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Look in thy mirror; Stop blaming others

Malay Mail Online - PAS MP blames Thailand for Kelantan’s high HIV numbers

which could be why PAS hates DAP, wakakaka

but who wants to have his or her hands chopped off

who wants to be flogged as a Shia girl (Qatif girl) in Saudi Arabia was flogged by the Sunni authority

Kelantan’s high incidence of HIV and Aids cases is because it borders Thailand, where drugs and prostitutes are easily available, a PAS MP said last night when defending his party’s administration.

According to Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abd Aziz, Kelantan differs from other Thailand-bordering states such as Kedah, Perlis and Perak, due to its proximity to Golok across the border, which he said is infamous for its sex trade. [...]

Kelantan has the second highest HIV cases in the country, according to the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) in September this year as quoted by Malay daily Utusan Malaysia. 

Sadly, the son of a great man has resorted to blaming others for the naughtiness of his parish. Is it Thailand's fault that Kelantan Muslims want to bonk their prostitutes?

And if those Kelantanese men did not wear their 'sarong' because of the desire for extra syiok-ness, then the Kelantan state government has failed in its health education program.

Some stats for the clown son of a great man:

HIV cases in 2013

  • 70% Malays
  • 15% Chinese
  • 8% Indians

so it's quite multiracial in accordance with Malaysia's ethnic ratio, with perhaps the Chinese lower by 8% and the Malays higher by 15%

Acquired through transmission:

  • heteorosexual 51%
  • bisexual and homo 21%
  • drug injections 22%
  • mum to child 0.2%

I feel sad especially for the last where innocent children received HIV from mums, some of whom got it from hubbies.

But Nik Mohamad Abduh should not blame Thailand for Kelantan men being 'gatal skit' (in the notorious proclamation of former Rantau Panjang's PAS politician, Abdul Fatah Harun of PAS. He shamelessly told the Dewan Rakyat in 2006 that “If we see women who don’t have husbands and are divorced not because their husbands are dead, (it must be because) they are ‘gatal sikit’” Nay, it have been Kelantan men who have been 'gatal sangat').

But our dear Nik Abduh had in 2014, after drastic flooding had devastated Kelantan resulting sadly in a number of deaths and the evacuation of hundreds of thousands from their flooded homes, misused the name of Allah swt to push his/PAS political agenda, with the usual fear and scare campaign.

The devastation was sufficiently horrendous to bring out comparisons with earlier flood epics and fables of divine wrath. We were then reminded of the biblical Noah and how he and his family in a specially constructed ark survived God’s divinely ordered global flooding.

The Hebrew God was then finishing off every living creatures including all mankind - (with the exception of Hebrew Noah and his immediate family, and possibly Yu the Great, founder of the Xia Dynasty and many millions of Chinese, the Sumerian Atrahasis, Mesopotamian Utnapishtim, Greek Deucalion and Indian Manu and many millions of their respective people) - in the fashion he massacred all the first born of Egypt a la genocide, for whatever sins(?) those newly borned babies had committed to so anger Him.

Nik Abduh then informed us that the worsening floods in Kelantan was a sign of “Allah’s wrath”, thus those who died as a result of flooding was, in accordance with Nik Abduh's bullshit information, divinely finished off by none other than the very angry Almighty.

Nik Abduh then reminded Muslims to return to Allah’s path, and (this was the puzzling part of his counsel) of the necessity to implement hudud in the state. Based on his own incomprehensible conclusion he argued that the state government must continue with its bid to enforce hudud despite strong opposition from PAS' erstwhile Pakatan ally, the DAP.

In other words, according Nik Abduh, his god was very angry (wrathful) with Malaysians presumably mainly Muslims in Kelantan, and had thus wrecked His Divine punishment by sending the floods, causing several deaths and forcing more than two hundred thousands to evacuate their flooded homes.

I had then wanted Nik Abduh to explain why his god had targeted mainly supporters of PAS’ avowed intention to implement hudud as part of the legislations of Kelantan, instead of those bloody DAP people?

But after serious reflections on the above puzzling pseudo paradox posed by Nik Abduh, I believe I may possibly have the answer, admittedly through sweet secular speculations (wakakaka), based in part on what Perkid president Masridi Sat reminded Malaysiakini, that of Aceh being hit by earthquakes.

Now what exactly did Masridi Sat say about Aceh?

In June this year as gorgeous Selena Gomez thrilled thousands of fans in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, some 20 members of an Islamic group Pertubuhan Kebajikan Darul Islah Malaysia (Perkid) performed solat hajat (special prayers) and recited Yasin just outside her concert premises.

By the by, a Selangor exco from PAS was also reported to have directed mosques within the state to have solat hajat to pray for sweetie's concert to be cancelled. Alas, the concert was not cancelled thus the PAS prayers were failures.

Anyway, back to Perkid, its president Masridi Sat told Malaysiakini that they did that to prevent the concert from triggering any disasters. He said:

"Kelantan has been flooded, Aceh was hit with earthquakes. Any time, something could happen to us."

"If disaster strikes, it doesn't matter whether someone is religious or not, it will affect everyone."

As you know, Aceh has fully implemented syariah laws as had been and still is wished for by the Kelantan PAS state government.

Thus, based on the common denominators of natural disasters affecting both Kelantan and Aceh, I'm inclined to believe that Nik Abduh's god might actually be NOT pleased at all by some Muslim clerics taking the law (excuse my pun) into their own hands and misusing His Name.

It's possible that Nik Abduh's god might have wanted syariah laws to be fully implemented only when a truly pious Muslim is in control, and certainly not the current crop of Muslim clerics who had/has among them one JAIS officer previously based at Gombak who forced a woman allegedly caught for khalwat to do a blowjob for him (reported by NST, not Malaysiakini, wakakaka).

Nik Abduh should cease disgracing both his religion and his great dad.

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