Saturday, October 08, 2016

Moody wants DAP & PAS to re-marry

MM Online - Muhyiddin: PAS won because it worked with DAP (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — Islamist party PAS was able to spread its influence beyond traditional strongholds due to its previous partnership with DAP, asserted Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The former deputy prime minister, who is trying to sue for peace between the two warring parties, said it was imperative for both PAS and DAP to be part of any opposition coalition that intends to take on Barisan Nasional (BN).

“What has happened with PAS before is they won not because of the Malay vote entirely, they won because they collaborated with DAP before.

Could Moody have insulted PAS?

He told PAS that in 2008 and 2013 the Islamic party won so many seats ONLY because the DAP had supported PAS.

Moody is right of course but I wonder whether he could have been more diplomatic?

PAS won lots with DAP's help, so much so that they (PAS) began to pompously entertain fantasies of running Malaysia as an Islamic State by winning the most number of seats in GE-14, and the kaffir DAP could suck on that.

As mentioned previously, thanks to then-PM Mahathir who in reality hated the Chinkys but in practice loved their votes for keeping BN (in actuality, UMNO) in power of decades since 1957, the EC had made 60 plus federal constituencies with the racial ratio of approximately 65% Malays : 35% Chinese, which ought to screw PAS kau kau. Besides Mahathir did not trust the Malays 100% - he had rather trust the hated Chinese.

But then the DAP became pally with PAS, thanks to Anwar Ibrahim who managed to convince the two ideologically-opposed parties to lie in the same bed. Also the younger set of Chinese didn't give a shit about UMNO's business-as-usual policy despite its racism.

Thus Mahathir's ideal constituency became a nightmare for UMNO but a dream for PAS. The bloody Chinks have changed sides - apa lagi 'ni Cina mahu?

But Alhamdulillah, indeed thanks to ALLAH swt, PAS lost control in its political ecstasy and ejaculated prematurely, forgetting its victory was due in large part to Chinese support, sponsored by DAP.

It became swollen-headed and arrogantly showed its true colours and in that process frightened the shit out of its erstwhile supporter, the DAP and Chinese, so today no Chinese will support the hudud-bent Islamic party, well, no Chinese except those who are stupid, like some DAP dunggus, wakakaka.

For a while, after divorcing DAP or vice versa, wakakaka, and 'twas a most acrimonious separation, PAS continued to woo Chinese voters independently, but soon realized the futility of that insincere act.

So being brought swiftly down to earth, PAS decided to postpone its ambition for Putrajaya and rather than goyang kaki and just hound sweeties (which it continues to do), I suspect it reverted to being Malay rather than Islamic, to side with UMNO. Mahathir is worried about that.

But Moody (under instructions from Mukhriz-Mahathir) wants PAS for the Pribumi Grand Coalition, which has been why he blurted out the indispensability of the DAP for PAS, in the hope the two will manja-kahwin each other again.

Will PAS bite?

But I hope, other than nyanyuk LKS, the DAP will be wiser and not rush into a stupid losing coalition - or it will lose Chinese votes a la 1999.


  1. they have already declared their stance and adamant about it so why is pH still making advances and making them look like teasing whores in the process
    show them some dignity and leave them well alone you will earn some yourself
    you just can't work with a wretched slippery wrench which is not the sharpest tool on the factory floor that tends to slip into the works when no one is looking
    like you said they came in on the chinese votes they can go out the same way
    think about it, bn is gonna be so weak by the time the ge is called spoilers ain't gonna make a difference unless it suddenly dawn on them to get rid of the numero uno liability

  2. What stupid comments here. If DAP is strong, why wait for PAS anymore. Go ahead with PAN to Putrajaya. Talking nonsense.

  3. If DAP is too strong, why keep talking ahout PAS. Go ahead with PAN and capture Putrajaya. Talking nonsense.

  4. Dap also won because malay votes
    And if they(those who want Pas in PH) really can win without Pas then no need to constantly begging tak tau malu nak Pas join PH and blame Pas for their lost

  5. let us go our own way ...nuff said

  6. "Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the opposition, including PAS, will lose in the next general election if the Islamic party refuses to work together." ~ MK

    I agree absolutely with Chong Yu and Abu Nazrin.

  7. dap got so many principles one, father one, son one, selangor one, penang one, peninsula one, east msia one. when come to bangaloooo dap share the same principle with umno. when come to accountability, they no diff with mca, always blame others. dap fanboy lagi hebat, they quote quran n hadith when it suit them, they decide one is guilty or not base on oath.

  8. Let it not be forgotten by DAP that in seats with significant Muslim voters, DAP won with support from PAS.

    The number of Muslims who support DAP in their own right is near zero at this moment.

  9. From wikipedia:

    "The Rites of Zhou states that for Emperors, they are entitled to the following:

    1 Empress (皇后)
    3 Madames (夫人)
    9 Imperial Concubines (嬪)
    27 Hereditary Consorts (世婦)
    81 Imperial Wives (御妻)
    A grand total of 121 women. It was suggested that a system (not necessarily resembling the one listed above) was set up to prevent the situation of having two Empresses."

    1. Don't u think it's more relevant to quote the harem of the Ottoman sultanate in this discussion?

      Besides, many of the Islamic zombies r still claming every words in that holy book r sacred. Betul, tak?

      So, what's the point with this ancient Zhou's feudalistic marriage reference of the upper class, vis-a-vis the topic in discussion?

      No CinaBengs, all over the world, would follow ANY of that feudalistic Rites of Zhou, ANYMORE. Tau, tak?

      Gaining scores against the pendatang Cina?