agency of the Malaysian government in the Prime Minister's Department. It was established in 1974 as the Youth Research Unit (Unit Penyelidikan Belia) under the Youth Ministry, but was renamed and transferred in 1981.

    So mamak didn't invent the racist Biro Tatanegara to racially indoctrinate the 'chosen'. He certainly had a hand in strengthening its racist cum ketuanan agenda.

    Just like yr ahjibgor in continuing btn's insidious existence to enhance/prolong his chance of kleptocratic regime by using it to con the blur-sotongs & causing multiple mental orgasms with the ketuanan freaks.

    1. re your ... was renamed and transferred in 1981

      guess who became PM in 1981? wakakaka

    2. So what mamak became PM in July 1981 while Youth Research Unit (Unit Penyelidikan Belia) under the Youth Ministry, but was renamed btn and transferred in October 1981.

      I did mentioned mamak had a hand in strengthening btn's racist agenda.

      But can't u read the part about ahjibgor's role in continuing btn's agenda!

      Continue yr cherry picking lah - just like yr sifu's infamous dog/dog collar counter argument le.

      Yr tail is showing lah!

  3. With stupid educators,religious gurus and politicians,with moronic mentality,fools rule in the land of the bolehs,called Malaysia.These morons will screw up whatever things they do or touch.How stupid can fools be?

    When it comes down to the issues of money or pussies,these fools are colour blind.They will even go down on their knees and blow a donkey's dick.Or get bonked by a camel.It is because they were born stupid.

    1. wakakaka, your range of colourful profanities is obviously not just restricted for donald trump ;-)

  4. Kaytee,talking about Donald Trump.He is not the only horny one in the family.If you are in New York,go to Trump Tower,home of the Donald.Go look for a jewelry store by the name of Stephanie's.Ask around who the head of their security is screwing.You would not believe it if I tell you.Melania.Wakakaka.

    1. aiyoyo bruno matey, you seem to have an in depth knowledge on the Trumps' bonking affairs, wakakaka

  5. In a Westminster Democracy, the Incumbent Prime Minister has 4 powerful policy levers.
    Whether the incumbent Prime Minister choses to exercise it is his prerogative, but if he doesn't do anything, further evil arising from the status quo is his accountability .
    If he can't hack it he should vacate his chair and go home.

    1. Legislation - new, repeal, amendments
    2. Budget priorities. How budgets are expanded, maintained, shrunk have a big impact on what gets done or does not get done in government.
    3. Ministerial priorities. Priority 1 gets done, Priority 999 little or nothing gets done, that is the fact of life.
    4. Departmental Rule writing. Parliament passes laws and Budgets, but Departments set the rules on what work gets done.

    Elvis left the building 13 years ago.
    Elvis is dead, no matter how powerful he was in his day.

    It appears there is a misguided Uni of New South Wales graduate who doesn't understand this , and needs to go back to First Year, First Semester, Elementary Principles of Government 101.

    Throw away the New South Wales Uni degree - its just toilet paper.

    1. the LEGACY of Constitutional amendments, the emasculation of the Check & Balance Senate, the politicisation of the civil servants, and discriminatory policies are far reaching and LONG-LASTING. The creator is to be blamed for making those happen, the inheritor is to be blamed for prolonging the discriminatory benefits. I blame the creator more

    2. U have the priority WRONG!!!!!

      The creator is long gone from the seat of power.

      Whatsoever evil deeds he had created CAN'T be changed by him NOW & the rakyat continue to suffer bcoz of those deeds' existence.

      The inheritors piggyback on those evil deeds to continue the ill effects to benefit themselves.

      Despite the fact that they NOW hold the power to repeal & change those evil deeds.

      That's WHAT is far reaching and LONG-LASTING!

      Judging from yr line of thought, u should go easy on those perpetuators of Middle-East Neo-Nazism!

      Remember they r the inheritors. The creators r those Pommies, who r still playing political-correctness bleeding heart le!!!

      Betul tak???


      this article clearly said who is the creator. in fact many mahathir amendment have to do with the family member of that mt liar, n that's y he bark non stop like a mad dog, n u r one of his attack dog.

    4. Good one!!!!

      That puts a covered tag to the persistent FAKE news propagate by these udangs of devious characters, about WHO r responsible for the “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark …“ le!!!!!

      Wakakakaka... wordsmith, more of yr wagging tail is showing le.

      Apa nak jadi?

      Tau MARUAH ke?

      Or yr definition of maruah, samax2 macam kaum zombie ke?

  6. come now children, it saddens me to see children bickering all the time... the irony is you all are 'fighting' the same cause, that is, in wanting to see a better country but using different thoughts and persuasions... having said that, we must get our priorities and focus right and on this score, KT is found wanting... we have to change an entity that is an impediment to reforms, KT have not said a word except to dwell on past mistakes

    1. nope, no bickering, no same cause, its birds against dogs, najib dog wakaka.

  7. His often claim of 'bolihland patriotism' IS lip service. He doesn't live here in M'sia!

    He is ONLY interested in venting his personal vendetta with manmanlai/mamak while giving ahjibgor a lifting hand, possibly bcoz of his Manchester megalomaniac sifu.

    M'sia'submarine' future well-being is the least of his concern, as both udangs ALREADY have their individual exit plan - one in Manchester, the other Melbourne.

    1. "... while giving ahjibgor a lifting hand", wakakaka

      CK you sure have become such a bullshitter - desperate kah? wakakaka again

    2. Wakakakaka... AIN'T u????

      So desperate, u just lost yr wordsmith touch le!