Saturday, October 15, 2016

180 degrees may turn to 360 degrees

FMT - Dr M vows Kelantan will get oil royalties

Huh? Wasn't Mahathir the bloke who refused to give the oil royalties to Kelantan in the first place?

Looks like he is now swallowing his own spit?

For years I have been annoyed with reporters who wrote "He made a 360 degrees turn from his previous stand" which actually meant he pusing and pusing and pusing until he returns to his usual position, thus there was NO change in final direction (a man facing North would after a 360 degrees turn be facing North again), when they had wanted to indicate so-&-so had made a volte-face change to his or her previous position.

Those reporters were mathematically challenged, not unlike Hannah Yeoh who in 2008 supported Anwar Ibrahim's 916 bullshit when cold reality told us that AAB's 140 MPs were far greater than Pakatan's 82 after the 2008 GE.

But oh no, that did not deter Hannah who had the temerity to write an open letter to argue why Anwar was correct to demand that AAB resign from his PM position, wakakaka.

Malaysians who believed 82 > 140, wakakaka 

Anyway, when a politician completely changed his or her stand from a previous position, like from 'absolutely no royalty for Kelantan to plenty of oil royalties for Kelantan', wakakaka, what those reporters would/should have written would be "He made a 180 degrees turn from his previous stand" (from facing North to facing South).

So Mahathir would now be described as "... making a 180 degrees turn from his previous stand" on oil royalties to Kelantan.

But you know, I too have now changed my mind - not that I have been wrong on above trigonometric exercises - because I think someone who has been so mudah lupa, wakakaka, may well pusing and pusing and pusing until he has made a 360 degrees turn, wakakaka, when it was to be a 180 degrees turn as promised.

And you know election promises ain't worth a shit!

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  1. In quantum mechanics, a 360 degree turn doesn't necessary bring u back to where u have began.

    There is a time element involved.

    Time is continuous & not stoppable. Since the time u began & the time u ended to for an incident r two different phases in spacetime, the outcome should be difference. Even though all other factors remain unchanged.

    This is the ambiguity of mother nature.

    We don't normally observe this phenomenon in macroscopic scale.

    But it's well entrenched into the behaviour of the man-made politikus. Especially those from bolihland.