Thursday, October 13, 2016

Was Pribumi sec-gen a racist?

From Malaysiakini:

if Pribumi was not only for pribumi, would he have been a better sec-gen?

About two years ago, in 2014, an UMNO man Shahruddin Md Salleh proposed in the Johor state assembly that the government introduce a special test on the Malay language. If anyone failed, his or her citizenship would be taken away, which effectively meant leaving that person stateless.

Today Shahruddin Md Salleh has resigned from UMNO to become Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) secretary-general.

So 3 days after Shahruddin's appointment as Moody's or Mahathir's whoever, Dr Boo Cheng Hau,a DAP Skudai assemblyperson, reminded Shahruddin of his ferociously cruel proposal.

Boo wanted to know if this was the Pribumi stand, considering Shahruddin, Mahathir and "I'm a Malay first" Moody are known to not like Chinese, unless the Chinese is delectable sweet meat, expensive sweet meat but nonetheless delectably sweet meat, wakakaka,

Shahruddin now denies he was or is a racist, and claimed what he said in 2014 was not a proposal but only a question, asking if the government would strip anyone's citizenship for being unable to speak Bahasa Malaysia.

For a Malaysian not to be able to speak Bahasa Malaysia is not complimentary to his or her citizenship, in fact a shame, unless there is compelling reason for being so, like being mute, or was born and raised overseas for more than 10 years (in which case the fault lies with the parent for failing to instruct the kid in Bahasa).

Dr Boo suggested Shahruddin be rehabilitated for his racist and thoughtless proposal.

Shahruddin should have proposed counselling those citizens who can't speak Bahasa and suggest Bahasa tuition classes as a practical remedy rather than stripping off their citizenships, which was a severe and extremely cruel step motivated by probably hatred.

When a person has his or her citizenship stripped, that person becomes 'stateless'. What does he or she do then, or what will the Malaysian government do to him or her?

'Buang negara' in earlier days, which happened to some Chinese, was in some ways facilitated by the British colonial government. Those Chinese would be 'buang' to British Hong Kong, or if that person so choose, to mainland China.

This was at a time when Chairman Mao hadn't made his proclamation (after Tun Razak's visit to China) that the Chinese living in overseas country like Malaysia should be loyal to their country of residence instead of China because China would no longer upheld lex sanguinis, the right of return to China for all Chinese.

Now, under Shahruddin's 2014 proposal, 
whether that 'stateless' person became a homeless refugee or committed suicide was probably not discussed nor considered. How cruel his thoughtless proposal had been!

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  1. Just to be clear.
    There is only 1 way a Malaysian citizen by right of birth (not by naturalization) can be stripped of his citizenship - if he takes up citizenship of another country. (Ktemoc ?)

    A citizen by naturalization can have their citizenship revoked if he is considered to have committed serious criminal acts or acts of disloyaty. Even then it has to be by law.

    The most controversial such case was that of Chinese Educationist Lim Lian Geok, in 1964. He vehemently opposed the Rahman Talib report, which called for the abolition of Chinese schools in Malaysia, and was stripped of his Malaysian citizenship.

    That was a grave injustice. The case went all the way to the Privy Council , defended by Penang Lawyer P.G. Lim. , but it was in vain.