Thursday, October 20, 2016

Will CIA oust Duterte?

From the Star Online (brief extract only):

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his "separation" from the United States on Thursday, declaring that it had "lost" and he had realigned with China as the two agreed to resolve their South China Sea dispute through talks.

Once a colony of the USA and oppressed by that same so-called Leader of the Free World, the Philippines has been used kau kau for eons by the Yanks, as the latter had used others (eg. Thailand, Taiwan, S. Vietnam, etc) kau kau for its own interests.

Thus I am not surprised that Duterte has jumped ship when the USA has not helped the Pinoys since the Yanks were kicked out of Clark Air Base and Subic Bay Naval Station.

The Yanks had left behind only chaos and disruptions in Filipino social lives, VD, Aids and an arrogant two-fingers to local justice system as it protected its soldiers, sailors and airmen from being changed for rapes, murders, manslaughters, assaults and other crimes.

It did and still does these in every country it has stations and bases in, like Japan, South Korea, Italy, and even Australia, etc.

Clark Air Base

urthermore, Duterte might have sensed the Americans were batu-api-ing the regional countries, making use of others again, into surrounding China in the usual blockading strategy that it once employed against the USSR with countries surrounding the Russians from Norway through Western Europe all the way to Turkey as NATO.

Much earlier the USA had client states such as a Shah-ruled Iran and an earlier friendly-to-USA Pakistan. They were equally roped in as members of CENTO to oppose the USSR.

Today, the USA has recruited an once non-aligned India who salivates at American promise of new nuclear technology, aircraft carrier tactics and technology and warplanes. It has also coopted one-time archfoe Vietnam into its camp to surround China.

The South China Sea dispute was a heaven-sent-come opportunity for the USA to encourage the regional nations into opposing China for her island-making ventures. Even India, now an US client, has pompously voiced her intentions to send her naval fleet to the South China Sea (never an area of Indian interests) to conduct patrols and war games with Japan, Australia and the local naval powers.

The USA has this favourite strategy of surrounding countries it doesn't like (eg. USSR, China, Iraq, Iran, etc). Maybe it's in their wild west frontier DNA. So we have or had seen the formations of NATO, CENTO, SEATO, ANZUS and Japan-USA and South Korea-USA treaties, etc, wakakaka. 

I forecast that Duterte, with his ship jumping from the USA to China, won't last long if the CIA is allowed to do what it traditionally does, wakakaka.

The Yanks also has this habit of arranging the deposing of national leaders it considered and considers as not friendly to the USA, at times even assassinating them directly or indirectly, people like Salvador Allende of Chile, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq (its once best matey in the Middle-East), Soekarno of Indonesia and some African and South American national leaders.

On the flip side, it nurtured or even protected draconian dictators such as Saddam Hussein (when it suited the USA), the Saudi King and family, Anastasio Somoza Garcia of Nicaragua, some of Pakistan, Thai, South American, South Vietnam leaders, Suharto of Indonesia and Chang Kai Shek of Taiwan, etc.

Salvador Allende

Rodrigo Duterte may/will be next to join the list of leaders the CIA had arranged for their ousting or assassinations. Adios Rodrigo amigo, wakakaka.


  1. You forget to mention it nurtured Osama bin Laden and then killed him. The demise progress of President Asad of Syria is the current reality show now showing.

    1. yes, I missed Osama's name, wakakaka. And it also protected Japanese war criminals, including the previous (late) emperor, as well as German war criminals

  2. If you look at the map above you'll notice the red line trying to reach deep into the underbelly of our seas. It shows how greedy China is.

    1. yes, as greedy as Japan once was, and which still refuses to return the Diaoyu Islands which it seizd in 1894, lost to the USA after losing WWII, the USA handed over to Japan becaye US refused to hand over the islands to China as per the Potsdam Treaty as China was/is communist

      like the USA in its land grabbing frontier days, stealing seizing robbing land from natives, Israel now robbing Palestinians of land in West Bank and Jerusalem, ISIS, USSR in its once existence, India swallowing Sikkim and seizing part of Kashmir, France attempting to hold on to Algeria but lost, Britain seizing a quarter of the world including its jewel in the crown India

      they are all the same

  3. At the rate Duterte is going, people in the Philippines may well dispose him on their own accord once the honeymoon period is over. No CIA intervention necessary.

    Duterte is a thug and a goon who has carried out over 3,000 summary executions in the last few months without even the pretence of due process (Ktemoc is willing to stay silent on this because Duterte is "Our Son of a Bitch" , bashing the USA)

    The Duterte "pivot" to China is likely to end in grief because he is in process of burning his bridges with USA even as China aggressively pursues expansionist policies.
    A smarter move would have been , by all means to keep a distance from Washington, but maintain a balanced relationship with BOTH Beijing and Washington.

    USA used Taiwan ? may want to ask the Taiwanese ...they don't seem to have done badly at all, and they keep begging to buy American weapons. You may want to ask the South Koreans too. Sure, they love to demonstrate against the Americans, but they haven't done badly at all under the umbrella of "US imperialism"

    1. your comments on Taiwan and South Korea are pathetic. Firstly, both nations are traditional foes of China, with Taiwan being obviously an enemy while South Korea is by virtue of China supporting North Korea. Both nations thus need arms in quite a potentially hostile standoff.

      At one stage Taiwan bought Mirage 2000-5 from France because the USA refused to sell them arms. For obvious reasons Taiwan could not buy arms from China. It was only when the acrimony between China and USA heated up, were Taiwan able to purchase F-16 and Apache gunships, an act actually pointing to the reality that the USA has been using Taiwan as an additional appendage to also surround China. The USA would only sell to Taiwan when they need Taiwan to oppose China.

      South Korea has by now been generally self sufficient on arms as its technology is quiet good, perhaps not up to the standard of the USA. Its recent and future purchases have been the 5th generation stealth multirole fighter F-35 because its generals insisted on new technology for South Korea, a known characteristic of South Korea, and either the P-8 Poseidon or refurnished Orions

  4. Americans love to play both sides.